How to make money with CLICKFUNNELS in 2019? – Affiliate Marketing with Spencer Mecham

How to make money with CLICKFUNNELS in 2019? – Affiliate Marketing with Spencer Mecham

– You have probably wondered how people get one of
these plaques right here for making over one million dollars. (cash register ringing) Online with their own business, and how a random guy from his backyard is beating the top
celebrities, entrepreneurs, literally in just 18 months
by just using ClickFunnels, affiliate marketing,
completely, completely, with passive income. ♪ Woo ♪ (cheerful techno music) What is up, my name is
Josue Pena helping you grow and monetize your brand,
business and influence with social media and marketing. Today we have the number
one ClickFunnels affiliate that’s literally making like
more money than the top 1% just completely passively
with ClickFunnels. That is Spencer Mecham, dude
thank you so much for taking the time to be here. Tell us a little bit about
yourself, how you got started and all that good stuff, ’cause your results are
uncomparable to nobody else. It’s crazy ’cause your
competing against Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, all the big top players, and you’re just like you know
a guy chilling in his backyard and you’re like the
number one in everything, when it comes to affiliate
marketing with ClickFunnels and that kind of stuff, so it insane to think about
the numbers that you have, which is crazy. Anyway just introduce yourself and we’ll take it all from there. – Yeah man, I mean it really is crazy. I’ve only been a part of the
ClickFunnels affiliate program for like 18 months and
before that I was nothing, right I’d tried a bunch of stuff and none of it had really
done well, so I really was, like 18 months ago, I was
in my in backyard like this but not necessarily succeeding
you know, like stressing out. Until I started doing
affiliate marketing I tried so many things and I feel
like everyone’s kind of in that same boat. I did stock market for a
while and lost so much money, it’s just not even funny,
you know, I did real estate, and I didn’t do well, I didn’t do bad. I spent a ton of time and
sucked at it, you know, did real estate, did
what’s the word, agency, and that was super tough for me, that’s just not me. But yeah just in the last 18 months, started to find things that worked and you know finally things
have started to pay off that I spent years just
learning and not applying, and not getting anything from,
and it’s just been crazy. – That’s awesome. So 18 months ago, did you
have a ClickFunnels account 18 months ago? – Yeah I signed up 18 months ago. (speakers laughing) – Okay so 18 months ago, and
a day, like 19 months ago you didn’t even have a
ClickFunnels account. – I didn’t even know what
ClickFunnels was you know. – Oh my, that is insane
and today, 18 months later, you are the top number one
affiliate for ClickFunnels. How many people do you have
on your affiliate right now? – It’s hanging around 2400, 2500. – Just like for people to
know, I’m just going to throw some bulk bulk numbers up
there, ’cause that’s like, 2400 at 97 bucks a pop is
$200,000, basically 230K. And times 40, you’re basically
making like 100K a month passively, that is assuming
people have the lower end ticket program, which is
again, boom, mind-blowing. – My mind’s blown too. – Yeah, that’s friggin’ awesome dude. So again, so thank you so
much for taking the time here, so everybody here watching, I want you to like this video right now, and all the links with
Spencer are going to be somewhere included with this video. For the YouTube channel,
your Instagram, Facebook, your even, I know you
have a webinar as well which we’re going to talk about later, but basically, okay, tell
us a little bit about how you got started in this whole thing. Because like you said,
most people are like man, I don’t know where to start,
I don’t know how to start, I don’t know what to do, like a lot of people are talking
about affiliate marketing, for example, I have a
very good friend that building marketing
strategies are revolving more around blogs and ranking
them and that kind of stuff, like for example Odi which
he’s extremely great at, he’s you know, six figures
a month passively as well, but his strategies are a little
bit different than yours. So what is your own
unique, and with anything, like agency, e-commerce, digital products, affiliate marketing,
whatever you came to be, there’s different angles,
different things that you can do, and still get to realms. There’s not just one path to get realm, there’s different paths. So what is your own unique
approach and strategy that basically separates
you from everybody else, I’m still like, man you’re
competing with Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, like you’re still
out beating them like crazy so it’s just like, insane. So it’s just awesome though. – I mean Grant and they
probably still have no idea who I am but, – But still like you’re beating them. – I know. Okay I know I’m beating them (laughs). I guess I would say I came
into this with some skills, so and previous to 18
months ago I was trying all kinds of stuff and as part of that, you know I was buying courses
and doing all kinds of things, so I came, when I heard of
ClickFunnels and the opportunity to be an affiliate of
ClickFunnels came to be, I had already developed
a ton of marketing skills I just hadn’t figured
out what to do with them. They were just kind of like
there and I was using them as like an agency and things like that so I had a ton of good SEO knowledge and good ad-works knowledge
that I’d been applying, like helping other people
build their businesses you know, and hadn’t quite figured out how it would work for me. So in the beginning, I
was like everybody else, no money for ads, I’m married and my wife’s not just going
to let me blow more money because I’d just lost a
lot on the stock market, you know and I’d just lost
a lot on other things, so she’s like no you
don’t get a third try. So it’s kind of like you’re looking at it and I actually got started
with ClickFunnels at least, was YouTube, a lot of where I got started. And YouTube is still,
people hate making videos and so because they hate
making videos on YouTube, it makes this much smaller
market of people, you know. – Yeah. – And so I just started totally
free, YouTube and Instagram actually, I started doing a lot of stuff on YouTube and Instagram,
they’re both free. I need time which I had
and I don’t need money. And then I guess that’s what set me apart is I started to take that
money and the tendency is like, hey I made two grand,
I’m going to go to Hawaii or I’m going to go blow this
somewhere, this is awesome. And instead I made a
commitment for the first year to never spend a penny on myself, all the money was going back. And so then I started to do paid ads and that’s where I think
I’ve really set myself apart is paid search advertising. Billions and billions of people
searching Google everyday and a lot them with a
buyers intent in mind. Ready to spend money if
they can find a solution to their problem, right. And so I’ve been able to
just start figuring out where ClickFunnels can fit
into that world of search and what people are looking
for where I can solve it for them and then just
pumping money back in. You know I made 2000 and
the next month it goes up a little more and the next
month it goes up a little more, and I’m able to spend more each month. And so it was very very exponential for me where it’s kind of like this
and then as it starts to go up, it really started to go up because I was able to
do a ton of paid search. You know even as simple
as people searching for ClickFunnels, you know that’s the most
generic, easy, like hey, someone’s looking for
ClickFunnels pricing or a demo, or a review and these SEO
guys they’ll make a review and that’s awesome but it
takes them like nine months to get that review to rank
and then a month later some other guy comes in and
he starts battling him for it. But paid it was just, hey I
made some money last month, let’s just dump it back into paid and I know that I can convert
at least some of these people that are looking for ClickFunnels and then it just grows from there, okay what are more
problems, more keywords, more ways I could solve peoples
problems with ClickFunnels and it just explodes. – That is frickin’ awesome. It’s funny how you mentioned
that because I think Russel always says, if you can out spend, the person who spends the
most money will always win. So meaning if you can out
spend your competitors you will always win. Basically right now you are
out-competing everybody else because you can just spend
more money than everybody else. This thing is like your
making more than anybody else. (speakers laugh) – That’s so true, I spend
almost everything I get still. I pull out money but I spend almost everything goes right back in again because then I get this
big budget the next month that I can spend more on and keep building that passive side of things. – That is crazy, so basically you’re just
taking your passive income that you’re making and
just putting it back into the business to grow it even faster, which then in turn,
builds your name bigger, which then in turn builds
your own business as well. – Yeah and then next month
I’ve got a bigger budget that I can go out and
find more ways to promote, you know it’s just awesome. – Yeah it just snowballs. Okay so let’s break it down to, I personally like to break it down to simple little steps for people. What would you say for example, if, assuming you lost everything,
whatever, 18 months ago, what would be the next
10 steps, or five steps, or whatever the case may be, three steps, that you will take right
now, starting today for anybody who may be watching right now, that’s like maybe I don’t
know where to start, I don’t know how to start,
actually what to do, what would be the next
logical progression of things in order if they wanted to build a passive with ClickFunnels, being an
affiliate for ClickFunnels or any program that’s out there. Your system is replicable not
only with the ClickFunnels affiliate program, that’s
just an amazing program, but it’s replicable with
almost anything, right. So what would you say is the
next steps that you would take if you had to start all over again. – Dude it’s YouTube and Instagram,
all over again, no money, both those two places are
just crazy awesome right now. They require no money and
there’s a billion people on them, all they require is an
understanding of algorithms, which anybody can learn you know. Start there and then do
the same thing over again, every penny would go back in and then I’d start using the
money that I got from those two on paid search ads, or paid Facebook ads, and just do it all over again. You’re going to make money eventually, if you keep doing that, if
you keep doing Instagram, you keep doing YouTube, you’re going to start
building an audience, you’re going to start
finding good things are going to start happening and then you
just need to take that money and continually reinvest
it and it might be slower, I may not do as well the
next round but, yeah. – What would you say for example, have you ever had a mentor? I know you mentioned courses, like where do you learn
your marketing skills, what you actually got, and
helped you got results later? How do you learn that? Because you were saying you
bought courses, you got mentors, like all that stuff, like
how did that even happen, how did that attribute
to your success today? Because most people are like okay, he told me what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go with it, but in my experience it almost never works when you just wing it yourself
without having a direction or some type of coaching or mentorship. How is that working before
that, before the whole 200000 in sales per month, from
ClickFunnels passively. – Yeah I was just buying everything right, I bought your Instagram course, I bought a guy’s YouTube course, I got on to Udemy and
bought all their courses. And there courses tend to
be more generic and stuff but there’s still a gem in each one. I’ve never bought a course
and got nothing out of it, there’s always like a gem or two and you combine those knowledges. I would say I’ve bought six
or seven YouTube courses and now I could probably
honestly say I know more than every one of those instructors because I took all the
good stuff from him, you know and then I took
all the good stuff from him, and then I out-rank the first guy because I added some things
that he didn’t know about and then I did everything
he was doing too. Yeah it’s just a matter of
buying them and applying them and I mean you know,
you’re a course creator. 80% of people buy these courses and they’ll never get to the end, and then of those that get to the end, they’ll apply it once and it doesn’t work and they’ll back out. So it’s buying and then
applying, buying and applying, over and over again. – What would you say is the
importance of that though, would you recommend a
beginner to buy a course or would you recommend a
beginner to just wing it and see how it goes. – Yeah you gotta buy a course, because every beginner
wings it, we all wing it, like I wung it in the beginning, and that’s how I blew three
grand in the stock market. (speakers laughing) I could’ve spent one grand on
a course and saved two grand. – And your wife would’ve been
fine because it would’ve, – Yeah so don’t spend
money until you’ve gone to those people that Russel
says have arrows in their back and learn from them because
otherwise you’re going to get an arrow in your own back. – Yeah that is true. Again for example, from my
own experience, funny enough, the more I invest in learning,
the more my business grows, right 2016 I spent two grand, by the end of 2016 I made 100K. In 2017, I spent 20K, by now
I have a business that’s doing a seven-figure run rate. Now I’ve spent 60K
right on just one mentor and now the next goal obviously
is to get to three million or five million or 10 million, and we’ll see how it goes from there. But it’s funny because the
more you invest in yourself the more it grows. Which again you just said, dump the money and throw it back into the system, just like you were saying. – I’m not talking about
60K day one, can’t do that, but you build up to that
and you’ve just gotta grow. – And what would you say for example, I know a lot of people are wondering, like man, I want to borrow from Spencer, and by the way I forgot to mention, like ClickFunnels also gave
you like a frickin’ car right, what car do you got? – So I have a Toyota
Forerunner but it’s way better than the Toyota Forerunner
that you’re visualizing. (Josue laughing) It’s higher, it’s got bigger tires, it’s got the lights, the rack, you know it’s not your
standard Forerunner. – So basically it’s like Jurassic Park. – Yeah, it’s the Apocalypse
machine, it’s awesome. – So, that’s hilarious. Most people are like oh my
dream car is a Lamborghini or a frickin’, I don’t
know, like whatever. And you’re just like ha, I
just want a Toyota Forerunner. – Yes, well it’s funny dude,
you know who JR Davis is? – Yeah. – Yeah he just talked today
about how he’s thinking of getting rid of his car that he won because he’s like, ah I won this nice car, and it doesn’t like fulfill
me the way I thought it would. – Well I don’t know if you
get a Lambo, I rented a Lambo for the weekend so I’m
like here in San Diego, I don’t know if people can see that but the view is just gorgeous, I mean here in San Diego,
we got a Lambo yacht, which is fun so. I don’t know about that though, anyways so tell people how they can, they’re probably wondering,
how can I learn more from you, I want to like, even I myself, I’m just learning from you
a ton, because I don’t have, I don’t know even know
how many people I have under my ClickFunnels,
but it’s not that much, I don’t have a free car
like they give away. I don’t have any of
that, I’m just learning, just soaking up this information, like I’m definitely going to apply this, but how can people like, let’s say, if they want to find out more, they saw this free video, they want to dive into your own world, how would they get access to you, I know you have a ton of free
accounts, free resources, free training and Masterclass webinars, all these different things, how can they get access to that, and why would should they
basically, why should they? – Yeah well so the place to
start is always the free stuff, right you can tell a lot about somebody by what they’re giving away, so the biggest one would be the live, we’ll be doing a live, I
don’t know if it’s a webinar, I’m not sure what I’m calling it yet but it’s next Wednesday,
it’s going to be live. Basically just going
to go behind the scenes and look at my business
and look at the progression and kind of see what happened there. And then we’ll talk about the specifics of how I was able to do it. So that’ll be next week
and that’s super important, just to be able to see a road map of how someone else did it. The road map is what everyone’s
always asking me for, could you just give me a
step-by-step and it’s like, I don’t know, and that’s what
I’m planning to do next time. Here’s your road map, you
know, get going with it. – Yeah. – And so there’s that, and I
have free training as well, and my Facebook group. And then I have paid training for people that are serious about, people are all at different levels, and if someone’s serious, like I want to be an affiliate marketer, that’s where I have the paid training and we’ll introduce a lot
of that on the live training next week as well obviously. But I’ve had, if you look at
the last 10 dream car winners, I think more than half of
them have purchased my course. – What? – So if that doesn’t
sell me, I don’t know. – Yeah you buy Spencer Mecham’s course and you got not only the
affiliate permissions and passive income you also get a car. – Yeah I mean it’s just part of it, but yeah if you go look at those names that are all popping up there now a good chunk of them have
invested in that course and have given reviews, either 100% of it was learned from the
course, or a good chunk of what they did was
learned from the course. – Yeah. – I mean that to me should
be reason enough right there. – Yeah that’s frickin’ awesome. So again all the links
are going to be somewhere, description, top, I don’t
know, included in this video, so you can check out Mecham’s stuff. You also have I believe, a
whole list of different offers that people can promote, and once, and obviously you teach
them how to promote, all that stuff, all the sequencing, behind the scenes and how to do it, but you also have that as well. Because some people are
like I have the ClickFunnels but I don’t really want to
promote just ClickFunnels, what else there is to promote,
right to make passive income, or affiliate permissions, right. You have a whole list of different things, actually myself, I’m
like, ha didn’t know this. – Yeah they’re all recurring and I’ll talk a lot about
that in my live training next week, so many affiliates
push these JB Zoo offers you know, and it’s great
you can make a lot of money but as soon as you stop
building that list, and stop evaluating that list, it’s over. And you don’t make
money, you go on vacation and money turns off,
versus if you can choose the right affiliate offers, you actually get a passive income instead of just an online income right. – Yeah, I mean it’s funny, even with me, I know you’re an affiliate for me, sometimes I see like
my affiliate stats are, Spencer made like 200, 300 bucks. I’m like he hasn’t even
promoted in two months. – I’ve got an email, and I
teach that in the course a lot, is these like massive email automations, that if you can just get somebody in then it’ll email them till the end of time without you ever having
to think about it again, and that’s passive income. – Yeah that’s fricking awesome. So again all the links
are going to be included with this description. If we get, I want to, let me see. Everybody who’s watching right now, I want you to comment down below, how to create, wait, how to do affiliate marketing, okay, how to do affiliate marketing down below, I usually give away $100 dollars (cash register chiming) to two different winners so 50 bucks each. So just comment below, how
to do affiliate marketing, included with this video, and if we get enough comments, we’re going to bring
Spencer for a second round where he’s actually going to, maybe even share your screen
and break it down into steps. Just exclusively right here
for online CEO’s family, so again, how to do affiliate marketing, comment down below and if
we get enough comments, we might bring Spencer Mecham again and you’re also going
to get participating in a $100 dollar giveaway that
we’re going to be doing. We do on every single one of our videos and we announce it on
my personal Instagram. So how to do affiliate
marketing comment down below. Any last words dude that you
want to say before we leave? – Last words, no seriously
you should come to that live training, you’re
investing a little bit of time, that’s all, that’s all were asking right. You know it’s a live training,
it’ll be followed by a sale, but it’s going to teach
you a lot of stuff. It’s going to give you a roadmap and so if you’re serious
about winning the car or whatever your goals are,
that’s a good place to start. – Yeah, people are like, well
should I attend the webinar or not, the worse thing that could happen is you lose one hour. The best thing that could happen is you win a frickin’
Lamborghini, and be an affiliate. – Exactly, what’s the balance? – So dude, friggin’ awesome. Thank you so much for taking
the time for being here, again comment down below, how to do affiliate marketing and we might bring Spencer again. All the links also for his
training, for his group course, everything’s going to be included with this video right here. So make sure you go check it out, dude thank you so much for taking the time and we’ll see you on the next one.


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