How to Market Herbalife Online | Grow Your Business Online

How to Market Herbalife Online | Grow Your Business Online

hey you guy’s its nathan lucas in the design in this video
I’m gonna teach you how to effectively market your Herbalife business online
stick around alright you guys want to start this
video off by talking about the traditional way of marketing network
marketing business which you probably heard of you probably even done this
already which is to create a list of people that you already know we should
call this your warm market but here’s the thing especially for people who are
go getters in a really good after this is what’s gonna happen in their gonna
blow to this list really fast and really eventually everyone is gonna actually go
through this list of people so then what happens is a lot of people will turn
into the internet and so here’s what happens when most network marketers will
come online and same thing will go for your business is Herbalife actually give
you a website in what most people do is they tried to get five goals on this
website but here’s the problem with this is when you push people to your
Herbalife website two things happened the first thing that’s going to happen
is that 99% percent of the people who come to your page are gonna jump off
within the first 60 seconds so what that means for you is you actually lost a
potential prospect here and it’s lost money because you have no way of
following up with this person now here’s the second thing that’s going to happen
is that if all you’re doing is promoting your Herbalife website here’s what happens is you don’t build a
brand for yourself all you’re doing is promoting on the front end you’re
building a business which means you don’t stand out at all from any other Herbalife
represented and actually challenge you to take paid advertising and product
like a couple thousand people to this website I would bet that you’re not
going to make any sales if you do I would be very surprised so now I want to
talk about actual way for you to grow your business online and it starts over
here we actually create content now there’s a lot of platforms internet that
you can use such as Facebook Instagram you too and blocking these are just that
you can use although there’s many more so what do we want to do on these
platforms we don’t want to promote black page right because that’s what everyone
else is doing so in order to do that we provide value to our potential prospects
now in order to do this effectively we need to identify a problem or a struggle
that are potential prospects are going through once we identify a problem we
can then provide them with a solution right and then we come back we actually
post more content more content that provides this valuable
solve problem and that is providing solution for that now this is the
process of creating content and putting it on now on the back end of all of our
content or actually pointing to the lead capture page so not our Herbalife me
website we’re we’re actually point to a capture page and what this allows you to
do is to capture an email address and possibly phone number so that they just
added to e-mail e-mail and now you can follow up with your process and what we
wanted you to follow up with them well we’re gonna provide them with more
value right the fortunes in the follow-up well if you’re just promoting
that website actually losing money so toward a lead capture page capture their
information put them onto an autoresponder continue to provide them
with value in that here’s what happens where all the magic happens and where
you actually start to make money marketing on internet is now on the
backing you want a revenue producing system right you want to make money if
you do all this effectively this will happen trust me trapping for me happens for a lot of other people it’s
just about consistency need to stay consistent and in doing this right
you’re gonna start to receive commissions but here’s the thing that’s
a membership website with a membership marketing system you create a residual
income is over and over and over again now this is the system that I actually
use to create daily leads for my business as of right now ok and this is a system that you can
implement into your business to grow your business
as well so if you’ve got any value out of this video I ask you to do two things
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the other side that will teach you how you can implement this type of marketing
system to grow your business my name’s days and I’ll talk to guys


  1. I'm interested in getting more clarification before committing to something that I totally do not understand. (I'm a terrible technophobe!) If you can find time out of your busy schedule, please email me at [email protected] Thanks.

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