How To Overcome FEAR of Starting Amazon FBA (Or Any Business)

How To Overcome FEAR of Starting Amazon FBA (Or Any Business)

hey what’s going on guys JC Franco here
the no-bullshit Amazon seller I’m gonna have a quick no BS talk with you here
today back on the gym I want to take up the
pace have kind of a different video and just discuss something that been bugging
me you know I had a comment on the channel the other day and then all my
mind because it’s something that I know we’re all dealing with we all face this
but like 90% of us will never overcome it 90% of us will fall victim to this so
I want to just change the video here and kind of sit down with you
I’m gonna go read the comment for you now so the comment goes every time I
listen to you talk about FBA I get excited but in reality I’m scared
because I don’t want to fail how many of you guys are experiencing that right now
probably a lot of you because I know that when I was starting I was scared
shitless right I didn’t I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t know if this was the right move but I was able to push past that fear so
that’s what I make this video I wanted to make this video to hopefully I could
get just a few of you to push past that fear once and for all so this is
typically how it happened this is the progression alright someone is working a
dog job doing what they’re doing in their life and then they find this idea
they stumbled across something new right kick Amazon FBA and you find a video on
YouTube where you find an article and you get excited it’s like this new idea
I’m like whoa I could do it I think this is exciting now you start envisioning
your future like well I could I could launch products I can put them on Amazon
you know I’m gonna start making sales I could totally how there’s new cool
brand and people are gonna buy my product you start seeing this vision of
the future for yourself in your mind right and it’s just excitement so now
you got this excitement and then once you’ve done gone through that a little
bit in it it’s super-new and it’s like fresh and you want to do that then you
realize okay I got this excitement I got to make this excitement and turn it into
a reality so how do I get from idea to reality what’s the next step the next
step is preparation alright so now you’re preparing so now
you’re doing more research you’re really digging into it and you’re writing stuff
down right you’re taking notes you’re writing something you’re writing some
down your write up down right up down and then you’re writing stuff down
you’re writing whoa and you realize as you’re writing like that’s a lot of shit
like that’s a lot of stuff I got to do like you you get this just the second of
being overwhelmed and the that’s when you start getting these doubts right
they start creeping at your head and you start telling us off oh I don’t actually
know anything about this right actually no we think about market analysis and
product research and manufacturing your product and stripping things to Amazon
and marketing a product and creating a brand and doing the freight for is and
all these things start filling your head and filling your
mind and you think well you know I gotta invest money I gotta spend time but what
if and once you get to that but what if that’s not how you know you’ve been hit
with fear no one has ever launched a business without hitting that but what
if right everyone gets that point but not everyone gets past that point okay
so you’ve got this you’re at this level of you got all this you know started
butting heads with this excitement and ideas and then your doubts and your
what-ifs and they start butting heads and unfortunately again most of the time
the fear will win how do you avoid being the 90% of people that that lose to fear
how do you become that 10% that actually pushed through and go through despite
the fear so let’s first think about what is fear really right what is fear it’s
really just your your primal brain your your the brain of your ancestors that’s
trying to protect you it’s just a natural process of your brain trying to
protect you from danger and risk right cause back in the day it’s either you
know should I go out leave the cave at night you know and risk leaving the cave
or getting get eaten by wolves or should I stay inside and and live another day
and that’s what fear is it is but in today’s world you know we’re not dealing
with wolves outside it’s just imagination it’s just your
thoughts it’s just your brain coming up with scenarios that most of time aren’t
actually gonna happen you’ve all heard the saying that fear is false
expectations appearing real right and that’s really what it is it’s just your
brain giving you you know these imaginary emotional based worst-case
scenarios so what you should do instead okay how do we get past that first thing
you want to do is what’s the logical worst-case scenario really think about
that then what is the worst-case scenario if it doesn’t work out if you
try to launch a product on Amazon and it doesn’t work out for you what can happen
maybe you lost $3,000 right that is basically the worst case scenario what
ever you it the worse case scenario is you lost money and what happens between
$3,000 hopefully you’re not investing the last $3,000 you have hopefully it’s
not putting you absolutely on the line where you’re gonna lose your house and
you’re gonna lose everything and as long as you’re not doing that then you should
be fine right it’s money lost but if money you can always make back and now
some of you might think oh well then I also lost time but not really right
after you spent two three months doing this and you want to Prague it doesn’t
work out you didn’t lose that time because you’ve gained all that knowledge
you’ve gained all the experience with that the next time you do it
you actually are way ahead of the game
you’re way ahead of the curve you you’ve got that time and that time was useful
right it was a lesson learned so you didn’t lose time really all you lost was
money so now you gotta ask yourself are you okay with that are you okay with
possibly losing $3,000 and if the answer is yes then what is there to fear
because I’ll tell you right now that that is not actually the worst-case
scenario right because everyone thinks of the when they get to the what-if part
they go what if it doesn’t work right everyone has to what if it’s either than
what if it doesn’t work and I fail or you know what if it does work that’s
where you got to put most of your thoughts to but what if it does work the
best case scenario what if it does work and you know I actually this works out
for me I actually I start creating a passive income business I can actually
start supplementing my income I can actually replace my income I can
actually quit my job and live life on my own terms because I was able to take
that you know this leap of faith and launch a product on and launch a few
products and Amazon and just go after it right so there’s what if I do it it
doesn’t work what if I do it and it does work but really the worst-case scenario
is what if you don’t do it at all because if you don’t do it at all you
don’t get anything right you don’t get anything and you lose everything you
lost you don’t get the knowledge you don’t get the opportunity and you’re you
know what’s gonna happen you’re going to be in the exact same spot as you are
right now in a year two years three years you’re gonna be exactly where
you’re trying to get out of right there’s no possibility of change right
you’re you’re gonna be inside your comfort zone because the funny thing
about failure is that it comes whether you act or you don’t act right
everyone’s so worried about what if I try and it I don’t hit my goal well if
you don’t try you’re definitely not going to hit your goal right so it’s
either you do it and it works and it or it doesn’t work and you gain a bunch of
knowledge or you don’t do it at all and you fail all the same so if you’re put
in this maze right this labyrinth and there’s two doors one of them is failure
and one of them is success the failure door will just lead you we’ll just put
you back to the beginning of the maze again right you can either start walking
and get lost in this maze and maybe you know find a success though or maybe you
end up in the failure door but the thing is if you don’t walk around and you just
stay at the starting position you’re still going to be stuck in the maze
whether you find the failure doors of success though you’re still gonna be
stuck in that maze now here’s where fear comes in now fear a lobby will see it as
something to run away from they feel fear you know they get a little bit
scared and they duck in hi and they cover and they stay
still when really fear is an indicator that you’re moving in the right
direction right if you’re not afraid of something that means you’re not growing
it means you’re not progressing if you’re just comfortable and you’re
sitting and you know you’re just happy in and there’s nothing to be afraid of
that means you’re not going anywhere that means you’re in your comfort zone
right in the comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there right
everything you want is outside of your comfort zone everything you don’t have
and you you aspire for it’s outside of your comfort zone right that means you
don’t have it means you’re it’s in your comfort zone so if you’re in your
comfort zone and you’re not afraid of anything that means you’re not getting
closer to where you want to go so fear is actually an indicator that you should
move the fears actually indicator that you should take that jump take that leap
of faith now a great way to eliminate fear somebody actually learned from
Grant Cardone to eliminate fear you’ve got to eliminate the fuel what fuels
fear what feeds fear and the number one thing that feeds fear is time if you can
starve fear of time then it will not grow right the more time you give to
fear the more it grows the more fester inside of you for example if you you
know you have to do something you you you have to you’re thinking about
launching a product right you’re thinking about launching products on
this date say it’s January 1st the more you think about it the farther away that
date is the more scary it is the more time you have to think about okay what
if this goes wrong what if the supplier does this whatever you know the timing
is not right what if you know this is broken what if I look something if you
just take action the fear is eliminated so once you start
feeling that clear of oh my gosh gate you get overwhelmed about product
research just do it because less time you give it the less fear will grow it’s
crazy to me how many people will watch product research video after product
research video hey JT I’ve seen your primary videos Robert this this and this
you know how do i well how do I know if this is the right numbers how do I know
how many reviews how many know how do I know how many sales how do I and they
haven’t actually started doing product research they’ll just think and think
and think and think and try to make this perfect picture of how to do product
research and they’ll spend weeks or months doing learning about product
research well not actually acting on product research when it’s is equally as
easy to just start looking for products so if you are in that stage of you know
I don’t know what a good product looks like because you haven’t looked at
enough products you need to be in field you need to be experienced you
need to go and do to actually understand I heard the story in atomic habits
there was class a photography class and they split the students of this class in
half okay so half of the students would be graded on quantity so over the course
of the year there would be their great pass or fail would be if they took a
certain amount of Tetris like a thousand pictures or whatever it is right and the
other half of the class we’re gonna be graded by the quality of the picture
they didn’t have to have any quantity could have only taken one picture but it
had to be a great picture okay now here’s the funny thing the students that
were had that were only focused on quality didn’t have the best pictures it
was the students that had were only focused on quantity that took the best
pictures because they were doing it over and over and over and Oregon they were
in they’re doing they weren’t thinking about it or the the students that had to
make the best picture they studied about it
they researched about it they read books about it they never took a picture they
only took one were these guys they didn’t study they just did it they just
snapped and snapped and snap and snap and they just learned it so if you’re
afraid of this process of Amazon FBA it’s a whole lot less scary if you just
do it okay just get started eliminate time from the equation don’t plan about
doing product research just do it right don’t plan about talking suppliers
don’t say you know next Friday I’m gonna talk to suppliers go to Alibaba right
now and start messaging because that is all it takes
so if fear is holding you back let it push you forward don’t be afraid of fear
cases because fear is indicator that you are on the right path everyone faces it
everyone is is you know everyone is scared I’m scared all the time still
it’s not like you know I have this business and all of a sudden I’m
fearless every day new decisions new products new product news marketing
strategies new emails new videos go out I’m like shit and what if this doesn’t
work you know what uploaded what if upload this video right now and it bombs
and nobody likes it and nobody cares about it and it gets no abuse guess what
what’s the worst case scenario nothing I upload the next video I upload the next
video upload another video it’s not life or death anymore right there’s no wolves
and lions trying to eat you anymore it’s just your head it’s just your
imagination so let fear push it forward take time away from your Quaid equation
and don’t feed your fear with time just go out there and do it because you know
what you have to do you know what you want to do and you know that the
in this vision that you had that you were envisioning your future it’s real
it’s there all you got to do is take the action to go out there and do it that’s
all I got for you guys today hopefully enjoyed this kind of different pace kind
of rank video you know it slash and rent right in there and that’s all I got for
you so hopefully if this video just pushes one of you guys or girls to face
your fear and push through and take that leap of faith you know I’ll be happy and
if you want to help me with my fear of not getting enough likes then please hit
that like button for me because that will mean a lot to me now if anything
else what’s your biggest fear down with an FBA you know let me know in the
comments and we’ll see if I can’t help you on and try to settle that for you
but again that’s it so make sure next thing watch a video over there if you
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lesbian right I’m JQ Franco I thought up for you today so don’t forget your
empire oh wait


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