How to Qualifying Your Leads | Ask These 4 Questions to Generate Quality Leads online marketing

How to Qualifying Your Leads | Ask These 4 Questions to Generate Quality Leads online marketing

Your website is generating leads, but most
of them are shit. I hate to say it, but that’s what happens
with almost all businesses. I don’t care if you’re selling something for
10 dollars or a million dollars. Most the leads you generate are going to be
crap. Hi, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach
you to qualify your leads. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting
your time following up with leads that aren’t worth it. So, what you want to do is make sure you ask
people all of the right questions. Most people are like, “Oh, I just want their
name, phone number, and email address.” If you just get that, how do you know if that
lead is qualified? Why not ask them simple questions, such as,
how can I help you? Or, fields that qualify them. For example, in my business, we ask questions
like, “What is your revenue? What is your profit? What do you want to accomplish in the next
12 months?” We even ask them questions like, “When are
looking to get started with marketing?” If they say they’re looking to get started
in a year, that’s not really a great lead. If they say they want to get started within
the next month, that means they’re hot and they’re ready to move. We even ask them questions like budget. I was talking with a buddy of mine, Ryan,
who runs marketing at HubSpot. He was telling me how, in many cases, they
ask people 15, 16, even 20 questions, or they have 20 fields within their forms to make
sure that when someone submits a lead, they’ll quickly know if it’s qualified or if it’s
not qualified. Another way that you want to do to make sure
that you’re qualifying your leads is using Clearbit. With Clearbit, it’ll give you data on that
lead, that person. It’ll tell you what company they work for,
their job title. This way you can cross-reference it with what
they’ve filled in. Or, if you didn’t ask all of these questions,
at least you’ll have that data. For example, if you know that your buyer is
ideally a manager or a director level position within a company, but the person who filled
out a lead is a associate, it doesn’t matter if he works at a really large company. Unless he can get his supervisor or boss on
the call with him, there is no way you’re gonna close that deal. That’s how you qualify your lead. And when you’re doing this, don’t optimize
for lead volume. Optimize for quality. The last thing you want is tons of leads that
are irrelevant and won’t make you money. It’s better to have 10 qualified leads than
it is to have 200 leads that are mainly all junk. You want the really good ones because those
are the ones that can generate you revenue. So, as a marketer, don’t just optimize for
lead collection, optimize for quality leads, and how many of these quality leads can you


  1. Neil, I have a query. I just checked the report of Semrush and got shocked because two things are making me nervous :-
    First, I created about 50+ high quality backlinks for different keywords, but it is showing only 16 backlinks (nearly same on Google webmaster)
    Second, it says 26 pages aren't crawled out of 61. I don't know why and what to do.
    Please help me out neil…

  2. Thanks Neil… this question was asked by an interviewer I couldn't answer and got rejected… you made it clear…

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