How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency As A Beginner 2020 (SMMA)

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency As A Beginner 2020 (SMMA)

– How to start a social media agency, even if you’re brand new, even if you’ve got no experience, even if you have never done this before. (playful music) Hey, this is Peng Joon and today I’m gonna be walking you through what you can be doing to secure your very first client if you wanna build a social media agency. Now if you take a look at the one thing every businesses needs, it is more leads, right? Whether a business is in selling services, products, programs, the one thing everybody
need is more leads. Now let’s talk about the
skill sets that is necessary and then I’ll walk you through how do you actually
find them really easily so that by the end of this video, you literally would have
leads coming your way wanting to work with you, engaging you when it comes to
getting leads in social media. Let’s talk about Facebook since
Facebook is king right now. So I’m gonna assume that
you have basic knowledge on posting stuff on Facebook pages, running ads, targeting, installing pixels and retargeting, right? If you have that knowledge, how do you now secure clients and work with them and have them wanting to work with you paying you every single month? If you did have this knowledge. The way to understand this now, is to think about the different businesses out there. Okay? Now, I am going to tell you and show you in fact, that not all businesses are created equal. If this was a scale and on the left over here is hard and on the right is easy and chances are you’ve
served customers before, you probably know there are
nightmare clients out there and the last thing you wanna do is work with nightmare clients, Okay. So, the question is not just
how do you find clients? How do you find easy clients? to get them easy ROI so that it’s seamless, every single month they
cut you that paycheck and it’s easy for you to deliver. The first option when it
comes to finding clients is using your personal network. What if right now, you go on Facebook and literally make this post right now that says “I’m looking for
three additional clients to work with. I’m a totally new Agency and in order to make it risk-free for you, I am willing to work for you for free and in exchange all I’m asking of you is for you to cover the ad
cost of say $100, $300.” Now any type of business that is even remotely serious, $300 on ad money, ad spend
is absolutely nothing. Now people don’t like this idea of working for free. If you are starting out right now, your main goal is not the money but rather a case study or testimonials so that you can use it
to secure future clients. Cause when you start pitching to clients in future is saying, you have a case study of somebody else who did something similar to this, Okay. So for your very first client, it is all about documenting the results that you’re generating for them and the best way to do that is to come from that angle. So now you’re using a personal network of people that might be
interested to do this. Now, obviously the leads that you’ll get will largely depend on the network that you have on Facebook. Which by the way, if you do not have a network just yet, what you’re going to be doing is you’re gonna start going to these different groups, groups like Click Funnels. So if that’s your handle some leads Instagram, type in Instagram. If you’re held from leads
Facebook, target Facebook ads. Look for people that is qualified so that you can expand your network. But I know what some of
you could be thinking right up to this point, you can be thinking so Peng Joon, What if I don’t have a strong network? What if I don’t know anybody? Well, one way that you
could utilize as well is to reach out to others. Here’s how you do it. If I were to do a search
for, lets say chiropractors and I typed in chiropractors in Vegas, guess what’s gonna happen. Google’s going to tell me a list of all these different
chiropractors in Vegas, I’m gonna go and click on
these links off their site and I’m gonna see if they
have got a simple thing like a Facebook pixel installed. You could go Google Chrome and download this thing on a
toolbar called Pixel Helper. So with Pixel Helper, every time you go to a different page, you’ll be able to see if their Facebook
pixel’s installed or not. And guess what, even their phone number
is listed over there, you gonna pick up the phone, and you’re literally
going call them and say, “Hey Vegas Chiropractor, I was just looking at your site and I noticed that you don’t have a Facebook pixel installed. That tells me chances are you don’t have any Facebook marketing going on. And even if you do, I know I’ll be able to
significantly help you get much faster results.” Close this person based on showing them that you can get them results, okay. So, that’s number one, getting the lead using
your own personal network or reaching out to others strategically. Step number two, is to determine how hard or easy this client is when it
comes to getting an ROI. So once you make the post
on your Facebook page, and now you have people commenting say, “Hey, I’m interested to work with you” then the next thing you gotta do is decide if you wanna work with this client by seeing whether they’re
easy or hard client. You do this by understanding that easy clients, on my right hand side, would be like Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Doctors. But on the other end of the spectrum, hard clients are people like me, okay not because I’m a difficult client, but because of the industry of it. Authors, Speakers, people
selling courses online. Hard clients, is when there
are a lot of variables and factors involved in the equation. You see, for me, when
I’m selling a course, when I’m trying to fill up my events, when I am selling my books, there are a lot of different things that comes into play that may not necessarily be the fault of the person running Facebook ads if something goes wrong. But in fact, the issue could be your sales video, the funnel sucks ,the
languaging, the graphics, a break in the funnel in the sales process that had nothing to do
with your Facebook ad. So these are hard clients because there’s a lot of things that will be outside of your control. However, if you are able to serve
all these different people Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons, Gym owners you see all these people are easy clients because if you are running
ads for Chiropractor and when somebody walks
into their practice, the only thing a chiropractor needs to do is to crack their back. If they walk into a plastic
surgeon is a nose job, right? There isn’t any other variable that would be out of your
control running Facebook ads. So number two is once
you start getting leads start deciding whether they
are an easy or a hard client. That brings us to number three. The first thing that we decide is, how much is a typical
deal for that business? So let’s say a plastic surgeon, one of the most popular
things they might do maybe is a nose job, okay. I have no idea how much
a typical nose job costs, but let’s just say when
somebody goes on Google, they’re not searching for
cheapest plastic surgeon. Right? They’re probably searching
for best plastic surgeon looking for somebody
with the most reviews. And wouldn’t it be weird
if you came up to me and I was a plastic surgeon and say, I give really good nose
jobs for 100 bucks? Wouldn’t you be suspicious? So let’s say a typical plastic surgery for a nose job is under $3,000 and I’m pretty sure there’s
people who are in LA and it’s probably $10,000 and above. So what if you did a really horrible job for this plastic surgeon and you only got this plastic surgeon five extra sales for
a nose job in a month. That will be an additional
$15,000 in revenue. And by the way, this is
doing a pretty bad job. If you got this business owner
an extra $15,000 in revenue that otherwise would not
have happened if not for you, how much do you think this person would pay you every single month? Do you think it’s fair to ask them for $1,000 a month? And even if you could
just generate them $2,000 do you think you could
charge them $500 a month? If you could help them get
additional leads or sales? Right now you could be
thinking so Peng Joon, what if the price point
was significantly less? like a gym owner gets like
100 plus bucks a month What if it’s a dentist where you are doing
scaling teeth whitening? so then that’s when you need
to look at the business model. A dentist would offer many
different services, right? At the cheap lower level here, this would be like a
check-up and scaling, right? After that going up the ladder, this would be like teeth whitening and then if you go slightly
higher up after that this could be like braces and a higher after that, this could be like crowns. So then, when you actually pitch when the dentist approaches you, what you’re pitching is for you to help them get more walk ins and let them decide. So you could say like, “what if I could help you get additional three walk ins a day?” Three walk ins a day in a month that will be 90 extra people
walking into your practice. Out of 100 people on average, how many people take up teeth whitening? So maybe they will tell you Okay, 20% do teeth whitening, 15% do braces, 5% do crowns, right? They’re giving you numbers. So you’re showing them now that if you could help
them get more people walk in through that door, you’re now able to project
an extra bottom line, additional bottom line of
how much that might be. So understand that once
you find an easy ROI client where there isn’t anything
else in the equation that will determine the
success of the campaign, that’s an easy ROI client. That’s number two. Then number three, is to help and deliver it to this client, More walk ins by literally
just creating pages. It could be, for example,
a discount coupon for them to get a free
checkup for a dentist. Now the dentist could be saying, “why would I wanna give a free
check-up for these clients?” The gym owner could be asking you, “so why would I wanna
give a free five day trial to people a night?” And that’s when you remind them. That’s when you’ll say, you’ll say “so out of 100 people if they came in for that free trial, how many people do you think you can get onto your
recurring for your gym every single month? And out of that, how
many people do you think you can send them on personal training?’ So now as a gym owner, as a chiropractor, they might not be able to see this, but this is when you can
actually console them to show them what the ROI is, if you could actually
help them get more people. So number three is about delivering but most importantly, documenting that result, okay. This is how you can compound and get 10 files that pays
you $1,000 every month. That’s a $10,000 month. How do you do this when you can document the result you create? So let’s say you did this for the first chiropractor in Vegas, do you think you could
package this case study and replicate this in a
totally different city so that there’s no conflict of interest? And you could say, here’s how I helped this dentist in Vegas to generate additional 90 leads a month, resulting in $7,000 in sales and how I could do it for you as well. That is how you secure your first client and build a real business
being a social media agency. So by the way guys, I
wanna hear your comments. Let me know below what
your biggest takeaway is. If you’re actually
serious about doing this, what other roadblocks or challenges you might foresee yourself stumbling into. Let me know if there’s a particular topic that you’d like me to cover. Let me know the comments
if you’re actually serious. That way, I’ll be able
to help you as well. And as always, if you liked this video, click on the little
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  1. Thank you Peng joon.. im thinkng to start this business with no clue but your video pop up and give so much value.. saved my day😁

  2. 😎😎😎Sir, can I do this in Sri Lanka too?πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Is this really worldwide? πŸ’žπŸ€—πŸ’ž


    Thank you Mr. Joon, my biggest takeaway is that we can find clients by checking if their website has Facebook Pixel implemented to know if you can step in and help them.

    From my side, try to find EASY clients that are willing to change THEIR business model if they don't have A VALUE LADDER. Besides being only a Digital Marketing Agency to clients, also be a consultant to their business so they can discover THEIR business model and in turn, set yours.πŸ‘

    Mr. Joon, thank you so much again, this information is priceless to me. Tell me, are there any templates of contracts you can refer me to of agreements between an agency and a client detailing the job and payment?

    I really hope to hear from you soon😊

  4. Absolutely love the new setup for videos.

    By creating more value for businesses, it is definitely a no-brainer for them to pay us.

    This method will have a snowball effect once you have a few case studies up your sleeves and you will have a higher closing rate as you go along.

  5. This is so valuable. Ever since learning about the value ladder, I realized that the company I work at has so much more potential. The problem we have is that we get a lot of people who come for the low level services but a very few percentage of them take up the core services. We actually don't initiate any upsell with them, so that's probably why they go away. I'm planning to implement a value ladder in our company, i'm sure this will make a big difference. Thanks for the value!

  6. Great training for running an smma, biggest takeaway is working for free and helping businesses grow while you learn as well and build case studies in the process

  7. you can get into other people's business within small details, just as Peng said, by looking for a facebook pixel, is it was installed or not,

    just by telling them the importance that facebook pixel is can make you as an expert in the field for them.

    so we can use that a wide door to enter and offer your free service at the start, and once you start delivering results you can use that as proofs for you to acquire new customers in the future.

  8. What are roles and responsibilities of a social media marketer?

    Running ads, writhing ad copy, posting on social media etc…I'm confused πŸ˜•

  9. My biggest TAKEAWAY:

    – Gotta know how to close clients (at least quality clients).
    – Pinpoint their weaknesses and tell them how you can help them (more leads/ more revenue).
    – Show them the long term value by giving value upfront (value ladder).

  10. Ah…hard clients is about the product (dentists vs course creators). Okay…thanks. Loved the examples. Like $3000 nose jobs equals $15000 revenue for surgeons. Plus showing upsells.

  11. I would really love to see a video where share your opinions and thoughts about the dropshipping business model. Really love your content man! Keep it going

  12. My biggest AHA moment would be regardless of any industry, I need to be willing to work for FREE first to build a testimonial list. This testimonial (of course success stories) will position me as an expert and give me a higher asking price in the future.

  13. Right, I'm starting my entrepreneur life next year. Even though I have asked noone to help me people are approaching me to work together with me. Let other people know about your successes and sooner or later they want to work with you. Though I personally would never ask friends to work with me. Friendship is more important than business. If because of a failed project a friendship is ruined I'd be devestated.

  14. WOW! Another great way to earn online.. i am a shy person and maybe this wont work for me but i can say that my biggest takeaway is to invest in myself, believe in what i offer- like services or products- in order to create more leads and find more people to pay for my services or products, and of course learning also how to find people or clients who are not so hard to convince on what i am offering. Thank you Peng.

  15. Leads is the main catch for your clients and how it can increase their revenue….for anyone just starting be focused on getting testimonials not the money

  16. My takeaway is that you can find clients easy online! The next step is the hardest for many.
    Reach out and work for FREE!!

  17. My biggest takeaways:

    βœ…Be willing to work for free when you are first starting out. Your main goal is not the money, but the case studies or testimonials so that you can capture more paid clients in the future.

    βœ…Start with easy clients that you can generate ROI for them easily. Clients like doctors, dentists or gyms owners are easy clients because there are not much variables that are out of your control. All you need to focus on is to get them more leads or walk in so that they can ascend their prospects up in their value ladder.

  18. Everyone needs a lead

    How to:

    – Secure Client
    – Work with them
    – have them work work with you

    The question is how do you find client
    The question is how to find easy client

    To get them Easy return of investment

    OPTION 1 :

    Using Your personal network

    If you are starting right now

    Your goal is not the money
    But the sales statistics or case study
    For your future client


    OPTION 2

    How hard or easy client is

    OPTION 3

    Determine Business model
    ( 8Delivering and documenting results )

    People search for the best and not for the cheapest

    Have a ladder of offer

    Out of 100 people that came up in for the free trial

    How many people do ypu think you can get onto your recurring

  19. Interesting stuff!πŸ’° I also recently showed on my YouTube channel

    How To Make $100/Day On YouTube Without Making Any Videos!

  20. Incredible value. I just finished a book from Amazon called The Art of a Self-Made Facebook Ad Agency that covers these steps a little further so thanks for letting me know that I am on the right path.

  21. This might be a stupid question but how do I track the leads? As a marketer I would want to know how many people actually go to that business because from my add campaigns

  22. In Belgium, dentists have a full schedule 20 hours a day and with patients already booked several months in advance! πŸ˜€

  23. An easy client is like a specialist who have little or no idea of marketing and social media. They are experts in what they are doing but have no idea how to get more clients. So, their weakness is your opportunities to charge them by providing value and get more leads to them.

  24. My biggest takeaway from this video are:
    1) Using personal network
    To begin it is important to willing to work for free . During this stage, it is important to get testimonials or case study to secure future clients.

    2) Determine how hard or easy the client is
    Ads produce for hard client may affected by different issues

    3) Determine business modal (how much per service)

  25. My biggest takeaway from this video are:
    1) Using personal network
    To begin it is important to willing to work for free . During this stage, it is important to get testimonials or case study to secure future clients.

    2) Determine how hard or easy the client is
    Ads produce for hard client may affected by different issues

    3) Determine business modal (how much per service)

  26. You know Peng Joon, the way you discuss is similar to what my boss is telling to us. According to him, we have to identify if the clients are easy clients or not and collect data and decide based on the historical data.

  27. Great video! It’s engaging yet comical at the same time. It really nails down the details of having a SMMA. most importantly is finding a client that is a good fit. You don’t want clients that are scope creeps.

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