How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easier Than You Think

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easier Than You Think


  1. So, it is just a 5 $/month invertion for great traffic?
    I am currently doing a copywriting mastery, doing something like this seems amazing!
    Thanks for this, i really need any form of income, is it that easy? I will give it a try!

  2. Greg Thank you 🙏 I am going to make affiliate guide site this weekend if I’m stuck somewhere would you help me.

  3. I am wondering if you have tried tradedoubler affiliate? I am having trouble trying to verify my adobe on WIX.

  4. Really a great video, I have a question that, how many days we can keep that post or affiliate link on our website? Does it expires after certain time? @Greg Gottfried

  5. very helpfull video sir ,,,,,,,, sir one question,,,, can I do you of India product affiliate marketing????

  6. Thank you sooo much😊🙌💕✨…. I love your content now I'm subscribing you keep on uploading good content…….

  7. Greg… your an awesome sir. I want to learn about affiliate marketing honestly and not mislead my customers. I want my customers to come back. I am interested in 1-page product selling whatever the product I choose. And hopefully, Amazon will accept me..I just need to get into their door. I am having difficulty how to hook my landing pages and or sell pages to mail chimp. Once I understand how that works…the world is my oyster. I would like to capture their emails once they bought something or not. And once a week I want my autoresponder to send my potential customers another new product so they can have a look at it. Like women's perfume and sending them the related products that have something to do with beauty etc. Do you follow me Greg?

  8. Wow, Greg actually did not ask for any money to do his program, etc. (except for asking for to use his blue host affiliate link..but that is no big deal) I enjoyed your honesty and showing me at the end where I can press "manual renew" .. most people won't tell you this because they want to make money from you when domain and hosting automatically take your money out from your account so they can get their affiliate earnings. You get a subscribe and alike from me. I see 206 dislikes …I think they got lost. lol Thanks for your explanation on how to find and sell the product. Biggest one Thanks for your honesty.

  9. This Greg Gottfried is an awesome man. I started watching his videos for the first time about 7 hours ago on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners – easier than you think video. Not only he is honest he has replied to my comments on here in a matter of an hour. It shows he truly and honestly like to help people. This is the man you want to click subscribe and likes because he will answer you and he knows you exist. He is not like the other so-called gurus out there that is not manipulating you in to get to the bonus at the end with a $977.00 tag at the end. Everything he shows you on his video is breath of fresh air with no stink of bull shit. Now we need to learn how to find an easy way to connect our autoresponder to our sales page, landing page, etc. Once I learn that I'm going to go Dragon! Thanks again Greg!

  10. Thank you for the great tutorial. I have 1 question though.. so if I want to be an affiliate for different products, do I need to buy different domains / websites for every product I want to promote..? Or can I choose smth more general and have different products in my blog? Thanks

  11. I have got $100 and don't want to take money from my parents for a long time(maybe never). Do you think i can use that money for what you showed us in the video ? Thanks in Advance

  12. Amazing video. So much value in it. Thank you and I hope you keep doing videos as useful as this one.

  13. If I want to create a blog in blogspot like for instance will that be appropriate for amazon ? Or they will reject me ?

  14. What’s stopping them from just going to the original website instead of passing through yours?

  15. Greg, just to get Amazon to approve me for Amazon Associates….what is good website to create? One for a specific niche OR one with more of a general store name ?

  16. Thank you for the content!
    Please once the blog is complete, is it automatically indexed in google?

  17. great tutorials! Is there another video that shows how to add another page to the affiliate site for the niche apparel or gear we would also be promoting? One page per item??

  18. Loved the video, but I do have a couple of questions for you.

    First, so you leave comments turned on for your blog posts to encourage people to interact with you?

    If so, wouldn't be a good idea to leave Akismet, or a similar anti spam plugin on your site?

  19. Why all the downvotes? I thought your information was very helpful. Already using KW Finder. Thanks dude!

  20. Thanks that was great. I have two questions. Do you do anything to the header image and do you name the site same as product? Second, do you bulid a new site for each product or can you add additional posts for other products to that same blog? Thanks.

  21. This is a great video. I've had a WordPress site for a while and want to turn it into a Affiliate Marketing tool. My question is.. Can I create separate pages for different products? I've watched your video on WIX webpage setup for Affiliate marketing and will une WordPress if I can use multi pages for different affiliate promotions.

  22. Once I create the 30 post do i set it and forget it or do i need to do any update to stay relevant? Thanks

  23. Well done my fellow affiliate 😊👌 i Know the comments and likes are important 😊👍

  24. Greg thanks for the tutorial, I really want to start affiliate with, Hope the tips workout successfully. 👍

  25. Please, can you put an Arabic translation because there are a lot of steps that are hard to understand? Thank u so much for the cource 😊❤👍

  26. So where would you post another blog post? Would it go on the same page? How often do you post a new article? Shouldn’t all the articles be about climbing shoes because that is what you based the site on. I’m confused as to what other products to post and where to put them.

  27. Do you think that it is important to be passionate about the niche you are doing for affiliate marketing?

  28. This video was very helpful to me. I am from India, so I will use Godaddy without using the Bluehost and in the World Press there is a same process. Thanks a lot for that.

  29. Very informative, I use to have a website 4 years ago, with go daddy and host gator but I feel.your video was like it was simple steps is blue host is it.a edited video or is it really that blue host is that simple!…I'm trying to learn build courses for people with host gator and I'm confused with the simplicity thing

  30. Thank you so much Greg for this wonderful video. The way you explained each and every step is really appreciable.

  31. Thank you much for putting this straight forward and honest video together. I was looking into Affiliate Marketing but was discouraged by looking at too much information on the web but none put together like what you have done. You have persuaded me not to give up and for that I am very appreciative. Keep up the good work.

  32. Hey Greg, by far the most simplistic video I have come across on affiliate marketing on YouTube. I have been a little hesitant about affiliate marketing but not any more after watching this video. I have a blog on but it is not product centered, I blog about spiritual encouragement for everyday living using my life as a show case. I moved the blog from blogger to WordPress and I upgraded to the personal plan. I like WordPress and I just got accepted as an affiliate. Two questions, First, can I still optimize for SEO on and Two,can I use my affiliate link on my WordPress site. I have a Google ad sense account which I use on the site. Any advice would be appreciated.

  33. God bless you Greg Gottfried for your unreserved and liberal advice.Your content is genuine,practical and transparent.You are not like these fake and superficial gurus that pretend to offer you mentorship and are merely selling their worthless courses at prohibitive cost.Keep up Greg I'll put your actionable information into reality.Kudos.

  34. Greg, thank you so much for the value, subbed and liked. Just starting my AM journey, wish me luck!! Can you tell me (anyone else is welcome to comment as well) how much would an average site like this make? I'm sure there is a good deal of variance but what have your experiences been? Many thanks!!

  35. now has a 10 day free trial, there are no free searches. After the trial you get billed monthly or yearly. Is there a way to get started for free with another site? When you don't have money coming in these monthly fees will hurt you.

  36. Bro I am freelancer 🤠 I can ues your thumbnail on my fiverr gig I ues only fiverr gig I don't use other Plaftom 🤠If you give me permission so I ues otherwise I don't ues 😀 If you can give me permission so please send me 😅without you

  37. Hi Greg, thank you for this video. I’ve learnt a lot from this. When you mentioned that for plus account on bluehost, it allows for multiple websites but domain names need to be bought. Does that mean that there’s only one free domain name for plus account? How much would a domain name cost? Where do you purchase domain name from?

  38. hi, handsome dude I just started affiliate marketing after watching your videos plz upload some more videos about affiliate marketing that would be related how to write content for Amazon and stuff like that and thanks a lot for providing genuine information.

  39. Hello Greg, so many questions.  I've sent you a Messenger on FB with my 1st of many questions.  Do you offer seminars, live courses? I plan on watching your "7 Free Ways to Make Money On-line" videos.  I suspect I will find answers to some of my questions.  Cheers!

  40. Hey Greg..I just made my affiliate website but I haven't made any posts yet or purchased domain..shall I publish my website before purchasing domain and making posts..or publish it later..!?
    And are u active on Instagram..!!?

  41. Hi Greg, I have found two niches, one with an Average Search Volume of a 135,000 and KD of 27 and another niche with 450,000 Average Search Volume and a KD 26. My hesitation is these two niches are both one word products. Should I drill down more or proceed? Any insights you have would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

  42. Hi Greg, it looks like kwfinder is now a subscription service. Are there any other good alternatives?

  43. KWFinder allows 10 day trial per email you use. FREE Alternatives are Keywords Everywhere and Google Keyword Planner

  44. If I choose the yoga niche, should I pick one type of yoga (like kundalini yoga for example) and make my entire blog about that? Or should I just write multiple blog posts about all different kinds of yoga while keeping yoga as the general theme of the site.

  45. I would suggest you neilpatel dot com instead for keyword research I use it it is unlimited value.. I really loved your content..

  46. Hi Greg, quick question? If I was accepted as an affiliate for amazon under a website. Can I still use links in another website or YouTube channel under a different niche??

  47. Hey Greg! Just found your channel and this video is gold! been wanting to get into affiliate marketing for a while and this is an awesome step by step guide. My question is how much money can we actually generate? It sounds from your videos that you have several websites could we maybe see a part 2 to this video and show us how much this blog and website is making? love the video though man keep it up! I'm going to get my site up soon following your guide!

  48. Hi, this is great. But what is with the image from amazon? Can i use such product images on my own blog without any restrictions?

  49. I’m thinking about starting this affiliate thing,Lol, so far u seem to be the most believable I’ve seen, but my question is I’m about to buy a chrome book for as cheap as I can and was wondering did the speed or memory matter to get this thing going?

  50. So I can have 5 websites and only pay 5.95 a month for all 5?
    That would cost me near 60 a month with wix, am I understanding this right?

  51. Great tutorial. One thing i want to ask, for example you have created a website with domain name related to climbing shoes. Now we have added one blog post with the shoe you have selected. To create more content, how should we proceed with more content/posts? Should we add more shoes from amazon choice or our search criteria. In short how to make our website content heavy related to same niche.

    I hope i was able to make my point clear 🙂 thanks in advance

  52. Greg, isn't affiliate marketing and blogging two different things? When I watch your videos I feel like one minute you're talking specifically about affiliate marketing and then the next talkin about something that is more blogging and I'm trying to figure out based on some examples of affiliate marketing websites I've been looking at if I should use that as a blueprint and go that route or go the blogging route and talk about something I'm quite passionate about and maybe working some affiliate links in there? To be clear one of the websites I looked at was the and it just didn't come off as a blog to me. One product review only had five or six hundred words. I mean, I really want to do something but I don't want to be too fast with the trigger and get myself into some trouble I can't get out of. I'm just about ready to start though if I could just figure out this dilemma since blogging and affiliate marketing seem to cross pollinated with one another. Help me brother

  53. I have spent dozens on paid courses but nothing comes close to the content that Greg provides. From Print On Demand to Affiliate Marketing. He makes it easy for people from all walks of life. I almost gave up on affiliate marketing but Greg rescued me. Thanks a lot for such amazing ♥️ content. God bless you! 🙏

  54. question before going into Affilliate marketing will I need a camera etc? Also where is your most up to date course latest course on Affillite marketing? how long more or less into doing your course all going well could I see meaningful results? finally how much is needed besides your course fee to get goingincl tools costs, Thanks for your time Greg

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