How to Start AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS (Step by Step Guide) | Location Rebel

How to Start AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS (Step by Step Guide) | Location Rebel


  1. I like your sense of humour it's pretty much like mine and you're a rare find. You talked very relatable and your content has helped me out a lot soo far in making my own money .

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  3. Great video! When you talk about the ”best of” and the “review of” – would you suggest creating a site specifically for this? Or do you integrate this on your existing platform/website/blog? Thanks for the content!!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to affiliate marketing being the best way way to get started online.

    What I have found is the more complex you make it, the more likely you are not to take action when it comes to affiliate marketing.

    ~ Strategic Marketing Geek

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  6. Hello, I currently have about twenty friends who would like work affiliate dating,

    And can somebody recommend me an affliliate dating portal/program that pays for registration(CPA).

    With good offers and good domains.

    And to be all work on a one dashboard, for example "Advidi" (DEM Offers)

    To be able to add later members as numbers

    Let every man have his own number and see how much he has earned by number.

    Or only that I have the main dashboard in which I will add the workers and take commission.


  7. I wish all videos here in youtube were like this one – no beating around the bush, straight to the point!

  8. I watched this on your website, and clicked through to leave some feedback. I really enjoyed watching this and learned something at the same time! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Keep up the uploads, I wish I knew this years back,,I've made money with your techniquesas all great minds do , take action on this knowledge guys,

  10. I've spent last 4 days on some affiliate marketing training site, taking their free introduction course. It was slow, dry and boring. Then I found you and in 22 min I've learned more than in last 4 days with them + I had fun here! I think I love you! :)) Thank you x1000

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  12. What affiliate marketing questions do you have? Drop a comment below and I'll do by best to help answer them!

  13. Great information on the video and liked the way you talked about tracking your results because that's one the 3 T's (Test, Track and Tweak). You even mentioned tweaking your content too Good Job keep putting out good quality videos.

  14. Awesome,very informative video.Hats off to you.Already subscribed n looking forward for more posts in future

  15. Very good video. Best I've seen for beginners! Thank you. Do you have to pay for the affiliate networks like shareasale? What's with clickbank? Is it just instructional videos? Or do they have actual physical products? Thanks.

  16. Dude, this is awesome. Gotta be honest, I was kinda apprehensive about this but the way you explained everything has given me a new vote of confidence. Amazing Info, and thank you very much!! 🙂

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  18. I am just starting my affiliate marketing and have a quick question
    If we are doing product reviews, how do we get the product?
    Starting out do you just buy the product review it and hope to make money to cover it? or just return it?

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