1. Wonderful I like ure videos. I am beginner just 330 subscribers in 2 months I want grow them so fast. I want afirst which which editing video software u used. In all ure videos I love that green color. Thx

  2. Great video with a lot of important and useful information for if you want to grow your Youtube channel.
    It's good that most techniques I already mastered, but I still need to work on some techniques like creating end-screen-cards and playlists, if the time allows me 🙂

  3. As far as quality, just think of popular and well liked sitcoms…they produce 10 – 25 shows a YEAR. Just picture yourself creating a 1, 5, 10 or 15 minute 'show'. I'd focus on 1-4 videos a month until you got a rhythm and feel for putting it together. Like a lot of rewarding things in life, preparation and working with others plays a big part.

  4. Great stuff Brian – this video was a huge help!! I think the biggest tip for me was using the Youtube search bar to discover correct/popular keywords and topics. I'm curious if you might 'grade' this channel: Youtube.com/hollowaybenefitconceptsdallas.

  5. Hey Brian, thanks for these updated tips. You've got a very smart Mum! Do you have any more tips about getting into the suggested video column? I'm struggling with this. Thanks! 🙌🏼

  6. For my niche some titles work better for search ranking, but some completely different titles on the same type video do better on recommendations but worse on search ranking. What should I do?

  7. 🔴 Thank you definitely taking notes. And definitely going to implement them into my strategies. Who else here is going to be using these sweet tips?

  8. Thanks for all those wonderful tips and techniques to grow our YouTube channel, it’s been more than a year since I started my channel and still growing very slowly…

  9. Thanks for the content! Just started my Channel for Beards! This info has gotten me almost 100 subs so far! Check it out!

  10. What do suggest for my situation. Actually started the channel 4 years ago, made one vid, forgot about it. logged in 4 years later and that vid got 40k views so i just renamed the channel and started with my content. Should i have started from scratch?

  11. Great video Brian! Thank you, my channel went to 15k subs in 1 year because of you.
    I am wondering, do you offer any advisory service ?
    I have some specific questions, where can we reach you? Can i send you an email?

  12. I look forward to trying some of these, thank you for the tips! What’s your opinion on old videos? I technically posted my first video almost 2 years ago, but really am only truly starting now. The topic is the same (art), but quality is….oof

  13. Just amazes me your not very consistent on uploading and it’s random maybe a month later or 4 months later but your videos get so many views. Obviously quality is very important, I’m just amazed not criticizing at all. You do make awesome videos Brian👊

  14. Hello Brian.. I started my channel a few weeks ago and these tips are pure GOLD! I love your style of delivery- PRECISE. Will definitely try and incorporate the tips to grow my channel. Please Wish me luck!!✨✨

  15. I love the Power Playlist concept, but since I'm new to YouTube, I think I'm really going to focus on SEO in the beginning! I've learned a lot from watching your videos (I hope!)…if I can ever figure out Premiere Pro I'll get some of my own up haha

  16. This is really helpful. I've just rewritten my "about" tab, and I am looking into figuring out the end screen component. I'll utilize playlists more, too. Thank you!

  17. Thanks so much for this! I truly appreciate your advice. I’m going to definitely use the bit about how tags.

    I do have a question. As a new YouTube channel do you suggest I try to rank for search or for suggested videos?

  18. What I like best within this video is that you pointed out that we don't have to do video after video! I was taught to do one per week. But I'm a Realtor! I don't WANT to spend all my time producing videos – I want to sell some homes!! So thank you for that bit of wisdom!

  19. Awesome as always! I already have started making changes to my channel, just one question, in your channel´s info, it doesn´t say when you upload new videos, just wondering why?

  20. videos with a lot of comments tend to outrank other videos? or is it that videos that outrank others tend to get a lot more comments?

  21. Thanks, Brian! This is a really helpful video. I have applied some of the SEO tips you mentioned in other videos and they worked really well for my channel. Now I am going to fix my channel page and plan some power playlists. 😊

  22. Great information, I'm a big fan of your website and YT, planning to start my channel soon and this is very helpful. Thanks for sharing Brian!

  23. With this video in mind i need to brush up my playlists to make them power playlist.
    Hey Brian, it was so specific video thank you so much, love from India.

  24. Wow what a helpful video Brian! I plan to use BOTH techniques you mentioned in this video. What do you think of my channel art / logo?

  25. Thanks Brian I got 100K views in just one week after watching your video. I should tell others it really helps!!!

  26. Thank you very much Brian, again perfect tips. I run an amateur music channels and by amateur I mean very very amateur. No content or quality at all. But once ( and if ) I get there hopefully, I am pretty sure I will get back to this video. Thank you, you are great. Personally I would like to discuss with people and get their opinions who have disliked this video.

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  28. Your Newsletter is the only one I open EVERY TIME, because i know there will be great content and i don't wanna miss it. Thank you!

  29. बड़े युटयूबर एक्सपर्ट विडियो कन्सिसटेन्सी में डालने को इसलिए कहते होंगे ,ताकि छोटे युटयूबर जल्दी निराश न हों और विडियो बनाते रहे क्योंकि शुरुआत में वयुज बहुत कम आते हैं तथा ज्यादा लोग युटयूब पर काम करना बंद कर देते हैं क्योंकि इसमें बहुत पेंशश की जरूरत होती है।

  30. Nice video bryan i liked it before watching it, bryan please upload once in month i wait for your videos several months.
    I have a question are external views good for our channel i have 18k views and atleast 15k views are from external views mostly Reddit, are they helpful or bad for channel as I'm not getting in suggested

  31. Having a daily vlog, its hard to implement all of these tips given the amount of time I have to create. I think I could plan better 🤔

  32. I am sorry to say it Brian, this video is an Old vine in new bottle. You made the same content last year , there's nothing New🥴

  33. This is some smart content right here. I always hear Gary Vee "content content content, make 100 videos a day!" but unless you have a team, the quality won't be there.

  34. Thanks for the tips, I found that the Power Playlist and the 30 seconds donwhill drop off are huge topics that cannot be overlooked. 👍

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