How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career in 2019? | Digital Marketing For Beginners

How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career in 2019? | Digital Marketing For Beginners

A lot of my viewers ask me this question on how to start a digital marketing career how do your start it when you have no formal knowledge and no formal degree as a digital marketer i am going to answer that question in today’s video hey there i am a manpreet and welcome to my you tube channel this is where you will find tips and tricks and insights into digital marketing strategies if you’re new here please make sure you subscribe and follow me on my social media and hit that bell button so that you get notified every time i post a new video learning digital marketing and starting a digital marketing career isn’t that tough there are just five tips you need to follow to begin your career as a digital marketer number 1 understand digital marketing.. digital marketing in itself means nothing this is actually an umbrella term under which there are several strategies like SEO, SEM, social media marketing Email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing that actually mean something and that actually involve a lot of work now as a digital marketer who is just starting out you do not need to master all of these types of digital marketing i would recommend you to start with one and experiment it, practice it and get better at it and then, move on to the second type the obvious question would be where to start and my number 2 tip for you is to start from content. see digital marketing is all about content whether it be videos whether it be text or graphics so if you want to start as a digital marketer you need to get good at creating content for text content you can start writing a blog have a WordPress blog where you post content in your niche for videos you can start making videos on you tube and for graphics, you can post graphics on instagram, pinterest or even as youtube thumbnails and you can use this tool called canva for creating these graphics or learn Photoshop the second obvious question would be manpreet how do we learn these skills should we go for a course or is there some video series or are there some blogs that can help us out there are a lot of free online resources out there that can teach you digital marketing everything about digital marketing honestly all those courses which say that we’ll teach you something unique and something like that i really do not believe in the effectiveness of those courses in the end it’s always the same thing presented to you in a different manner so i would always suggest you to go with the free online resources there are lots of videos out there there are lot of people digital marketers who make videos online you can follow them. Neil Patel, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Brian Dean all these people make videos regularly and there are blogs like and several digital marketing blogs that you can follow and learn from even then if you need the confidence of having done a course i would say go and pickup a course on something like udemy because there courses are cheaper and they really cover a lot of stuff in a very structured manner if you are planning to buy a course from a particular personality on the internet then make sure you have used their free resources and if they are effective for you if they have been effective for you in learning things and in growing your digital marketing career only then consider the paid choices be very wary of picking up paid courses because most of them are useless number 4 tip i have for you is to experiment and practice there is only so much theory in digital marketing that you can know and learn and you will learn it in a day or two or maximum a week after that it’s all about experimentation and practice and what you learn through it so you can not really just learn digital marketing without doing digital marketing how do we start digital marketing i would say go and start your own website or blog and start writing content there. start creating content there. start promoting it there. once you start that you will learn the nuances of how a website is promoted and how digital marketing happens and you can slowly go on with different strategies or you can even start an online business that is even better because i feel like when it comes to digital marketing blogging still gives you a limited amount of knowledge but when you go and promote a business or start a business and promote it yourself online it teaches you a lot either start a blog or start an online business just for the sake of learning digital marketing if you do not want to do any of these two i would say go on to websites like and and as i already suggested start with content writing gigs and slowly start learning on the side and try to find gigs which would help you gain experience in those sort of things keep in mind the point here is not to earn money the point here is learn. the point here is to practice if i was thinking of earning money when i started out as a digital marketer, i would have never learned what i have learned so far i really got the chance to work on different businesses and learn through it because i was ready to work for little to no money so a lot of people to see digital marketing as this get rich quick scheme but it is really not it is really a profession that takes a lot of effort lot of practice and lot of knowledge so you have to gain that knowledge before you start expecting chunks of money coming in. and my number 5 tip is to be patient you need to be patient and you need to be consistent i remember when I started out as a digital marketer i would read for two hours everyday i would read digital marketing content for 2 hours everyday without missing a day and that helped me immensely honestly i feel like this habit of reading and updating your knowledge for at least 2 hours a day should never be left i have been inconsistent with it now and i really feel something lacking. so i am working very hard to spend two hours a day learning my craft even if i know those things, I would listen to those videos and those courses and read those blogs again or even sometimes read my own blogs because you really need to be a constant learner if you want to be a digital marketer and i do have a video about the skills required in a digital marketer or the skills that make a good digital marketer. Do check out that videos as well i’ll link it down below or in the i button and yes these are my five tips to start your digital marketing career you have to focus on learning first you have to focus on experimentation first and grab the opportunities that allow you to do that you can even go and pitch to a small business or company and say, i’ll work for you for free but just let me work with you and let me work on this and there are trust me there are so.. many companies that would just jump at you that would want to hire you because when it comes to small business the budgets of digital marketing are very low and they are looking for interns and people who could work at less amount of money or maybe, even free in the beginning. and do not think that you’re wasting your time by working for anybody for free it will really teach you a lot it’s just like you are going to college again but without paying those heavy chunks of fees and without those study loans so in the end it benefits you so keep that in a mind and I hope this video helps you out if it does please make sure hit a thumbs up and share this video with your friends who might be interested in digital marketing as a career and yes this is manpreet signing off i’ll be back with another video very soon…..


  1. Hello manpreet, I liked this video and can you make a video on books on marketing recommendation video on book tube channel?

  2. When you talk about own blog which one would you recommend specially for digital marketing wordpress free or org or the blogspot?

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