How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

– Hey, Mark Harbert from here, and in this video, we’re
gonna talk about how to be successful with affiliate marketing and the three things
that you need to consider if you wanna be successful
building a business online. So stick around. (upbeat rock music) All right, well, welcome
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any of my content, all right? So let’s dig in. Let’s talk about affiliate marketing and how to be successful with it. So let’s talk about point number one. (distorted electronic music) All right, point number
one is you’ve gotta have targeted traffic to a targeted offer. So the first thing to
understand is a targeted traffic to a targeted offer. So how do you drive traffic? Well, obviously, there’s a
myriad of ways on how to do that. You can use Facebook. You can use YouTube, Google
AdWords, article marketing. You’ve got solo ads. There is all kinds of
things that you can do to market products and services. I am a huge proponent of
building an email list. If you’re not building an email list, you absolutely should be. It’s one of the number-one
things that you need to do if you’re building a business online. But targeted traffic to a targeted offer. Now, here’s where a lot of
people make a big mistake when it comes to understanding
how to make money online. They a lot of times will
go to these vendors, and they’ll sell you, you
know, 10,000 clicks for $20, and believe me, when I first
started online 10 years ago, I used to do that as well. I’d spend money. I’d have people, you know,
create or send traffic to something, and I got no results. So I’d get a whole bunch of clicks, and nothing would happen. It’s because what that is is junk traffic. There isn’t people that are
actually searching for that. There’s people that
haven’t taken an action on possibly an ad that
you put up on Facebook. You see, when people take an action, when they’re interested in something, that is what we mean by targeted traffic. You know, random traffic,
just people hitting a website, is not targeted, because it
all comes down to user intent. It comes down to the person
and what is their intent when they come to that website. If a person comes to a website
and that have no intent on buying or no intent on
looking at what you’re offering, they are not going to take action. It’s just as simple as that. So once we figure out how
to get targeted traffic via user intent and
understanding the user intent, they get to the page, they see something that strikes their interest
based upon their intent. And the way I do this
typically with user intent is I always like to put my mind, my head in the mind of my prospect. That is my number-one thing. I wanna get my head into theirs. What are they doing? When they go on Facebook,
what are they doing? They’re scrolling their news feed. I know that I can target
people on Facebook based upon interest, and
if they have an interest, then I’ve gotta do something
that grabs their attention and gets them to, you know, take a look at what it is that I’m offering. That means I’m grabbing them. I’ve created a user intent on Facebook. They go their to take
a look at what I have. That is targeted traffic
to a targeted offer. So, very, very important. Just traffic alone is not going to do it. You’ve gotta really drill
down, get into the mind of your prospect, figure out
what it is that they want, what do they desire, and
put it in front of them. I’ve seen people where they’ve
actually sent 10,000 hits to a link, and they get maybe
five or six email opt-ins. But, I’ve seen people send
500 hits to a website, and they get 200 or 300
opt-ins to their list, or they are, you know, the
reason they’re getting that is because they understand user intent. They understand targeted
traffic to a targeted offer, and it makes all of the
difference in the world. So, this is the very first point that you wanna understand when it comes to how to be successful
with affiliate marketing. (distorted electronic music) All right, so let’s talk
about point number two. Point number two is
you’ve gotta understand, this is gonna take work. You know, earlier, I talked
about how I saw this comment on a YouTube video, and
this person was really kind of upset, in a way. They were upset that
they actually had to put some effort into it, and
it was pretty obvious, just by the way that
the comment was phrased. But here’s the thing. Nothing in life is free,
period, end of story. If you want something,
you’ve gotta work for it. Creating content, putting
value out into the marketplace, is something you’re gonna have to do if you want to create
a successful business. I don’t care if you’re
in network marketing, affiliate marketing,
direct sales, top tier. You know, whatever it
is that you’re doing, you’ve gotta put effort
and work into it, okay? So if you wanna be successful
with affiliate marketing, you’ve gotta understand, this takes work. You may not make money the first six months you’re in business. Does that mean it’s a scam? Absolutely not, okay? So you’ve gotta be in the right mindset, understand that this is
gonna take work to do, and put a plan in place to go
out and actually achieve it. So, this is a very, very
important point to understand if you wanna be successful
with affiliate marketing. (distorted electronic music) All right, so point number three, and it kind of ties into point number two, but understand, there is no magic pill when it comes to affiliate marketing. There’s no magic pill. You see, one of the things
that we get sucked into, and believe me, I’ve been sucked into many of these offers before, is
understanding that there’s this magic ingredient that
helps people to be successful. I’ll tell you, it takes
hard work, dedication, and a desire to go out there
and achieve something great, and so you have to understand
that there’s no magic pill when it comes to being successful
with affiliate marketing. There is no magic pill. So my suggestion is to build a list. That’s the one thing that you
really, really need to do, (mouse clicks) because if you build in a
list of interested people on a particular niche or topic, any time you have offers,
you can re-email them. If you’re doing Facebook marketing, you can use Facebook Messenger to do that through Messenger bot marketing. There’s all different
kinds of ways to do it, but the truth and the reality of it is is that if you truly wanna succeed, if you truly wanna be successful
with affiliate marketing, then you’ve gotta understand,
there’s no magic pill. It takes investing in you, and it takes investing in
your skills to learn it. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and about six of it have been full-time. So I understand what it
takes to be successful with affiliate marketing,
and I know that you wanna be as well, no matter what your
business model is, all right? So, I hope you got some value out of this. If you did, don’t forget
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  1. Great vid Mark on how to succeed with Affiliate Marketing! Been watching your vids for years and they keep getting better! I guess it would be weird if they didn't lol

  2. Loved this video Mark. You really broke down affiliate marketing how a newbie with no experience can get started and get results. Appreciate you 🙂

  3. Too many people get into affiliate marketing with the goal of passive income. It certainly is possible, however, you need to do the correct work up-front. I might make a video on this topic too.

  4. Mark thanks for the Tips on getting targeted traffic, finding the people looking for what you have to offer

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