How to Talk About Yourself Without Bragging

How to Talk About Yourself Without Bragging

– Did your mama teach you not to brag? Do you struggle conveying
your value to the world? In today’s video, I’m
gonna share with you how to talk about yourself without bragging. Check it out! We all know people that
constantly talk about themselves. And we wall go… (gags) a little bit whenever they do. Look at me, I’m amazing. (gags) Let me count the ways
that I’ve been successful. One, two, three. (gags) I won the national pine cone award! I’m gonna frame this! But let’s be real. Marketing means you’ve got to
learn to talk about yourself. So how can you do it without
coming off as self-centered and braggadocious? (gags) There’s a way. Let me show you how. Tom Fishburne said, “The best marketing “doesn’t feel like marketing.” Let me share a story with you. – Michael Stelzner from
Social Media Examiner. – Back when I started
Social Media Examiner, I knew literally nothing
about social media. But I interviewed all the top
marketers and I learned a lot. – And I’m joined today by Scott Monty, head of social media
for Ford Motor Company. Scott, how you doing today? – I’m doing great Mike. – I took that knowledge that I learned and I made blog posts, YouTube
videos, podcast episodes, all about the amazing wisdom
that was inside their brain. First thousands and eventually millions of marketers began following. Eventually, those very marketers
that I interviewed began to refer to me as one of
the leaders of the industry. While I was reluctant
to accept that title, it helped my business enormously. (upbeat music) Ira Glass, from This American Life, says, “Great stories happen to
those who can tell them.” Your solution to not bragging is to tell a great story. Why? Because everyone loves stories. It draws them in. Seth Godin said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you
make, but about the stories that you tell.” Let’s talk about how to tell a good story. Step one, admit your imperfections. With my story, I said I
knew absolutely nothing about social media when
I started this company. For your story, what is
the problem that you faced in the very beginning. Sew it into part of your story. Second, discuss what you
did to overcome the problem. In my case, I interviewed all
the top experts in the world. They taught me what I needed to know. Step three, what happened
when you overcame it? In this part of your
story, you need to talk about the outcome as you
overcame the problem. I became the reluctant leader. Many people started listening
to what I had to say. Along the way, you’re
planting little seeds. And those little seeds
contain some of your things that you have achieved. The things that others
might think are bragging. The things that by themselves
absolutely are bragging. For example, in my story, top marketers, millions of people, the reluctant leader. Those were all sewn into the
story, but they were done in a way that doesn’t
come across as bragging. Let’s reverse engineer your
story following these steps. Number one, what achievement
do you want to convey? In my case, maybe it’s 20
million downloads on my podcast. Number two, what story do you want to tell that led to that achievement? In my case, I was coached
by Cliff Ravenscraft. And it took me years to get here. And I was blessed by every single person along the way who listened. Number three, add some
valuable lessons along the way. It was really hard for me to consistently record the
podcast every single week, week after week. So I eventually hired a company
to help me edit the podcast. That allowed me to do what I do best. Which is to interview my guests. And then you sew all these
things together into a story. Seven years ago, if you
told me I’d be here, I would have laughed at you. It all started with my coach, Cliff. Dot, dot, dot. What’s your story? Who needs to hear it? And the most important question is, what are you waiting for? In my next video, I’m
going to talk about how to earn the trust of others. And you’re gonna wanna check it out… Here. (laughs) I got my signals crossed.
– [Man Off Camera] That works. – Okay, okay.
– That could be a good–


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  2. Is it because my name is Michael too? I just love this guy! …. Michael Stelzner has been a great inspiration to me. Now watching this video and hear him mention his humble beginnings, teaches me a great lesson.

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  4. I love it Michael it made me laugh and listen. How young you looked when interviewing Scott and Chris (when Twitter was new and so much different I could chat with them) Boy, has Chris changed! This was a wonderful video and thank you for doing it.

  5. Loved this video and I really like this style of video. One question, at the end you have a coming soon highlight. Is that something that is burned into the video which you later overlay a YouTube end card?

  6. I love seeing Michael making videos! I'm enjoying his latest videos! I needed to hear this one about talking about me. Thanks, Mike!

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