How to Tell If an Email Has Been Read

How to Tell If an Email Has Been Read

Hey friends! Welcome back to my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for all kinds
of tech tips, social tips, and app reviews. Today, I’m sharing my secret weapon to see
if an email in Gmail has been read. Come on, let’s get after it! My secret weapon is… Boomerang for Gmail! If that sounds familiar, that’s because
it is and you can see my overview of other amazing Boomerang features by clicking here! So if for some reason, you haven’t installed
Boomerang for Gmail yet, head to and hit that big read button! Once it’s installed, when you compose an
email, you’ll see a little mail icon with a question mark. Just click that icon and you’ll see you’ve
requested a read reciept and that the recipient has the option to opt out, but honestly, the
chances are the recipient isn’t even reading that because it’s positioned under your
email signature. You’ll have to hit that icon each time you’re
composing an email. So, I noticed about a 10 minute delay, but
once your email has opened, you’ll get an email receipt. Open that email receipt and click on ‘manage
messages page’. Then click on the details of the email and
you’ll see how many times it was opened and when it was opened. Well you know the drill, subscribe, like,
share, comment, all that good stuff! Thank you so much for watching and see you
next time.


  1. please say me that how to see the message sent from somebody to my email address how to see that message and verify that please make a vedio on that please

  2. Tasia, I clicked on it, requested the read receipt and nothing comes into my inbox after the email was opened by the recipient. I'm de-installing Boomerang, it simply does not work!

  3. DONT download Boomerang, it doesn't work as explained in the video! Nothing happens at all, unless the "ten minute delay" she mentions is a 3 hour delay you will not get any message in your email after the message is opened by the recipient!

  4. Great tool….but what if I have a group email to send out. I can't see who opened the email individually can I?

  5. Is that for the mail which already send with out using that boomerang.
    Please reply
    As I saw in the other comments you didn't give reply to them.

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