How To Use An Automated Email Sender

How To Use An Automated Email Sender

Over 700 emails sent automatically each day for 4 days. How did I do it? Let me show you right now. Today I want to show you how to use an automated email sender (aka an email autoresponder) to collect emails, send them automatically, and follow up to close the sale. So what do you need to begin? First, you need an email autoresponder software.. and second, you need a funnel builder or landing page software. If you’re somewhat good with computers, I would suggest Builderall… save a few bucks… — Link in the description below — Otherwise, I suggest ClickFunnels Etison suite, for those who require a bit more user-friendly platform. — Link in the description below — Let me know which one of those people you are in the comments below #TECHIE or #GREEN ….. and before we begin, make sure you go and hit that subscribe button and a little bell icon so you don’t miss any more videos like this. First, I want to walk you through my email marketing blueprint. If you see here, I have it in reverse to most blueprints that you’ll see. The reason why I do it this way, (especially for people who are new) is because it’s easier to build it backwards. Ok, so from your buy page or your sales page, (this is the page where the person actually buys the thing that you want them to buy)… You have to think about what your message is on that page? Then you want to think about how the last email that you sent them is directly related to that page. Here you’ll see I’ve got 4 different emails and reason why I’m not going to do a hard sell in the 1st email is because most people who are coming into your email lists, are gonna need a little bit of warming up before they’re ready to buy. So just ignore these lines here. Technically, you’ll always have a link to go back to your buy page…. But essentially what I would suggest for you to do is work your way up to email 4 and then hit them with the sale. So email #1 will be directly connected to your opt-in, Okay? And the opt-in is obviously where they opt in to get the emails from you. Usually you will give them something for free like: “hey download my free pdf about ______” and then email #1… typically, you’re delivering that free thing. Email #2 is giving a little bit more value. So for example; “Hey, remember that thing that I sent you yesterday? If you didn’t already go through all the steps, I would highly recommend to go through step #2 where you set up XXX or you perform X tasks”… and then email #3; “Hey, now that you’ve got all of your things done from email 1, Here’s another little bonus that I put together for you.” This could be another PDF. It could be a video. Or it could just be an email that has more free information and then email number 4 will be: “Hey, as you can see here, I’ve had a lot of success in this particular niche so I would recommend that you head over to this page, buy this thing.” Your sales copy, (if you’re not really too sure how to write it) I recommend to grab a copy of FunnelScripts (LINK BELOW) which will help you build all that sales copy. I’ll put a link in the description below. And that’s pretty much it. So why don’t we get started building out this structure? Alright, so here I am inside my automated email sender software (aka email autoresponder software). And first before we create the opt-in page, we need to have a list so that we can opt people into it, right? So I’m gonna go here and create a new list and I’m just gonna call it “YouTube Example list”. Now you can do a single opt-in or double opt-in. Double opt-in is basically, when they give you the email, they hit submit and then you say “hey please check your inbox and hit confirm that you want to be subscribed”. A single opt-in, they just put their email in and then they are automatically added. I like the single opt-in because there’s less friction to get them on the list. But you know, double opt-in, you’re gonna know for sure that you have highly qualified and responsive leads. So let’s just finish that up and I’m just gonna have an email only field. Perfect! Yeah, that’s fine we can worry about the Thank You page later. Cool, so that’s created. Now, I’m gonna jump quickly into my opt-in page slash funnel builder software. So in this example I’m using the Builderall software and it’s the one that I think is a little bit more suitable for people who you know are good with computers and are willing to watch tutorial videos to figure things out. If you’re really green and you need a super user-friendly interface, then I would recommend ClickFunnels. It’s a little bit easier as far as user interface goes. But then again, if you’re brand new to all of this, either one of them are probably gonna be a little bit difficult for you. Just be open to watching tutorials and learning. So I’m just gonna go ahead and create a new website here. Which is basically just a new web “page” and I’m just gonna hit a blank one cuz I’m gonna put all the stuff on it. Let’s just go with this guy. Right on. So now, we’re probably gonna need a headline. So let’s put a headline in there. “How to create a sweet opt-in page” Okay, and by the way, hitting the plus button lets you add stuff… and then I’m gonna add in my email form. I’m just gonna grab one of these guys. All right, and then all I gotta do is right-click on this guy. Configure. (Whoops looks like I got a save first. Just give me a sec) All right, now that I’m saved… Just “configure” and I’m using MailingBoss (so select MailingBoss). That’s where I set up my list. And I’m gonna use my “YouTube example list”. Boom that’s it. So now my opt-in page is all set up. So as soon as they put their email in here and they hit the button, they’ll be subscribed to my email list. So now if I go back to my my MailingBoss or my “automated email sender” (Autoresponder). I’m going to create a campaign and the campaign is what’s going to send automatically (depending on what frequency I set). So I’m gonna choose email sequence, and then I’m going to create a new one and I’ll just call it “YouTube example sequence”. And I’m gonna choose my list “YouTube example list”. and I’m just gonna send it to future subscribers. So anyone that subscribes, they’re gonna get this. Alright, so here we go, now if I look here… Where the little clock is, and I click on that…. It’s gonna say “send to future subscribers only”. Activate it when? “immediately after they subscribe” and How long after they subscribe? So like I said, your first email is likely gonna be that thing that you promised them for free. So you want to send it straight away. So we’ll just save this. This is gonna be like “Hey, here’s that free thing I promised you” and then you’ll put your copy down below. Alright, so “here’s that free thing I promised you” (that’s gonna be the subject line) and then I just made this up off the top my head: “Hey, thanks for your interest in my free thing, grab yours by clicking here.” (And then I would put in my link) You can you can have it directly in the email, or you can link to it. Usually I just link it to like my drive or something like that. And away you go. “Tomorrow I’ll send you a cool bonus. So watch out for that email” Okay, so it’s gonna refer to email #2. And I like to just keep it short and simple. And then I would just hit “activate” and then that would start sending straight away. As soon as someone subscribes, they’re gonna get that. Okay, so let’s add the second one. (And you just keep on building on that sequence that we talked about in that map) All right, so this is email number two. So email numbered two…. I mean obviously don’t put “email number two”… They’re not gonna open that well, maybe they will ….but usually that doens’t convert very well. You want to think about if you were to receive this email…. And the subject line said, “_____” would you click on that? Would you open that? So that’s something you have to keep in the back of your mind when you’re creating this kind of thing. What I’m writing here is just for example sake. I strongly urge you to either hire a copywriter, or really sit down and plan out your your sales copy. Or again, if you want something a little bit easier, you can go and grab FunnelScripts and that will help you generate your sales copy for things like this. And so on your second email…. I told them in the previous email, “Hey watch out for this the next day”… So I’m gonna make sure that I change this to send one day after they subscribe. And then you just repeat that for email three and four. Okay, so then you should have a total of at least four emails (like we talked about). My theory, (and if you do some research a lot of online marketers do this as well) it’s called the jab, jab, jab, hook theory. Which is jab, jab, jab, three times… You’re jabbing at them by giving them value value value. And then on the hook, you’re giving them the sales hook. Right. So for example “if this helped you out, I’ve got this awesome course and that will really skyrocket your business”. If you want a little bit more in depth tutorial (on email marketing) I’ll actually put a link up here to my email follow-up tutorial and in that, we’ll go through in more detail, exactly how to set up this sequence. And so now that you know how to use an automated email sender (aka autoresponder), Hit the like button and please share it if you found it useful. If you want to learn SEO to get more subscribers and leads, grab my free SEO checklist in the description below. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see on the next vid


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