How To Use Mailchimp | Full Tutorial

How To Use Mailchimp | Full Tutorial

Hi there! My name is Ferdy Kopershoek for WordPressKing,
and in this video I will show you everything I know about MailChimp. What is MailChimp? MailChimp is an online tool which helps you
to create your own email list, add subscribers to that email list, and send email to that
email list. in this video I will show you how to sign
up for MailChimp, how to create an email list, how to adjust your confirmation and welcome
emails and pages, how to add subscribers by different kinds of signup forms and plugins,
how to create a template for the emails you want to send to your list, how to set up an
email campaign and how to check your reports. So let’s get started. So let’s go to, here I can sign
up for free. press this button, here you have to choose
your email, [email protected], my username will me and this is my password,
and then I have to create my account we have to activate your account, you can do that
at the email address you see over here. I’ll do that at [email protected], and
here I see the activator MailChimp account. I click on it, show the images, scroll down
and activate my account. I am now robot, confirmed sign up. Now we have to fill in some more information. your first name, last name, your email address
is there already, about your organization, how many people are in your organization,
how old is your organization, do you have an email list to import into MailChimp, maybe
you come from another email marketing tool and you want to import. It in my case, No. are you setting this up
for a client, No. some information about your company, your website URL, you have to fill
in your address. Scroll down, your industry you can select
here what kind of industry you are in. so you can select over here, here you can
fill in your time zone. And a profile picture, not necessary but you
can upload photo if you want to. I’ll do it. Subscribe me to MailChimp, no thank you, and
save and get started, and here’s the dashboard of your MailChimp account. We need to make a list so go over here and
create a list. It’s as you have no list, so go over here
and create your first list. We need to fill in the list name, this is
the name people will see when they receive an email from you so I say WordPressKing News
Letter and it’s from the email [email protected], and if people reply, they reply to this email. The name from what comes, WordPressKing in
my case, your company or your own name. Remind people how to sign up to your list. You signed up for this list at,
scroll down the contact information for this list I keep it like this. I scroll down and what I do in the beginning,
here you can get notifications, daily summary of everything that happens, one by one if
somebody subscribes, or one by one if somebody unsubscribes. I click this one for now, because I like it,
I like getting a new subscriber, it gives a good feeling, but after a while I should
place this one, and if you are getting tons of subscribers a day, then you can uncheck
them all. I keep this one checked, save it. So we’ve made our first list. Here’s a new overview, you can manage your
subscribers, and you can add subscribers, make signup forms or add some settings. I want to start with adjusting some settings. So I go to settings, listening and defaults. I scroll down, and I want to send a final
welcome email. so when somebody signs up, they get a confirmation
email and they have to confirm it, and when they have confirmed I want to send them a
welcome email saying hi, great to have you in my list, something like that. If you want to send an unsubscribe confirmation
to subscriber like, hey I’m sorry to see you go, you can check this on I leave it off. So that’s it for now, save list. OK, let’s go to sign up forms. We’re going to change some information in
our general forms. So go to general forms, select it, and here
we have a list with all kinds of forms and pages that people will see when they subscribe
to your list. So for instance let’s go to the sign up thank
you page, this is the page people come when they sign up to your account, and we can adjust
it. So for instance I can edit this, I can say
I want to import a logo. So I remove the text and click here, file
manager, browse, and I want to import this logo. I open it, I want to make it smaller of course,
like four hundreds wide, and then save and insert. Save and close, and here’s my logo. It’s here at the left, I want to edit it,
and click on this icon so it goes to the center like this, and then here you can edit the
information. What I like to do personally, I scroll up
and here it says, instead of showing this thank you page send subscribers to another
URL. So if I go to, that’s my
website, I login and I create a new page. I can call it thank you, and publish it. View page, and here it is. Let’s copy this link, and then save. You can do it or you can just change this
one, whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. Then we go to another page, we go to the opt-in
confirmation email. This is what people get when they subscribe. here it is already, WordPressKing, please
confirm your subscription, edit and here you can also say whatever you want, ‘thank you
for subscribing to our newsletter’, save and when people have confirmed you can go to the
confirmation thank you page. This is the page people will go to when they
have confirmed, and they can change the text over here. Or you can again create your own link and
paste it over here. If you have promised people an e-book or something
else by subscribing they go to this text, and edit it, and you can type, ‘as promised
here is that e-book you can download for free. Download it here’, you select this, go to
this icon and say, file, you upload a file and select the e-book, and insert
it over here. you see it comes as a link, so press ctrl
or command X to cut it, select this text again, click here, and place the code, insert, save
and close. now when people are confirmed, they get this
email with the download link to the e-book, so that’s a way to attract people to your
list by giving them free stuff like an e-book or a special video. One optional thing you can do, go to settings,
this is for if you have Google analytics, go to Google analytics on archive, list pages,
you can pay for tracking code over here. go to Google analytics, click here, log in,
go to the fourth one, search for with the property tracking info click their
tracking code, and then I need this code, and copy this one, and I paste it here and
now I can get more tracking information, but it’s not necessary. What we will do now, we will change the sign
up form. So go to sign up forms, general forms, and
here we have the sign up form. We scroll down, and this is how it looks like. We added the logo, we can add a message here,
for instance sign up and receive our free e-book. But what I want to do, I want to change the
sign up form, email address is ok, first name and last name, and I want to remove the last
name. So I click on last name, press the minus and
then I have to confirm it by typing delete. Yes, and this one, I want to change. So I click on it and then here I can change
all kinds of things. Actually I want to make it a name, full name. And the name is, name. Scroll down, save field, now we have email
address and name. I want to change them, I want it to be name
and email address. If you want to change this title, scroll up,
go to translate it, scroll down, you can choose language and you can go to subscribe to list,
subscribe now, save it. Now you see it is subscribe now. If you want to change the colors, design it,
go to forms button, and here you can change the color background. I like this one. Scroll down, here it is. That’s it, I go back to build it, and here
is my form, name and the email address. You can protect your sign up with a Re-captcha
like this, should have to fill in the code to check if they’re human, but I don’t like
this. Just name and email address. If you want to use this form, you can click
on this URL, place it, people can sign up. So if you want to place something on Facebook,
just use this link and it will work. Let’s check it, subscribe now, and then
I will be sent to my thank-you page probably, yes that’s how it works. At this moment, I get an email so I go to
my Hotmail. Here it is, WordPressKing Newsletter, please
confirm subscription, I click on it. Same color here, yes subscribe me to this
list. What do I see, my subscription is confirmed
and I can download my e-book here, that’s it. Continue to your website which is
in my case, that’s how it works. I also got a new email, so we go to that one,
and here it says your subscription to our list has been confirmed. Great. If you want to place e-book here also, just
go here. Go to this list, final welcome email, and
here I can place the link. ‘Here is your e-book’,
and place a link over here, save and close and then you’ll see it over here. So they can get it on the web page and in
your email. That’s how it works. Right now we have one subscriber in our list,
so go to lists and I dismiss this, WordPressKing Newsletter, one subscriber. This is me, I’ll delete it for now, delete,
delete, yes. So I go to lists again and now it says zero
subscribers. In order to add new subscribers click on WordPressKing
Newsletter, and we can import them or we can add a subscriber manually. Add a subscriber, place his name, Ferdinand,
email address [email protected], they gave me permission, and subscribe. The second way of importing subscribers is
by importing subscribers. You can do it by a CSV file or .txt file,
copying paste and some integrated services. I’m going to choose CSV file. I have an Excel file over here. You need to have the exact name, email address,
and first name, last name, or whatever titles you have in your sign-up form. You need them here at the top, the order doesn’t
matter from left to right but you need to have one email address on every row and the
other information next to it. I need to save it to my desktop as a CSV file,
save it, continue to close this one, and click here in MailChimp on next. I have to upload it so I browse to my desktop,
and it needs to be the CSV file. I open it, and I understand that my billing
plan maybe automatically upgraded. MailChimp is free between 0 and 2000 subscribers,
after that it costs money. But for now as long as at least it’s not bigger
than 2,000 people you don’t have to worry about this. Click on next, the first column is my email
address and the second column is a name, save it. So here are my email addresses, and here my
name, next, they are all subscribed and auto updated. I can replace some other email addresses I
already have. Import, and now I have 5 subscribers, email
address is this and name is this, so it works fine. And another way, but you also can do, you
can copy this and paste it by add subscriber, import subscribers. Copy and paste it, next, and I place it over
here. Next, the first column is my email address
and the second column is name, save it. So here are my email addresses and here my
name. Next, they are all subscribed, and auto updated. I can replace some other email addresses I
already have. Import, and now I have 5 subscribers, email
address is this and name is this, so it works fine. so now we are going to use some sign up forms,
I click on sign up forms and the general one, select, and the first sign up form we already
did, we change logo, we added the logo we put some text here, we edit the name here
and the email address over here which changed the title. if you want to, you can add some other things
like birthday, address, show just click on it, you can add even more, you can add a number,
radio buttons, checkboxes etc. say that if you want to have the phone number of people,
just click on the phone, if you want to add some settings over here you can scroll up,
go to field settings, and change here some stuff. This is what you see the field label. So if I save it, it will change in number. You leave this field like this. Phone format, if it is a required field, you
click on this, email is always required. Name is not. So go back to number, change it back to phone
number, and save the field. Now if we go to this URL, paste it and you
see it has three things. I don’t want a phone number here so I delete
it. Type delete. If you want to change the look of field, go
to design it, background you can change it. You can change the text outer wrapper, and
then you can see the result over here. I changed back to white and leave it like
that, that’s why you can sign up. You can change a lot of things over here. Well, this is the first sign up form you have,
this URL. So if I go to Facebook, I say hey, paste this
and I say, ‘please subscribe to my newsletter’, I place it, people click here then they come
here on this page. So this option is great when you want to have
an external sign up form. The next one, go to sign up forms, scroll
down and go to embedded forms. Embedded forms are forms that are embedded
into your website. so here’s a form, name and email address,
subscribe and then here you see the code, if I click once, I select everything, I say
copy, go to my website, I go to the back-end of my website, I go to posts and I choose
one, if I want to I can place it below this and you see it needs to be in the text tab,
press ENTER twice, place the code, updated it. Let me take a look, below you see subscribe. You see this astrix overhere is not looking
that good. I have another tutorial, and there I show
you how you can make this even a better form. Like for instance this is the one I made today,
you see the text. Within it you see the astrix when the field
is necessary. You can click over here to see that video. For now I’ll leave it at this. I can also place it in widget, so I go to
appearance, widgets, I scroll down and search for text, I click on it select footer one,
add widget and I paste the code over here, I save it. I have refreshed the page, I scroll down and
here I see it. It doesn’t look that good, I’ll show you a
little bit of coding but not too much, I don’t want to make it too complicated. Here in the top you can choose a background. So you can also make the background a little
bit darker, like 000 which means black. Also this stuff you can see in the tutorial
over here, save it. I will show you better ways to make, to style
your form. So refresh it, and now it’s dark, still good
but this is in the other tutorial. I will show you even better plugins for using
MailChimp. so I delete this for now, I go back here,
you even can copy some other stuff like the super slim version or the naked one which
means no styling at all or advanced with custom CSS, but that’s totally up to you, and here
you can add some things. So if I go to the super slim one, you can
change some settings over here, and you can copy and paste the code wherever you want
in your website. OK, let’s go back to sign up forms, and you
have a subscriber pop up. I will show you, it’s something like this. You can add a field and you can change the
layout, place your logo here, stuff like this, quite nice. Here you can take a look at a preview and
this out looks close, but I don’t use this one. I use WordPress plugins for this, so I save
it and exit. I close this one and I go to WordPress. I go at the back-end to plugins. I will add a new one over here, and I will
search for opt-in forms. This one my Boards Bo, install now. Activate the plug-in, opt-in forms and we
have to link this one with MailChimp. Our email solution is MailChimp, so I click
on MailChimp, and our form action URL, you can find it over here. Go to MailChimp, embedded forms, and go to
the naked one, and then here form action is this one. Unfortunately when you want to select this,
you select everything. So you need to copy this, go to a simple text
editor, paste it, scroll up and go to form action and select it over here until the end. Copy this one, close it, and paste it over
here. What you need to do, go back to the beginning,
I need to add HTTP like this, now you can save it. So that’s done, now we need to go to the form
tab, and we can choose our design. your name, email address, if you want a different
look of field, you can do the second one, only email address, the third one, the fourth
one and the fifth one. I like this one, I scroll down and now we’re
going to change some things here. It’s now your form, background color maybe
this one, I can change text, ‘subscribe to our newsletter’, probably it’s now on two
lines so I change this to 16, and I want to change this color to this color. You can change the text, I leave that up to
you. Your name, your email, that’s the input
field over here, your name, your email. I bring this up a little bit, so I scroll
down, bring this up to white, like this you can see the results immediately and just make
the subscribe button, ‘subscribe now’, you can change the button text, button font, size. Form options you can hide the title, hide
subtitles. I leave it like this. You can open the submission in new form, and
you can choose where you want this to be placed in your website. After the first paragraph of a post or after
the second or after post, I like to leave it after the post, and on pages you can exclude
some pages, you can place it wherever you want by using this code, and save the change. So if I go to my website, I go to tutorials,
you see below the page is this. If I go to a certain tutorial, I see it is
below here. It looks great in my opinion. let’s try it, my name is Ferdinand, my email
address is, I delete all my subscribers for now, and I say this, subscribe now and I go
to thank you page, I go to my email, and here it is, WordPressKing Newsletter, please confirm. Click here, yes. Subscribe me to list again, I go to this page
so I can download the e-book, continue to the website and I get another email. That’s how it works, that’s great for now,
let’s add another plugin. I really like this one, it’s called Chimp
Mate. So add a new one, search for Chimp Mate, press
ENTER and here it is. Install now, I have to say it is a light version
of Chimp Mate, there are still a lot of options. If you want even more options you can decide
later, then go to, go to themes, plugins, and then here you can find
it. More details, here you can buy it. But for now we’re going to use light version
which still has a lot of options. Activate it, and here you can go to the settings
and there are a lot of options. first you need an API key, so go back to MailChimp,
go to your account, over here account extras, API Keys, generate a key, create a key, scroll
down, copy this and got to Chimp Mate and paste it, and then you have to say get list. it’s working, scroll down, here you can choose
if you want a double opt-in, if you turn it off then somebody’s immediately subscribe
when they fill in the sign up form. I leave this, what it is, and I go to the
lightbox, this is what I want to use. Here’s a lightbox, I enable it, and I’ll
select the forum which is ‘form one’. I select a theme, and I can see what kind
of theme it is over here. I like it, it’s dark, and I like it very
much. You can choose also another one if you want
to, and they can take a look at the preview that. Like Aleo. so here you can change a lot of
things, ‘subscribe to our newsletter, this is the title, I can make it bigger or smaller,
‘if you want to stay up to date with our latest news, please subscribe’, scroll down, personalize
inbox, you can change the font color and the background color. It’s really nice. join us, I’ll say, ‘subscribe now, if I want
to see how it looks, I scroll, up I click on the preview, ‘subscribe to our
newsletter if you want to stay up to date’, ‘up to date with the latest news please subscribe’,
your name, email address, subscribe now. So here it is. Behavior is interesting, it appears after
one second of inactivity, and when you’re fifty percent down of scrolling the page and
it repairs after one day of using a cookie. So update the options. We need to check a few things in general. so go back to general, scroll up make sure
your form one is selected, and the list is your list in MailChimp, and scroll down, and
here you can select which link you want to use, I use this one,
you, I don’t want to open it in a new tab. some browsers can block it. So everything is great, I have to update the
options. So let’s take a look at WordPressKing and
see what happens. I keep scrolling with my mouse, I keep moving
with my mouse. I scroll down and here it is, ‘subscribe to
our newsletter if you want to stay up to date’, oops. With our latest news please subscribe, email
address and you can subscribe. It says subscribe now, you see now is not
over here within the buttons, I will change that and I can use my email address. Because it’s the light version, you can only
use one form, which is the email address. If you upgrade to the pro version of from
nineteen dollars, you can do whatever you want, you can make a bigger form. I close it, you can also watch it over. This is the slider, so if you go back here
you can change the settings in the slider. Let’s go to the light box, and scroll down
and remove that now, and I can go to the slider and change the text over here. I’ll leave that up to you. So that’s how it works. If you know a better opt-in form plugin for
WordPress which is free please let us know in the comments, because we want to keep as
much as possible for free. So now we know this works, let’s go back to
the next step. We are going to create a template. So go to templates and click on create template. What you see is an overview of all kinds of
templates you can use for making an email. Take a look at the overview and if you like
something you can select it. I’ll keep it clean and use this one, select. Here we can set up a template for our campaigns. So if we drag a logo here and the title here,
then we don’t have to do it every time, we can use this template. So I’m going to change something, it’s very
easy. If I want something here, I just drag it over
here. That’s how easy it is and then I can change
it. If on image, I drag it over here. I’m going to edit this template now. So I click here above, and click on this icon,
I can change this information. You have to change, if you don’t change it
MailChimp will tell you, you have to change it. So I say this is the newsletter of,
save and close. Field is in your browser, it’s always there,
an image. I want my logo here, so I browse and I upload
this logo again. Select it like this. Beautiful, I will remove this one and I delete
it. I remove this, I can place an image here,
I delete it, and this is interesting, let me see. I click on the pencil, here you can put some
text. I’ll place Twitter, so Twitter, plain text
WordpressKing. You can put the text over here if you want
to. Facebook and paste Facebook, and my website. You can add another service if you have one,
email, [email protected], email, another service, RSS. You can select here. I have YouTube account, so I search for YouTube. Here it is, go to YouTube, my channel, copy
this and paste it over here, and actually I want to drag this up, so I want to have
Facebook above, you see changing over here real time so it’s great. I think it’s okay like this. So I save it and I close it. What is this, I click over here, you see quite
some information, and it’s a lot of code. If you want to see what it’s saying here,
then you can click on preview and test. enter preview mode so the newsletter WordPressKing,
it you are using only your browser, the WordPressKing logo, and here are the social media icons,
and you see on the phone you will only see four in a row, so I will delete my email I
guess, and you still don’t see what it’s saying here. No problem at all. I close it and save it as I close it. I will make a, I can draw blocks over here. I will save this one, I’ll save it and exit,
and call this one WordPressKing Newsletter template, save it and here it is. Ok, we are going to create our first campaign. So click on campaigns, and there are few types
of campaigns. We are going to create a new one, a regular
one, plain text campaign, AB testing camping, RSS campaign, and inbox inspection. I’m going to work with two campaigns, the
regular one and the RSS. Let’s start with the regular campaign. I click on it, I want to send it to my entire
list, click on next, and the name of my campaign is the name I want to give it. It’s only for my personal use, so I call
this 2016-01, a new Enfold tutorial. Here’s the email subject. this is the subject people will see when they
get your email, a brand-new were WordPress Tutorial with the Enfold theme. From WordPressKing and from the email address
[email protected] Scroll down, if you have analytics, check
it on. Title for our campaign and scroll down, and
out of convert video is a great option if you place a YouTube video in it, it will be
shown in the email also by saying next. I go to save templates, and here is the template
we made, I select it, and now if we want to know what it says, we can preview this one. enter preview mode, and here you see Copyright
2016, WordPressKing, All Rights Reserved, you sign up for this list at,
our address, add us to your address book and this is mandatory. So that’s it, remove it, I’m ok with the
text, so let’s go to content, scroll down, and I want to add a text. So I use some [inaudible] text. What I can do now, I can add an image, upload
it myself. I open it, I make it a little bit smaller,
250. No link open in new window, no. Style options, I want to align it at the right,
and I can do some margin too and save and insert. So now it’s aligned at the right, so if we
have more text, you see it’s going over here at the right. A little padding over here, I can make it
bigger. So if I want to make it bigger, I select it,
I go back to the icon of the image, and I say five pixels everywhere. Save and insert. You see the padding is a little bit better
now. If I want the title over here, I click here
and press enter. I go up and I say this is the first newsletter
of WordPressKing. I select it, I give it a heading too, I drag
this down a little bit, so the title is going like this, and then when a text comes my photo
goes to the right. Ok, save and close, I want to add a divider,
padding top, yes 18, I make can make it another color. For instance this one, no background, apply
to all existing divider blocks, so if I put the next one below it will also have the background
and this line color. So I can drag this one over here, here goes
the text. I’ll leave that up to you what you will
type there, if you want to place an image, again I can select this one, say something
about it that I’m just starting this is my first email, save and close, let’s add a video
over here. The title was a new tutorial, so maybe I should
say there’s a new tutorial, add a video URL in the editor. So let’s grow up, and this is the URL that
search for one. I
remove all this stuff, and I want to place this image, that’s great. Here I want to put my text, ‘I made a brand
new video tutorial about making a complete website with WordPress and the N-Fold theme. Check it out now,’ save and close. As you see there are a lot of options, you
can go to the design of the page, change the background to another color, change the heading
colors, the font family, go back, there are a lot of things you can do. So you can play around with it, and I want
to preview this, preview mode, and this is how it looks on the computer. I click the link and I go to the video, I
can click on my YouTube channel I go there, and here is how it looks on the mobile phone. Close this one, I go down to the social media,
I remove email, save it, I want to send it to my email list. So I go to next, I scroll down, it says no
social cards, I don’t want social cards. What I can do now, I can send it immediately
or I can schedule it. So I can say it’s scheduled at 6:00 a.m.
in the morning, but for now actually I want to send it right now. So I say send, prepare for launch, I’ve only
one subscriber so I say send now, high five your campaign is in the sent queue and will
go out shortly. Great. Let’s go to my Hotmail. Here it is from ‘WordPressKing’, ‘a brand
new WordPress tutorial with the N-Folding’, I click here and it says this is the newsletter
from, view this email in your browser if you click on that. You can see it over here, and scroll down,
and see my logo. Hi there, this is the first newsletter of
WordpressKing. Text, picture without a link, scroll down
the divider the image with text. The tutorial, if I click on it I go there,
and below I see the social media icons. Some information, copy right, my address and
update your preferences or unsubscribe. I forgot something to mention. I have here a new campaign. I call this, ‘call you by name’, and what
I see here, I can personalize two field. So I check that and what you see, you can
use it to merge that, to get someone’s name. so if I copy this, and paste to say, ‘Hi there’,
and paste this code, I have no first name in my sign up form, only a name, I remove
the F, so if I write this, and probably in my email box it says, Hi Ferdinand, yeah the
same goes for this. The two field will not be an email address
but a name. So I do it also here and you can do whatever
you want to. You can put a date here, last name, whatever
you want. So these two are not related to each other. So I use this here, I go to the next one,
I use my template, select it, I want to drop a text over here which says, ‘hi name’, that’s
it, I save it and I close it. I go to the next, I’m going to send it right
away, send it to one subscriber, high five, and send it. Great. Let’s go to my Gmail. Gmail, I go to spam, and it says, WordPressKing
5:30, I open it and says 5:30. So you can use merge text to personalize your
emails. We are going to create a new campaign. We can do it over here or we go to campaigns. Create campaign, and select the RSS campaign. An RSS campaign is a really nice. What you can do, if you got a new blog post
on your website that blog post will be sent that to your whole email list if you want
to. So what we need, we need an RSS feed URL. That is the URL where your blog posts are
shown. So I go to, here
you seen over with some tutorials. I copy this link and I paste it over here. When should we send it? Every day they may check it at, let me say,
5:00 p.m. whatever you want. On every day they may send it/ if you only
want to send it through the week, then you can uncheck Saturday and Sunday. I want to check it every day. Resize RSS feed images to fit template, and
then they say next. We’re going to send it to the entire list,
only one person. Click on next, and now we need to give it
a title. It’s for internal use only. I name my campaign RSS feed tutorials, and
you can give it a date and title. I only give it a title, so whatever the title
of my blog is that is the email subject over here. From WordPressKing, from the single address. Use Google analytics again. Also convert video. That’s ok. I click on next, and I have to choose a template
but I have to search for the RSS template. So I scroll down, basic RSS. I select it, I remove this, I get an image,
again WordPressKing, here’s the title, information, and I change this area again, ‘is the latest
tutorial from, save it and close it. It’s all fine, I say next. And it seems that we are ready, start RSS. Yes I want to continue, and we are done. Next one will be sent on January 6th at 5:00
p.m. so if I create a new post, new tutorial, and I place a video here, I go to my videos,
I select this one, press pause, and I want to share it, share, I do it
like this. I added in the text and I place it under word
press tutorials, full website tutorial, and this post will be sent within the hour to
my whole email list. So I have to wait for this, so I will show
you the result. Finally I will show you something about reports
within, MailChimp. This is a client of me. I’m working for the organization. So let’s go to reports, and what do you see
here? You see all the list over here, you can select
the list, or you can select all the list. We see here the amount of emails that are
opened, fifty percent and in the first of january we started something new, and ninety
percent of the people open their email. 32 click on the link in the email, and if
we scroll down, we can see every email. So this is a six-day of a year plan. We have sent the email to 6,500 people, more
than 3,000 people open it, and 759 people click within the mail to link. View you report of this campaign, you see
the amount of recipients, the open rate, people opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribe. A lot more information. What you see, in the 24-hour scale you see
when people open this, is between 7-8. So based on this information you could say
that you want to send your angels at 7 or 6 because then most people read it. The top links click within the email, subscribers
with the most opens, social performance, and here you can see in geographical overview
of where people come from that read your emails. I scroll up, you can click here on other stuff
to get more information. So I go back to reports and what I do, I can
select only this list and then get information about one list only, it works the same. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you liked it. If you did please like it below the video
and if you want more videos like this, you can subscribe. If you have any question, please ask it in
the comments section. I hope to see you next time. Bye, bye!


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