1. hey i want to import several email of an organization from web mail all to gmail platform can i import all 70 of the at once ?

  2. Everytime i come here i just want to like this video again. I always use this video to make sure i'm doing the right thing. thanks again :p

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for this. Just a small question. While i am linking it with my gmail account. Is there a restriction on no of emails out going or incoming into the account, we are planning to use go daddy as the mail server account linking it with gmail. I plan to use the free service of godaddy server for my online portal, which needs to send a lot of Notifications to customers as auto generated emails. Little apprehensive if their are any restrictions on this.
    Thanks in Advance.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this. Quick question please if I may ask. If I have my normal gmail account that I have had for years and now what to link and add my 2 or more work emails to this, and, if they have thousands of emails already in each' history, will gmail retrieve these historical emails, and hold a copy of them so That i can access and refer to them please? Thanks very for your advice! Cheers!

  5. Thank you, I've been trying to figure this out for day and did it first go with your instructions… Legendary work

  6. This is one of the worst teacher I have ever saw.. Whats with the magnified shit..hard to fellow what your saying..

  7. Thank you. its Very Useful… I want to know that if i got email of my web, is it going to use space on email server also or it will use gmail space?

  8. Good video but want to ask can others access the business email without accessing my personal email or will they see both?

  9. Hi man, thank you for the tutorial, but i have little problem i can received but i cannot send, where i did wrong? thanks again

  10. Thank you so much Joaquin! I've been looking for how to do that for quite sometime! you rock! Bro Love to you , man!

  11. Now I have it set up. How can I send email with the new email address from my iPhone. It won't let me send out going now.

  12. Great job man…. really very helpful and please kindly work on SEO that how to get website on top page of google in top ten numbers

  13. Error JavaScript is disabled in your browser. For Webmail to function properly, you must enable JavaScript. If you do not enable JavaScript, certain features in Webmail will not function correctly.
    Your session cookie is invalid. Please log in again. YE PROBLEM AA RAHA HAI GMAIL LOGIIN IN PC PLEASE SOLVE THE PROBLEM AS SOON AS

  14. This is a really excellent video on how to use an email domain with your Gmail. Very clear and step by step. Thanks!

  15. Great video. My only concern is that when I get new emails in the folder that I created, then I don't get any notifications on my phone. Is there a way to enable notifications from specific folders?

  16. The main thing is my third party is using those tho of things when they deliver to me it says incomplete delivery delay notification status failure there was a temporary problem diverting delivering your message Gmail will try in so minutes we will let you know if you it permanently fail

  17. This is great thank you! Can you add more than one email address like this? I have four to add from one domain but different names at the beginning of each email address, Thanks!

  18. Bad tutorial.

    He forgets a main step in the beginning about getting the name server information from cpanel and then doesnt explain it properly when he goes back to it.


    If you want a better tutorial with a better explanation AND where to find the name server information then go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1rSWHciaSo

  19. Very systematic explanation thank you, what software are you using because of which you are in front and in background your display screen is shown? How to do that? Would you please explain how you did that?

  20. Ok I did this…now how do I get my email signatures on both emails. If I send from the gmail account it shows my email signature but when I send from the business account, it has no email signature. How do I fix this?

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  22. It worked! Awesome. I bookmarked your video so that if I ever forget or create a new email, I'll just watch your video again. Thank you.

  23. I have doubt if suppose domain expires, what will happen to your previous mails in gmail which we created using that domain

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  25. Thanks for video info. Do I get to use 15Gb storage that Gmail gives you eventhough hostgator ONLY gives you 4GB of email storage for example?
    Also, what happens if email box gets over 4GB at hostgator server, emails can no longer be stored there any more. Does it affect emails deliverred to Gmail inbox in anyway?? Thanks

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