How To Use Social Media Marketing For Business (Instagram Growth Secrets)

How To Use Social Media Marketing For Business (Instagram Growth Secrets)

Hey Merge I started a business and I need
plans I have no network of business owners right now I am just cold calling
so what do you to suggest for someone who starts a b2b business good question
if you’re cold calling I think you’re wasting your time well your time would
be better spent is if you invested your time and your money into building your
social media platforms and creating content that would answer questions that
came up frequently when it came to your business so for example mergers really
merges first client so at the beginning back up two years ago
we invested all our time and money into building our social media platforms one
when it came to growing our audience and two when it came to creating content
that we could use to answer questions that came up frequently about our
business fast forward two years all of our work now actually has to do with
taking care of our current clients because making sure that existing
relationships last longer is a lot easier than finding new business and the
other side of our time when it comes to finding new clients is actually auditing
the new leads that come in someone call that luck but I think it’s a lot of
preparation and planning and delayed gratification by investing your time
into sending up systems and social media platforms with strong content and social
proof to help bring in new clients and optimize converting the ones that do
come in these inbound leads come from referrals from past or current clients
or from organic viewership from the content that we create on our YouTube or
Instagram I think that’s pretty cool from our own experience social media
helps automate the sales process and build trust simultaneously in the last
three months that we’ve really focused on our YouTube channel we’ve already
brought in a couple leads and one client that we’ve closed which has been amazing
and that proof of concept really shows that we have to continue to make
valuable content on our YouTube channel so if you’ve not already please make
sure you’re subscribed to our youtube channel for our weekly videos so when it
comes to my coffee right I always like to drink it black and I was like to put
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thumbs up button below thank you but when it comes to social
media marketing let’s go through three simple steps that you can start right
now to help propel your business to the next level the first step that I want
you to focus on is figure out where your clients are what platform are they using
the biggest mistake that I see with the companies that I’ve worked with internal
as well as externally if they’re our client is that they try to focus on too
many platforms as once you guys have heard of the phrase of jack of all
trades master of none this is the similar concept you have to figure out
what platform your clients are on and really spend your time focusing on
mastering and learning the language of that social media platform Facebook
Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube all of these different platforms have
different languages you really have to deep dive into the
platform that you want to be on and understand the kind of dialect and the
language that people use in that Stern platform so for example let’s say you’re
on LinkedIn right LinkedIn is mostly for b2b businesses and people are on there
if they’re in a business mindset so the kind of content that you create and the
language you use and the captions or the description have to meet that type of
audience for example like a direct-to-consumer product a b2c
business let’s say it’s a clothing brand that’s focused on e-commerce sales you
want to jump on Instagram and really learn the language of how people
interact their Instagram is a lot more I’d say a lot more tangible of a
platform because you can really interact directly with your client base which is
awesome for a b2c business something that takes a more professional side of
things like a b2b business I would really focus your time on either YouTube
or LinkedIn because those are platforms that you can speak more at length and
more in detail about what exactly you do for other businesses remember this jack
of all trades master of none pick one or two platforms that you really want to
understand and deep dive into spend a lot of time consuming content see what
works see what doesn’t work and then cater to cater it and specialize it to
the kind of content that you want to create for your brand comment below what
social media platform you need to master to help propel your business to the next
level we’re going to pause for a bit because there’s a fire truck in the back once you figure out what platforms your
clients are on you really have to spend time understanding what your demographic
is what are their interests what kind of content could you create that would be
valuable to them I want you to detach yourself from your brand think about it
from a third-person perspective okay let’s say that you started a luxury
streetwear brand what kind of interests around that would be interesting for
your clients so let’s say these are one of our clients I would say you should
make content that revolves around hip-hop culture basketball culture and
high-end luxury fashion museums and pop ups because that I believe would be the
interest of someone who would want to buy a piece of luxury street wear on the
same note you can also bring it back to your own identity and understand what
kind of topics interests you because if you’re starting a luxurious rebrand it
probably happens that the interest that you have is very similar to the interest
that your audience has ironically when you find enjoyment in creating these
kinds of topics creating the content will be a lot easier in the past when
I’ve created a different kinds of content I found that creating content
and speaking about topics that I really care about we’re a lot easier and easier
to sustain over the long term because we’re in this for the long game right
and another common mistake that I see is a lot of people who want to create
content are hesitant to do so because of you know they say I don’t have the right
gear or I’m not sure if I’m an expert in this yet but I think the best way to
learn and get better at creating content is really trying to do it and learning
as you go so for example when I look at our old YouTube videos and we’ve been
really focusing on YouTube for I’d say 3 months now
I see that I do a lot of cuts because in my mind it’s better for my audience to
see when it’s just pieces of value right after another but with that it becomes
kind of robotic and I lose the sense of personalization and really talking to
you and I think that’s just as important as having continuous value but the thing
is I wouldn’t have learned that if I just read and watched and and listened I
had to actually do in XQ create these videos and then analyze what parts that
I could improve myself after you understand where your clientele is what
platforms to focus on what kind of con you want to make then the most important
step step number three is you actually have to sell something the Investor
Center it’s a pretty simple concept right but I see far too frequently
people forget this aspect a lot of people build their audience a lot of
people have millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram combined but they
forget the main reason why they should be using social media if they’re not
purely a creator on YouTube you have to use social media to propel your business
you have to use social media to build whatever projects you’re working on
social media is great but only if you use it as a tool to leverage whatever
you’re working on now when I say you have to sell something I’m not trying to
say you have to be spammy or you have to you know shove your product or service
down someone’s throat what I’m saying is as you build your social media following
as you focus on creating content for your platforms you still have to remind
your audience what it is that you do you don’t have to sell and every single
piece of content that you create and actually I would recommend that you only
sell I’d say 10 to 20 percent of the time when it comes to your content well
you should really focus on is building that trust building your audience
building your social proof but don’t forget to once in a while or did that
right hook and actually sell remind people of what it is that you
actually do and make sure they know where to go they’re looking for your
type of service for example we have a really good friend who lives in Tokyo
right now he’s one of the biggest influencers Asian influencers in Tokyo
he has millions of followers but we had a conversation the other day about how
it is so difficult for him to monetize his audience
besides Adsense Adsense being the money that YouTube pays that creator YouTube
Adsense money is great but that should only be a supplemental piece of income
after your main piece of business over a hundred and three thousand dollars in 30
days for example let’s say merge grows our channel to ten thousand subscribers
I think that our business as a whole will be able to make more money than a
lot of channels that are a million two million because we have a business
outside of YouTube donor your audience and having a large amount of followers
is awesome but you have to understand what proper ways that you can leverage
that towards your actual business so when we had our conversation his
response was but I don’t want to sell out I don’t want to monetize my audience
because then they’ll hate me right so if you’re just creating a t-shirt with your
logo paste song and paste it on it there might be some intrinsic value in it
because they are huge supporters of you but I want you to take the next step and
understand what kind of products or services you can create that will
benefit your user and make their lives better being afraid to sell using social
media is definitely the wrong mindset but you need to be able to pay your rent
and you need to be able to propel your business to the next level
so there comes a fine balance you want to build a strong relationship with your
audience but you also want to have the opportunity to make this creation your
living those that are consuming social media for pleasure or wasting their time
and those that are leveraging social media as a tool to propel their business
or winning personally I don’t use social media for pleasure unless it’s for
sports highlights or funny memes but when I am on social media is for
business purely business and it happens to be a byproduct that I get to help
thousands of people at the same time that’s pretty dope I’m looking at social
media purely from the standpoint of how to automate and systemize our business
period when it comes to automation you have to think about what kind of content
you can create the kind of content that we aim to
is usually answering videos or answering posts or captions we figure out what
kind of questions we get from our audience in our perspective clients and
then we make videos or caption posts that answer directly these kinds of
questions that way when I have conversations with any new client
current client or one of our audience members I can skip all of that fluff and
have detailed conversations about their brand specifically so you really have to
think about that what is your intent about social media marketing what is
that desired outcome you have when it comes to social media marketing are you
just posting of social media to get likes that’s a waste of your time you
really have to focus on the intent in your desired outcome figure out why am i
posting and what benefit will this give my business I actually have some more
rapid-fire tips for you but first I want to review these three steps before we
move on number one figure out where your clients
are on take one or two platforms and master it to figure out the interest of
your client and your potential audience what kind of content could you create
that would give them value and number three you have to sell remind your
audience what exactly it is that you do if you watch this point I’m gonna reward
you with some extra tips and strategies that we implement when it comes to
social media marketing and business in general if you have any questions or
want us to make a fuller video about any of these points please make sure you
comment below which of these points you find interesting so these are unique
ways that we brought in more clients and customers when we first started using
social media marketing so the first tip is to partner with non competitors in
your niche at the beginning we used to partner with large mean pages in the
entrepreneurial space to repost our content and in turn I would give my
business consulting about how they can generate more revenue leveraging their
social media profiles and platforms they would give us shout outs and explain to
their audience what it is that we did and in return I would help them make
more money and save time the second quickfire tip is to go on Craigslist
search jobs write a template email that you can use and under the jobs write
exactly what your agency does explain to them your point and why you are a better
solution than whatever they are looking for tip number three is email marketing
has the highest conversion rate at times as you grow your social media platforms
drive people off of these platforms and generate your email lists even if all
these platforms die email marketing is something that you can hold on to for
the rest of you career ten number four we’ve briefly
talked about this above focus on long-term partnerships when you have the
opportunity to work with amazing clients focus on those clients instead of
focusing on bringing new business out of nowhere for example let’s say it’s a
business you have $2,000 ad spend to acquire new customers keep $1,000
towards marketing to get new customers but spend $1,000 towards retaining and
nurturing the relationships that you already have in business terms that’s
LTV lifetime value of a customer versus the CAC which is the cost of customer
acquisition your LTV can many times be more valuable than your CAC to number
five is something we really focus on a year ago which is planning for scale you
know your business is gonna succeed you know where you want to be in one year
three years five years so setup systems set up potential teams and you’ll
implement into your ecosystem that will help you keep the quality as you bring
in more volume of clients your quality is imperative and it cannot deter at all
as you grow tip number six is asking the right questions a big problem that I see
when it comes to b2b businesses is that they don’t ask questions they just have
a one-size-fits-all solution then I don’t even know what kind of problems
that business that they’re potentially working with has you have to ask the
right questions because these right questions will help you come up with the
exact solution that will help the business or your future client the best
to your capabilities from my experience with working with clients and so many
different spaces these are the key takeaways that we’ve seen when it comes
to running a successful b2b business and leveraging social media marketing
correctly take note of these because these are
pretty simple the two Instagram profiles that I want to highlight this week are
at the check code and at Stevie Sally the Chetco is a cinematographer in Los
Angeles and I love the way that his greatest laid out and especially his
story so make sure you go check him out the second Instagram profile I’ve been
following for a long time it’s at Stevie Sally I actually found him when I
started my dump journey and wanted to really jump higher I love the kind of
post that he does but more important than his posts I love how he caters to
his audience it really speaks directly to every single viewer remember we’re
shouting out to Instagram profiles every single week all you have to do is
comment your handle below so we can look at it and then describe in one sentence
what exactly you used social media for when it comes to
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