How To Win At Local Digital Marketing For A Small Business!

How To Win At Local Digital Marketing For A Small Business!

what can you do to improve your local
digital marketing well probably three things out of a thousand that I’d
suggest do in straight away a very underutilised way of being competitive
with local SEO is quiet testimonials and reviews these days everyone’s booking online
they’re reading through about your company and they’re looking at
testimonials they want to see what other customers say about you if you’re doing
great work get feedback from your clients use surveys there’s written
testimonials of some kind use verbal testimonials get video done not only
these testimonials and reviews be useful for you and improving your product and
your services but you can also use them for advertising materials on Facebook on
Google Ads you can run testimonials or reviews on your socials and it will
improve the perception of your company first thing would be to have suburb
based keywords so to run alongside your other ad group so have specific ad
groups purely with suburb based keywords broad match modified all all the terms
so you’re only getting specific traffic from those areas suburb based keywords
there’ll be a much smaller traffic volume for those keywords but if they
are triggering your click-through rate will be significantly higher as will
your conversion rate because it’s very specific to what people are searching
for on Google and probably the last most important step for your local digital
marketing is to get reviews get your happy clients to post testimonials
Google reviews etc it means the world in building up your brand in the local area
and building trust amongst consumers as well alright I’m thinking about this
from an SEO point of view thinking about local SEO you want to get in the maps
you want to rank in the maps very often it comes down to name address and phone
number and we call it an app name address and phone number right if you
have a business and you have your phone number you know in Australia you’ve
usually got the zero seven or zero three is your state area code and then you’ve
got an eight digit number okay so for example you do a search for the number
without any spaces in it put it in double quotes in Google and find out all
the places where your website your phone number is listed on websites
that Google knows about then put the spaces in between the second and third
character and between the fifth and sixth character and then do another
search again put it in double quotes so it’s exactly that string and you’re
looking for the verbatim a listing of where your phone number appears and if
you’ve got results for both of those then something is wrong you need to
contact the websites and get them to update their listing so that one is
being used in general you use the one with spaces
get the damn spaces in and when you search in Google you’ll find there are
places that list your phone and but wrong get in touch with them get it
fixed and the reason for that is that Google collects up all of these mentions
of your phone number all of the mentions of your web address all of the mentions
of your address and your business name and they click that up and they treat it
like citations now if some places list your business name with them without Pty
Ltd pick one and use it make one the source of truth if you’ve got an address
that’s like level six for us and people keep on putting LVL 6 pick one either
use level 6 or use lvl 6 it doesn’t matter but make it consistent
consistency is really the important factor and the same is true about your
web address right if you’re listing it with www dot without www or you’re doing
with HTTP or a tip yes just get it consistent right it sounds like a real
pedantic pain in the neck kind of thing but get it right just get it consistent
and over time what will happen is Google picks up on all of these citations and
point them at the thing now we’re going to service where we actually outsource
all this stuff and it’s cheap of tips but if you want to do it yourself
go ahead oh if you do it yourself when you get it wrong next month when you try
again you’re going to just come up with the thing that you got wrong last month
so you’re gonna have to fix it again basically you don’t get it wrong because
otherwise you’re gonna have to do it again backing this every month every six
weeks every three months at least just to have a double-check and just
how things are going and when you move so I’ve been talking about a few
businesses that are moving soon and their question is are when should I do
this local SEO when should I fix up my thing
well the Google my business you should be maybe adding photos and improving the
listing and improving the text like straightaway before they even move but
the name and address citations do it after you move or do it when you’ve
moved and so confirm to Google that that’s where you based now but do the
research now you can do an audit really quite easily just put it in a
spreadsheet a Google spreadsheet is great because you can share it with the
team and say hey you know do a Google search to look for these wrong versions
of our phone number maybe even change phone number when you’re moved
should never do that of course but maybe you change phone number or you change
the way your first phone number had an extension number or something silly
don’t don’t do that um and when people search for it you then find all that
with listings and put them in a spreadsheet and say these ones need to
be fixed and that’s part of how we work is that we do the research to find all
the wrong stuff and then afterwards we’ll come along and fix them all
alistair touched on using PVC with suburb based keywords but i want to get
more specific in order to improve your local digital marketing particularly
with your Google Ads the best thing to do is use negative keywords and also use
suburb related keywords my favorite tip for people you see advertising is to use
negative keywords in order to make sure that your location targeting is hyper
specific you

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