How to write profitable sales emails – sales email tips – J.R. Fisher

How to write profitable sales emails – sales email tips – J.R. Fisher

how to write profitable sales emails now
have you been struggling with writing emails knowing what to say how to say it
look this isn’t something you’re born with you need to know a process and
that’s exactly what I’m gonna give you in this video so that you can get real
results with sales emails and we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher can if you’re new to
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that you can get results too now have you already tried to write sales emails
what kind of results did you get what did you do what didn’t you do do you
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of this video I’ve got a $97 ecommerce course that you can get absolutely free
all you have to do is click the link now I remember way back when when I first
started trying to send out emails I didn’t I didn’t know what to say I
didn’t know what to do I didn’t know what to offer it was really really
difficult but in this video I’m gonna show you exactly what to do
what to offer so you get results and you could skip over all those problems back
then I would actually do an email and just send people to my website and I
hope they would buy and they didn’t it didn’t work it didn’t work at all it was
real dad but nowadays I can actually send out
an email and see thousands of dollars worth of sales come in within just hours
all because I changed my process and I want to share that with you now I want
to share with you all the steps that we go through to get real results number
one know what you’re offering now that may sound silly you may say well you
know I’ve got a website and we sell sunglasses so sunglasses as our offer
but it really isn’t what you need to do is narrow it down to a particular
product for instance we have a survival food site and we sell canned meats we
sell dehydrated foods the canned meats we have beef and chicken and turkey and
pork and ground beef but to really be effective in email marketing you have to
pick out one of your products and actually run an ad directly to that
product it needs an individual page so when you start your email campaign
you’ve got to understand that you’ve got to know your offer your offer has to be
something special out of the ordinary you can’t just send them to your page
and I hope that somebody’s gonna buy now take for example in our freeze-dried
line we have 30 day supply 60-day 90-day six month one year and we have all kinds
of different configurations too so it’s not just one type of bucket with certain
types of foods in it there are all kinds of different foods in it when you do an
email campaign you should send them to one landing page or sales page if you
will and you should just market that one particular product you shouldn’t try to
market everything you have it gets way too confusing for the people and you’re
not gonna sell more I know the thinking is well if I show them everything I’ve
got they’re bound to buy something but they don’t they get over confused and
they don’t end up buying anything at all now here’s a landing page I use now and
it has a video on it explaining the product and tons of details about the
product it offers discounts if they buy larger quantities and if the sale is big
enough they can even get free shipping so to reiterate know your offer it’s got
to be one particular offer once you’ve got this done then you can
going to writing your emails number two is playing your sequence and what I mean
by this is you’re not gonna make money sending emails by sending one email to
an offer it doesn’t work that way it has to be a sequence of emails offering that
item and taking certain steps to get them closer and closer to the sale so in
the case of our can meats we may run a special a 72 hour special on a
particular product maybe a mixed case of meats now the way we’ll set this up is
we’ll run a 72 hour sales so the first thing we’re gonna send them an email and
announce the sale and give them all the details of it
the next day we’re gonna let them know there’s only 48 hours left and we make
it a little bit more detailed the third day we’re at 11 oh there’s only 24 hours
left and on the last day of the sale we’re gonna mail up in the morning to
let them know how many hours are left in the afternoon to let them know how many
hours are left and the last email of the day letting them know they’re just about
to miss out so you can see in that sequence right there we’ve got about 6
emails right off the bat this is what works this is what you have to do you
have to send a sequence of emails now this is really easy to set up if you
have the right software we build ours and cart row and you can get a trial of
Carter for only $1 by checking the link in the description below at the end of
the video you’ll want to check it out it’s an awesome software and it’s gonna
help you because you won’t have to spend as much time writing emails you write at
one time then those sequences go out as new customers come on your list they get
put in the queue to get those emails okay I’m in Carter right now and this is
one of our sales sequences for our survival case food and as you can see if the lead is
assigned to tag SCF sales sequence they will actually go into the sequence here
and once once this is built by management like really super easy
because it just goes off on its own and then it splits right here and it asked a
question mold take a look at this rule quick and ask the question do they have
tag SCF five cans sample buyer in other words have they already bought it or do
they have tags sample purchase or home so if they have either one of those it’s
actually going to stop the sequence because the sequence is actually trying
to sell them this so as you can see here it’s doing five can sample email one and
ask them the question again did they buy and if they did not buy it sends in the
next email then ask the questions did they buy and these are like one day
after each other so that it gives them a day to purchase that item and if they
didn’t buy it sends on this email here so they go through three different
emails trying to offer them the sample can purchase number three is design your
subject line now understand what a subject line is therefore the subject
line is not to tell them what the subject is I know that sounds crazy but
it’s really not a subject line is to get them to open the email so you have to
have something of interest if you put in your subject line twenty percent off all
men’s t-shirts today they can look at that and they can decide if they want to
open that email or not if it’s a female she’s not gonna open it if it’s a person
who wants a sweater they’re not gonna open it so you don’t want to do that
what you want to do is have subject lines they’re gonna actually grab their
interest you can put something like have you seen this yet you can put in there
why wouldn’t you take advantage of this or I’ve done talking about this you
won’t hear from me again now here’s an example of one of my emails that goes
out to my customer so you can kind of see what they see and you can use it as
an example for your company okay so going back to our previous example where
we’re selling them the sample can email I’m gonna go through here and just kind
of show you one of the emails that’s in that sequence subject line says first
name now what it’ll do is it will insert their name in here automatically because
it’s a dynamic field and these are one of the
can put in here and I say that you didn’t know this and it’s free if we go
down here it says hey first name I want to let you know about all the cool
products we make and the awesome survival blog I write you could get free
access to the survival blog by clicking the link below and it gives them a link
to it in addition to our freeze-dried dehydrated meals we also make delicious
ready-to-eat all-natural canned meats we are giving away some free samples now
just pay shipping grab your free canned meat now by clicking the button below
believe me when you eat this you’ll be blown away by how great they taste and
then there’s a button here and if they click it obviously it’s gonna go to that
sales page and they can look at that product so this is an example of one of
the emails that we send out that it’s very very effective now if you follow
these steps you will have successful email campaigns if you enjoyed this
video give me a thumbs up down there if you didn’t give me a thumbs down I want
to hear what you’re doing have you written emails and you’ve gotten results
what kind of results have you gotten put it in the comment section below if you
have questions feel free to ask me I’ll be happy to answer any questions that
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