HubSpot and Zoom Meeting Integration\ for Sales and Marketing 2019

HubSpot and Zoom Meeting Integration for Sales and Marketing 2019

Are you a zuman HubSpot user have you longed for an integration between the two tools making your life complete? Ok, maybe not making your life complete but making your life easier when it comes to meetings. Well, you know what time it is Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, what’s up? I’m your boy Jorge me Thomas aka the sprocket tock HubSpot ninja from impulse creative bringing you Yes, another hub spot update That’s right. It’s true now in hub spot you can now add a zoom video meeting link as the default option for any meeting you scheduled with the hub swap meetings tool and Select zoom as the conference option when scheduling a meeting with a lead or customer in your hub spots y’all Ram Oh my gosh, if you already have zoom just connected to your instance of hub spot I’ll show you how to do that at the end of this video So just stick around for the good stuff Now let’s talk about what’s so great about video meetings and why you should be excited to do more and better video meetings moving for Number one physical distance isn’t an obstacle for your business growth like it used to be With the tools like G Suites lack HubSpot and more It’s easy to work with clients customers and prospects from all over the world While these tools may connect us like never before we often miss nonverbal cues. We’ve noticed if we were in person Look, maybe it’s the shrug of disappointment a customer shares in a follow-up meeting. That’s never good Or maybe it’s the tears of joy shed by a prospect after an expertly and impactful discovery call Do you want to bridge the gap? Well then video is as close as you can get to an in-person meeting having more video meetings as opposed to long emails and phone calls helps you and your company grow faster and better Because better relationships with new clients better conversations with struggling customers and better connections with your marketing audience are well Win-win situations so start winning with HubSpot and zoom together If you don’t know about zoom zoom is a world-class video meeting and webinar provider and now it integrates seamlessly with your HubSpot portal once you have the integration completed sales professional meetings will see new location option under the Configuration setting when you select zoom for the location an automatic zoom meeting link is added to individual meetings group meetings or round-robin Scheduler if you’re using zoom for your webinars, your marketing team will be excited as well You can now add contacts from HubSpot to your zoom webinar using a new zoom webinar action it’s pretty easy in your HubSpot account and navigate to automation and Workflows create a new workflow or hover over an existing workflow and click Edit in the workflow editor Click the plus icon and add a new action in The choose an action pane select add contact to zoom webinar. No matter who you are Sales or marketing the zoom and HubSpot integration can prove to be a game-changer on many levels Now you might be wondering George who gets it The integration is free for any users with HubSpot and zoom the meeting CRM integration is available for free zoom users. Yes. You can create a free zoom account So look, no hurdles are in your way Well other than knowing how to integrate the tool, let’s dive into the portal and show you how to get that done Alright, so now we’re in a hub swap portal and to get connected we’re gonna go over to the little Settings icon here, and we’re going to go to Integrations and then apps once you’re in apps you’re going to type in zoom and notice because it’s not connected It doesn’t show up but you can immediately go to the marketplace by clicking this button or this little link here and then Once in the marketplace you’re going to see the zoom and you can view the integration It’s going to ask you if you want to connect the integration You’re gonna hit connect integration and you’re going to see that there gets a pop-up and oh no Look at this you do have to have admin rights because you want all of these to be green Once you have admin rights or get the admin to set this up your zoom and HubSpot will be connected you’ll be able to add at different users to the Connection make sure they have a zoom account And of course a HubSpot account and you’ll be able to rock and roll with that sales link in your meetings and the webinar integration as well So there you go communicate in a better way with video meetings integrated with your HubSpot CRM Portal did you like this video then make sure you hit the likes and subscribes Everything so that we know that you’re part of the community Want to get these tutorials right in your inbox? Then check the description below and sign up for our list last but not least if you need training past this Tutorial click on the links below to learn more about our one and two day on Location hubs about sales and marketing workshops look until next time This is your boy George V. Thomas saying go out into the world and do some happy hub spotting


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