Impatient Digital Marketing To A Patient (And Overwhelmed) Consumer.

Impatient Digital Marketing To A Patient (And Overwhelmed) Consumer.

What’s up everybody? Ed Weeks, Jr. the founder of HV Social Media. Talk to you today about this crazy, crazy dilemma that’s happening
right now. The dilemma is this. You have impatient marketing and patient consumers. So there’s
a huge disconnect. You have business owners, you have marketing departments, you have digital
marketers out here trying to deliver immediate gratification to whoever they are working
for or working with to drive actual results from social media, digital media, Google,
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. People are so overwhelmed and so focused on immediate
results that they are missing the fact that they are delivering to consumers to business
owners that are really a lot more patient because they are being slammed with so many
different ads. Ads based on all their interests that have grown over years on their social
media channels. So what the hell do you do? The reality is this. When I first go into
this business, 3+ years ago, it was 3 to 4 touches maximum before you could get somebody
interested in what you do. You still have to do the sales part. You have to convert
them from lead to actual customer. BUT today minimum double digit (10,12,14) different
touches before you even get them as a solid lead. You still have to go through the process.
What does that mean? What does that say? It says this. So many people that I have worked
with, have no patience. They want to spend $1000 and have immediate results. That is
just not the way it is. It is not the way it is going to be for many years to come.
If you listen to what the GURU and I only think there are a few gurus, but I am going
to go with the guru Gary Vee. If you listen to what he says, he talks about 99% playing
the short game and 1% playing the long game. 99% of people are going to lose. 1% are going
to win. That’s because they understand they need to invest the time, the capital, and
really the budgets into content, into developing the channels, into paid strategies that start
to develop solid prospects for their businesses to grow. And this goes across multiple realms.
I am not a niched player. Anybody who knows me knows my feelings on niched. It’s a lazy
way to do this. It’s really about the strategy and understanding the tools that work. So
the strategy now is, consistent high quality content in front of your targeted audience.
So you spend the money to put content in front of your targeted audience. You slowly start
to work them into actual leads into prospects into customers. That is a process that takes
time. You are an e-commerce play? You need to go through steps to get you to where you
are going to have success – 90 to 120 days out. Success happens and you scale from there.
You spend the time to develop that over the course of 12 months, it’s amazing what you
start to see. You start to do that over 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and you really start
to see. People say Ed I see you all the time doing your things. There is a reason that
I am doing these videos. A to educate. B, people see me consistently on LinkedIn. They
see me on Facebook. They see me on Instagram. They see me on YouTube. Consistently preaching
and talking about the same things. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to go look at the
people that are really succeeding, REALLY SUCCEEDING, is the key. I’m not selling a
course. I’m not selling you some mastermind. I am offering you a strategy that’s executable
and can deliver significant revenue if you stay the course. So…. You’re an impatient
marketer. You’re an impatient business owner. You’re in a real dilemma right now because
you are dealing with a very patient consumer that is being slammed by continuous noise
24/7 just about through their mobile devices. So you better understand the strategies that
work to get you to the next level and to get you to real ROI. The game is changing. Stay
on top of it! Peace

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  1. Excellent message about patient tenacity. I would love to have more consistent sound quality. Thank you for taking the time to teach this!

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