Inbox zero. Best way to manage your email.

Inbox zero. Best way to manage your email.

Are you checking your email all the time during
the day? Is your email inbox always full? Are most of your emails really that important?
It’s time to do something about that. Part of Optimal Lifestyle is to keep your
inbox empty. Yes completely empty. And yes, it is possible. Here is how to do it:
Completely empty your inbox. Put aside couple of hours on Sunday just to do it.
Process one email at a time and don’t skip any of them. Start from bottom of the list
and work your way up. For each email there are 3 possibilities:
Is it spam, advert or newsletter? Just unsubscribe and delete these and be ruthless about it.
Can you reply within 2 minutes? Just do it. Otherwise put it on your todo list and archive
it. Don’t worry, you will find it later using a search option.
At lastly if you don’t need to answer, archive it.
Now most important. Check your email only once a day.
When you check your email, always make your inbox empty using actions from step 3 The first step will make you feel freed. Empty
inbox gives huge satisfaction. Fourth step – checking your email once a day will be difficult.
You can adjust it to your needs but don’t break your plan. After a week you will get
used to it and you will love it.


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