Indie Music Minute: Effective Communications Through Email

Indie Music Minute: Effective Communications Through Email

Hi, I’m Tony van Veen CEO of Disc Makers. I want to talk a little bit about effective communications. We all are very
active on social media nowadays, but data has proven that as an artist if you want
to make the most money from your written communications, email is the number one
tool. I write an email every once in a while, and one of the tricks that I use
to write effective emails when I am writing to hundreds of thousands of
people is I imagine that I am writing to one artist. I imagine an artist and I’m
writing a personal letter, because a personal communication is always best,
and not only personal I want to convey something interesting. I want to give
some interesting information. When you do that as an artist when you send out your
emails you don’t want to just hit your list with buy my CD buy my CD buy my CD
buy my t-shirt, because people will stop opening your
emails very very quickly. You want to give them something interesting some
information some stories about you in the recording studio or something that
happened to you on the road. That’s called a value-added communication. Make
your communications interesting if you don’t know how to write, just start. You
didn’t know how to write songs either when you started and you started and
your practice and it’s the same with written email communications. Keep it
personal and at the end of that email then give
them a link to where they can stream your music or buy your CDs online and
that’s how you drive transactions. Emails drive revenue. See you next time!


  1. Tony, very good information. Another, nice bit of advice I heard attending a "Customer Care University" was called the "3-step customer care." While it was for people on customer service windows it helps in lots of situations: Start Personal – then be professional — then close personal. Pretty simple, but it sure helped me train my window clerks, when I was running the largest overseas Air Fore Post Office back in the '80s! Great post. TXS, Lou

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