INSTAGRAM account SHUT DOWN? Why you need an EMAIL LIST in 2020! (Safest Marketing Model)

INSTAGRAM account SHUT DOWN? Why you need an EMAIL LIST in 2020! (Safest Marketing Model)

Today I’m going to explain what you can
do if your social media accounts get shut down and you’ll learn why email
marketing is not optional. Plus there’s a $500 gift waiting for you
at the end of the video! Digital Normals #RedefineYourNormal What’s up guys?! I’m Frank from
Digital Normals and this channel is all about marketing, mindset, and more. So what
you gonna do if they shut down your social media account? Well, nothing. You’re screwed! Why? Because you don’t own the social
media platforms, you don’t own the social media accounts, and you don’t own your
social media lists. You might have spent years building up an audience and they
shut you down overnight. So you want to do something before they shut you down
because you can’t do anything after they’ve shut you down. Social media is
really powerful when it comes to generating traffic and getting started
but they control you. You’ve got to stay in compliance with whatever they want
you to do. They decide what your followers, friends, and fans can see. And
they constantly change their algorithms what means your promotional strategy has to change constantly too. So if you are serious about your business and you want to secure your financial future you definitely want to leverage social media
to build up your audience but then have a way to gather them outside of the
platforms and build your own list. What’s the best way to build your own list? Where do you receive important information regarding flights, bills,
bank accounts, purchases, and deliveries? 92% of all people online use email. 62% every day. That means we use email more than
anything else. It is estimated that next year email will be used by 3 billion
people. It has higher conversion rates than social media and search combined.
Email is still the best main marketing strategy. Nothing trumps it when it
comes to the returns that it provides and the speed of getting the business
started. Email is the holy grail of marketing! Think about it: You can market
to your leads for free and forever as long as they don’t change their email address
or unsubscribe. So your email list will generate free traffic for life. No
marketing opportunity, search engine, or social media platform gives you the
control that email does. You can follow up with 100% of your customers by simply leveraging a software that allows you to stay in communication with them. People
usually don’t make buying decisions until they have seen something around
six times on average. Building an email list and marketing to those subscribers is the safest marketing model possible. Even if your email marketing service provider goes down one day you still have your
list that you can import into any auto responder so you can go on and
communicate with your subscribers the same day. See, nobody can take that list
away from you! If you ever want to sell your business
in the future your list is actually an asset that can worth a lot of money.
Remember Myspace Tom? He sold his list for 580 million dollars. Let’s summarize
the benefits of email marketing: You can generate real passive income. You own the list. You can build trust and long-term relationships with your subscribers and
you are able to retarget them whenever you like. If you’re still not convinced
check this out: 70% of consumers prefer email as
their source of business communication. 68% of consumers enjoy reading
promotional emails weekly and 38% of them would actually like to
receive more emails. So I really encourage you to build your own list and
start writing. I know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to create a
professional email marketing automation. You may not like writing, you’re not sure
how to structure your text, or you simply don’t know where to start.
That’s why I want to help you out with a little gift! If you click on the first
link down in the description I’ll give you a 60 day done-for-you high
converting email sequence for free so you can get started right away. If you
want to know which business model goes best with email marketing then check out
this video right here and I’ll see you on the next one! So what is affiliate
marketing? As an affiliate marketer you are selling other companies products or
services and you earn a commission for the traffic or sales that are generated
from your referrals.

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