Integrate Square Payments with Mailchimp Landing Page

Integrate Square Payments with Mailchimp Landing Page

– Hey, everyone, welcome
back to the channel. My name’s Larry Snow,
and in today’s video, we’re going to be taking
a look at how to connect (comic dings)
Mailchimp to Square. It’s coming up next, so stay tuned. (radio dialing) (crackling static) Now, one of the new things
that Mailchimp has added is the ability to connect
your Square account or your Square products to your Mailchimp. So, one of the things
that you’ll need to have is a Square account with items on there, products to be sold. That’s number one. Number two, the Square payment options are only available in
Mailchimp landing pages, not in the campaigns. Let’s get started taking a
look at how this all works. So, in order to connect
Mailchimp to Square, we have to go to our Square
account, go into the apps, into the Marketplace,
look for Form Builder, and then connect the Mailchimp. So, let’s go do that now. So, we’re in our Square
Dashboard, we go down to apps, and then from Categories,
we select Form Builder, and then we select Mailchimp here. We’ll go to click on Get Started. We already have an account,
so then click on login, and it takes us back over to Mailchimp, and so, we’ve made that connection. So, from your Mailchimp Dashboard, we want to click on Create Campaign, or you can click Create here,
whichever is easiest for you,. We’re going to go to Landing
Pages, create a landing page, call it test, and then
select from your list. I already have one created,
and I noticed that there was an extra step when I
created the landing page, when I clicked on the product right here. I clicked on the product block
that was already in there, I didn’t see Accept Payments block, so when I clicked on the
block here for the product, it says Accept Payments on
your page, so I don’t know if that connection didn’t
happen when I logged in, it looks like it didn’t. So, I’ll have to connect
again, so I’ll do that now. So, I’ll login. (mouse clicking) Click Allow. And then from my Store, I
have to select the audience, so I’m going to select this one. And click Next. And select the Location, click Next. So, now we are connected, so I don’t know, I guess there was a hiccup somewhere. So, we’re going to see my product show up, I have a test product in my Square Store, and that should show up here
after it’s done syncing, so we’ll come back to that
when it’s done syncing. Okay, it finished syncing,
and we’re going to click on Browse All, so here’s
my test product right here. I’m going to click that to
insert, so there you go, and then we have test products,
we have no shipping charges, although, you know, you’d
fix it the way you want it. You can change the image
depending on the Store, you can change the button name, you can add additional
images if you’d like, you can add a description if you’d like, and so it brings in the
description from Square, and then I can edit it
again here in Mailchimp. I don’t have to do that,
and we can also change the name of the product, as well. And if you don’t like that
product, you can change it to a different product that
you have in your Square Store, they call them Items in Square. They also have our style, of course, and we also have settings of
how you want to align this, so we could do it that way,
or we could do it this way. So, I messed up the size,
but obviously, you can edit the way you want it to look. Obviously, it wouldn’t be an
image probably that large, but again, this is just a
demo to get you guys started on using Square with your Mailchimp. And so, we’re done with that,
we want to click preview. See what it looks like on a preview. And if we click Buy Now, it’s
going to open up a popup, or modal window that opens up
on top of your landing page, where you can input your email address and all that information,
put in your billing address, payment information, and
so, let’s do that now. (mouse clicking) Continue to billing, continue to payment, so I’ll just enter my card here. Click, and save, and place order. And it’ll say Thanks, Lawrence! All done, so we can click done,
and it will close the modal, that little window that was opening up. And so, it’s back on the landing page. So, let’s go on over to our email, and here’s our order
receipt from Mailchimp. Let’s see, it’s [email protected], and so there’s your receipt. And if I go over to my Square Dashboard, and I should have an order,
and here’s our order. So, we’ve had the dollar gross sales, and here’s our transaction
for our deposits, and so, it works! So, there you go. So, there was a little
hiccup between Mailchimp connecting with Square. So, if you didn’t, if you’re
going into the landing page, and you don’t see Accept
Payments, or the payment block, make sure that you verify
that you’ve connected your Square to your Mailchimp. With me, it didn’t sync,
and so, I was struggling to find the payment block,
but once I found a template that allowed me to click on that product, it says, “Hey, you didn’t
connect, you didn’t sync!” So, then we had to go
through that process. So, just be aware of that as you go through this process for yourself. But there you go, guys! That was pretty easy to sync your Square account with your Mailchimp. And so, you can sell your Square
products through Mailchimp, through your Mailchimp landing page. So, let me know what you think,
post in the comments below. Thanks, as always, for watching. If your like the video, give it a like, and if you’re new to the
channel, be sure to subscribe! And click that bell
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  1. Are you able to connect a recurring payments for that item (like a subscription) through Square?

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