Internships, Hands-on Learning Benefits UND Students | University of North Dakota

I feel really prepared going into the
future because of being at UND. I ended up falling in love with the campus,
and now I’m staying in Grand Forks. I came to UND to study petroleum engineering.
In my junior year, I switched to the business school. I grew up just eating a
lot of crepe as a kid. You know, now that I live in Grand Forks, I kind of missed
them, and this is where I came up with the French Taste idea. I have done three internships,
one specifically in Grand Forks was with greater Grand Forks and
professionals. That internship really transformed my experience here. That’s
really what made Grand Forks the community, not just UND feel
like home to me. So the classes that I took they were
able to take over a city business – ours was the Olive Barrel – and take over their social media. And then in
communications, I took a class called ad and PR campaigns, where we actually were
able to do an entire ad and PR campaign for Blues on the Red. Doing an internship
makes you realize everything that you learn in the book, you actually do have
to do and you get to experience it firsthand. Started my internship here at
BBI fall of 2016. So many things that I didn’t know about Grand Forks that I
learned about just by doing the magazine and being more involved in their
community. And that’s kind of where I learned to love Grand Forks. UND, you know, I think has the right classes, the right professors
and a lot of resources in und and the city of Grand Forks. If you are a
business and looking to have a UND student be an intern or a full-time
employee, give them all the opportunity that you can. If they have an amazing
experience, they’re gonna be an amazing employee for you or somewhere else, if
you’re not able to hire them on full time. It really makes it hard to think
about leaving after you’ve worked really hard and made all these
connections with people. It really has just made everything come full circle.

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