Introducing Gmail Motion

Introducing Gmail Motion

Hi, my name is Paul McDonald. I’m the product
manager of Gmail. Over the past decade, advances like touch
screen technology have transformed the way we interact with personal electronics. However, when it comes to email, we still
rely on outdated technologies like the keyboard and mouse. At Google we’ve been thinking about how
to solve this problem, and today I’m excited to share a new development with you. We call it Gmail motion. Using your computer’s camera and a spacial
tracking algorithm, Gmail Motion interprets physical movement and turns it into actionable
commands. For example, to open a message, make a motion
as if you were opening an envelope To reply, simply point backward with your
thumb. To reply all, use both hands. To send a message, lick a stamp and place
it down. We’ve been working with experts in motion
technology and semiotics to develop a language of movements that replace type entirely. The
movements are designed to be intuitive, ergonomic and easy to do. Studies over the past 24 years have indicated
that more than 80% of our total communication is body language. When you can incorporate a shake of the head,
a gesture of some kind, you’re making that communication far more effective. Our bodies did not evolve to sit at a desk
in a rigid position all day and it is my feeling that Gmail Motion will free the regular user
from the constraints that modern society and our interface with our machines have put on
the human body. We’ve spent a long time perfecting Gmail
Motion, and we’re excited about the potential for it to help improve your email experience. For more information, visit


  1. if we could type using sign Language it could probably be faster for some People tho lol. Alas, we have Speech-to-text which is probably much faster and more accurate again

  2. God I've watched a lot of this Google April fool prank videos and the dedication and the seriousness in their faces is just…

  3. Its hard to get great from a professional person that know what he is doing. When you havc heating cooling ventation.the goes for the whole house and the sheet metal also.

  4. 😐 what on earth is that… does that mean if you want to manage your emails, you have to move like that? But then, that’s E-Mail, why do you need to lick stamps?

  5. This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. It takes more effort to do the gesture than to just left click. This is a fail

  6. The presentation didn't make it much look like much fun. With the right words and moves…guess even that wouuld be sold but as of now…not sold.

  7. me: raises hand in preparation to slap my Google Home
    my Google Home: "Ok, I'll send that message to Grandma."

  8. Imagine someone doing this and all of a sudden some random person comes from past and looks at him doing such motions. LOL 😀

    Jokes apart :
    That's another way to keep an eye on you, that too live (tho Google is named for its great privacy policies for NOT collecting users data (which is not true lol))
    Mr McDonald, The users would get more vulnerable by their motion being captured by some third party app. Remove the fake apps from your playstore (Android phone) make it a better place to have more of a genuine apps. That's for mobile phone users and for PC there's unlimited ways of getting hacked. Imagine someone doing this in public network. And there are lots of questions that I've on this.

    I would suggest to have this kind of new update to the PC who has the same tech as of Apple's face unlock tech or Google's, enabled. I know you're making sure that each one of us enjoys your new tech but this one is really going to make users more vulnerable. You might have to think on it.

    And Xbox is dropping this tech because as per their study users barely use it.

    Simple and straight, if anything has to be new in Gmail, this can't be it

    Peace Out

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