Introduction | Digital Marketing Course in Chennai | Tech Fox Tamil

Introduction | Digital Marketing Course in Chennai | Tech Fox Tamil

[ Music ] Excellent . Now you are watching Digital Marketing in Tamil So This course which is Digital Marketing in Tamil will be entirely explained in Tamil. OK Hii My Name is Kalidas. So i am ……. a Digital Marketer for the past 3 years. So, Not only that… i have helped More than 500 precious students like you to develop their career, product, service… Not only that, I thank Tech Fox Tamil for giving me a chance. Ok Next…… if you ask “Sir, Why should we do this course fro you ?” Because We will be teaching this course fully in our mother tongue Tamil. So if i teach you in tamil, you will 100 % understand what i am trying to tell. 100 % you will understand or if i teach you in english…… So you wont understand certain english words or sentances and my teaching will be wasted. So that is why wewill do this course in Tamil. so next… Narrow down searching for your resources means So you have decided to start your career as a digital Marketer. and going to search the internet about Digital Marketing…But internet is So Big as ocean. So you will find lots of things in different places and takes time to search…. and energy is also wasted. So, you wish to became a digital Marketer and take this course. Definitetly… you will find whatever you want in this course. So you will save time a lot. Next, These course are absolutely free of cost. We don’t charge for anything. Next, We will focus more over on Practical classes. Less theoritical and more of practical classes. So only when you do practically you will understand it better. And after the completion of these courses We will teach you how to get certificate from Google. Digital Marketing certificate from google. to Ok sir we are ready to do the course What are the resources you will Provide for us ?? Tool box containing Digital Marketing tools. we will provide these tools. merger between a Some tools are free and some tools are not free. So, we will also suggest alternate free tools if you cant affort the tools. we will also give Notes. Notes may be in Pdf, PPT or any form for you to understand. either. Assignments will gives after every topic Once we take a concept we will give an assignment based on that. Are these assignments compulsary ? Not compulsary….But if you do it and go to any company… You can say confidently that i have done. Tell them you know i can do market research. I can gather information about your competitor. once you tell them this, theywill surly take you to their company. You can also demand high salary. Next , For any Doubt or feedback…. and about You can either comment or mail us at [email protected], within a day or two…. we will surly reply. I didn’t have been a In our all youtube videos you will find subtitles. For differently abled person like hearing problem … for them… we will help by….. providing subtitles for them to read and understand. if you can hear properly, then disable the subtiles for avoiding distractions. it will distract the screen. So disable the subtitle on youtube options. So, these are the resources we will provide. Next, What are our career oppurtunites. so once u become a digital marketer by watching our courses… You can earn money through online by Affliate Marketing and Adsense. Get a Professional job Became a entrepreneur and start your own bussiness. Freelancers and do jobs in , people will demand jobs from you. people will approch to you for their need. So these are the career oppurtunities to earn. Next, What are the pre requisites for these course ?? Just a Computer or a mobile phone with good internet connection. Next, Please show interest from your side. Learn with interest. Little bit of interest is needed. Just spend 5 minutes a day ….. to learn from a video to become… a professional digital Marketer. Next important thing. ……. Sir, Do i need customers now….. No need customers right now. We will teach you how to attract customers in the further course. We will teach you to grow your customers. to the court of final then you will automatically get customers … Just have interest now… OK, Thanks … if you have any questions or feedback…. please comment us or mail us at [email protected] Thank you.

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  1. Bhai Apke sbhi video mast Bomm and original hai bhai Sab mehnt Kro Sab aage Bado Main Aapki koi help kr sakta hu to jarror batana

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