Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 (Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?)

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 (Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?)

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Hey everyone, I’m Hardik Raval and today in
this video, I’m going to talk about Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? The chances are You already have heard about
making money with affiliate marketing and You’re looking forward to taking up a good
affiliate marketing course. Or maybe You already know about wealthy affiliate
and before going for it just want to ensure that it’s worth trying or not. Whatever the reason be, in this video, let
me help You decide, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it and can You even be able to make money
with it? I’m not going to make any sales pitch here,
but want to share my own experience with wealthy affiliate after being on the platform for
nearly four years. But before we talk more about Is Wealthy Affiliate
Worth It, If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit
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to know more about how it works. By the end of this video you’ll know everything
about Wealthy Affiliate, how it works, it’s key features and most importantly whether
this tool is right for Your business or not. Make sure You watch the video till the end. Before we get started, let me share with You
how I stumbled upon wealthy affiliate. It was back in 2015 when I was searching for
ways to make money online through affiliate marketing. Somehow while searching for the affiliate
marketing training courses on Google I landed on Wealthy Affiliate. I started gathering more information and reviews
about wealthy affiliate as much as I could and even took the free training. I didn’t go premium at that time since I
had already wasted a few hundred dollars on the scam products and this time I didn’t
want to take any risk. I just went premium a few months back in February
2019 and I think now I’m at the better position to talk about what wealthy affiliate is and
is it really worth trying? Let’s start with What is Wealthy Affiliate? What is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one online
affiliate marketing training platform for the beginners and experienced marketers that
helps them launch their own affiliate marketing based online business from scratch. It has a community of over 100000 people and
adding up more every passing day. It has survived in this highly competitive
affiliate marketing industry since 2005 due to the fact that it offers the quality training
and all the tools required to build Your own online business from scratch. It offers two types of training. Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses You’ll basically enroll in the two types of
training courses at wealthy affiliate. 1. Online Entrepreneur Certification The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)
can teach You how to build an online affiliate marketing based online business in any niche. The training comprises of 5 phase and 50 lessons. By the end of each lesson, You’ll have a checklist
of tasks that You should complete before You move on to the next lesson. Though it’s absolutely not forced and You
are free to move further at Your own pace. 2. Affiliate Bootcamp The Affiliate Bootcamp training is specifically
designed for internet marketing niche and how to promote the wealthy affiliate’s own
affiliate program. This training has 7 Phase and 70 lessons. Again, by the end of each lesson, You’ll have
a checklist of the tasks that You should complete before moving on to the next lesson. 3. Classroom Training Think of training classrooms as the forums
wherein You post your question and other members of the community will help you with the answer. Ask a question or offer help by joining the
discussion in the respective threads. 4. Create Your Own Training and Make Money Create Your own training tutorials after 3
months of going premium and get paid for it This is the very rare thing You will find
in any online courses. You can add your own training inside the member
area on any topics that You’re good at. Wealthy Affiliate Community When I talk about wealthy affiliate, I can’t
ignore the awesome community of like-minded people who are always ready to help no matter
your success level. They keep sharing their free tips and tricks
that worked or didn’t work for them and celebrate little successes with each other. If you’re stuck anywhere, someone from the
community will be always there to support You with the answers. In addition to the community there is live
chat support, private messaging, ask a question and technical support. Wealthy Affiliate Memberships Wealthy Affiliate offers two types of memberships. Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership levels
that You can choose to join with, Starter Membership and Premium Membership. 1. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership vs Premium
Membership The starter membership is free and will always
remain that way. You can be a starter member for life, no 1-day
trial or 14-day trial. The starter membership is worth trying as
it will give You a sneak pick into what’s going to be offered in the premium membership. You can see here the first phase of both the
training courses that we just talked about are completely free. The premium membership costs $49 per month
or $359 per year that results in a nearly 39% discount. The first month of the premium membership
will cost You only $19 and from the subsequent months, You will get charged $49 per month. Fo getting the discount on the first month,
You need to upgrade to the premium membership during the first 7 days after joining as a
starter member. The other features with starter membership
include: 1. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Here’s what You’ll get with the free starter
membership. You’ll get a free live chat for the first
7 days with starter and unlimited with premium 2 free websites with .siterubix extension
Daily website backups The beginner training course which will help
you understand the basics of making money with affiliate marketing
You’ll get the personal affiliate blog, like this one
The first phase of the affiliate Bootcamp training
Video walkthroughs for everything 30 searches on the in-built keyword research
tool Jaaxy Access to 2 training classrooms
One-on-one coaching for the first 7 days 2. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership With premium membership, You’ll have access
to everything. You’ll get unlimited live chat support and
private messaging. Access to all the phases of the affiliate
Bootcamp training Furthermore, You will be able to create 50
websites including 25 of your own domains and 25 with (.siterubix) extension
Unlimited searches on the Jaaxy keyword tool The 2x higher payout for promoting the wealthy
affiliate’ affiliate program Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching Finally, let’s discover, is Wealthy Affiliate
worth it? What do you think? Based on what I have shared with You in this
video about wealthy affiliate. There are countless success stories by other
members, there is no doubt that wealthy affiliate is a legitimate opportunity to make money
online through the power of affiliate marketing. The only thing is You should be ready to invest
your time and make some investments for yourself. Conclusion Let me share my final thoughts over wealthy
affiliate. I highly recommend You try the starter membership
from wealthy affiliate and get yourself familiarize with everything including the training, community,
tools and the support. I’m sure You’ll want to premium after going
through the affiliate marketing training offered with the starter membership. You’ll have support from over 100000 community
of like-minded people who’re always ready to support You and see You succeed. Simply check out the link in the description
of this video to get started with your free starter membership and take a first step towards
launching your own online business. So guys, this pretty much covers everything
that I wanted to share about is Wealthy Affiliate worth it and right for You or not. I hope you enjoyed this video. If it helped You in some way, then give a
thumbs up to this video, let me know if you have any questions in the comment below, subscribe
to my channel. Don’t forget to check out the in the description
of this video to get started with free starter membership with wealthy affiliate. So, by for now. Catch you in the next video.


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