Jessica Best – Data-Driven & Email Marketing

My name is Jessica Best I am the director of data-driven marketing at Barkley and a professor here at Harbour.Space I’m teaching the data-driven marketing section or module, which is
largely about email marketing but is expanded to include things like using
data to inform your marketing and using data to judge the impact of your
marketing things like analytics which is what we’re working on this week. Data informs all marketing. I believe that this is the core of what marketers
should be learning and frankly most traditional universities focus on
broadcast marketing and I think the world is really changing I think that we
have to be ready to make what we say more of a conversation. We have to listen
first and that means data so if you’re considering taking a course on
data-driven marketing especially here at Harbour.Space, I would prioritize making
this part of your curriculum. I would make sure that you understand the
implications of getting to know your customers and solving their needs better,
not just marketing what you have to sell Email marketing especially, is such a
unique beast. They may have played around with Facebook content, they may have
played around with SEO, but email marketing is so different and just to
see them understand things like when I send I can refresh and see my results
immediately. This is a whole different type of audience you get a group of
people who has opted in to receive marketing from you and then you send the
marketing and then they read it and they get so excited, the students are getting
so excited about the idea of being able to collect this database of fans that’s
very different than any other marketing channel channel, so they’ve already learned a ton
about email marketing and just today we’ve been learning about how to turn
that into insights. One of my first really big speaking engagements was
speaking at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin in 2013 and it was
an out-of-body experience, right? I had done a couple of presentations in other cities but SXSW was sort of the Mecca. It was very, very cool to be at a
conference that’s about what you can do in marketing and to speak specifically
to data-driven marketing or email marketing in particular that’s still a
bucket list item that I look back on and I am pretty proud of.

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