Joe Walsh Talks Email Marketing

Joe Walsh Talks Email Marketing

Joe Walsh: I’m looking for people with passion. Most of us are bombarded by emails every day. We often don’t open many of the messages we
receive. That’s why email marketing open rates can
be low, and why I’m making this video blog: to help make sure that your email marketing gets opened, read, and responded to. Hi, I’m Joe Walsh. According to BIA Kelsey Group, 36% of small
businesses currently use some type of email marketing. To get a reader to open that message, your email must be timely, relevant, and actionable. To help you, I’m going to break email marketing into four parts for you. First, decide on the look of your email. Constant Contact and MailChimp are popular
email marketing tools. My company, Dex Media, offers a product called
DexHub that includes email marketing as well. These tools use templates, allowing you to create text blocks, drag-and-drop images, and automate reminders. Second, make an offer. Give the reader a reason to read your message. What are you offering that makes your email really worth reading? Is there a coupon or a discount, a unique, time-sensitive opportunity? You’re sending the email so your customers will take action. Make your call to action clear. Thirdly, determine who will receive your email,
your list. Should your mail go to all your customers
or only a segment, like those that purchased recently? One caution, please reference what are called the canned spam rules, as they are guidelines provided by the Federal Trade Commission on what you can and can’t send. Dex Media has a blog article that will help
you understand that if you want to reference that. Fourth, consider your content. Start with the subject line. It should be to the point but avoid sounding like a sales pitch. According to digital marketing company Fluent, 44% of consumers who receive an email from
a small business rated it as useful. In general, the shorter your message, the more likely it will be read. Think about ways to personalize the email for your customers, let’s say offering 15% off the purchase during the customer’s birthday
month. That’s sure to get the customer’s attention. Also, don’t forget to track your messages’ open and clickthrough rates. Tracking will show you what performs well so you can mimic it, and what doesn’t so you
can avoid it. Thanks for listening. Next time we’ll talk about how you can use
video. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and get all the latest information on small
business marketing tips.


  1. Joe, left a message with your assistant and a connect invitation. Thanks for having the courage to stand in front of the camera and talk Marketing- John Miglautsch @JRMigs

  2. Joe,

    Been watching the videos you're making, and I not only love the way you approach the subject, but also the fact you not only mention but even show the other options small business owners have out there… me, telling people the WHOLE scope of things is one of the best initial ways to earn trust in something like this!

    Looking forward to the future!

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