Kartra Review 2020 [Real User Feedback No Bias No Hype]

Kartra Review 2020 [Real User Feedback No Bias No Hype]

welcome to our Kartra review from Sure
Reviews in this unbiased video review you will discover the truth about the
Kartra program we believe that you deserve an unbiased review that contains
actual user feedback from people who have purchased and used the program
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launch new videos your Kartra review the creators of the Kartra program claimed
that it is the best ever all-in-one online business platform where users can
create sales funnels and a lot more the creators of Kartra state that in the
first 45 days of launching the software they gained 10,000 new customers they
claimed that to create a fully functional online business there is a
need for several different solutions and that Kartra is the best program to
provide all of this functionality in one platform the creator’s also claimed that
using Kartra minimizes the number of failure points that an online business
can experience by avoiding the use of several different external platforms
another thing claimed by the creators of Kartra that it is an ideal web
builder platform for both beginners and experienced users they say that users of
Kartra about security as everything is hosted in the cloud and they will
never have to download anything the Kartra creators claim that the program is
always updated so users will always be working with the latest version of the
software the creators of the Kartra program claimed that users will save a
lot of money by using it rather than paying for a number of
separate programs to provide the functionality that they require for
their online business customer feedback and review so many aspects of my
business can be addressed through Kartra
it saves me having to subscribe to many different service providers I am happy
with Kartra because it allowed me to really upgrade the online presence of my
business and to automate my sales and communication with my clients from an
actual user on g2.com best all-in-one platform out there Kartra is the
backbone of my online business I have yet to find a function within Kartra
that I would rate at anything less than well above average the page templates
and page builder are exceptional and easy to use it’s a system that will do
the work for you from an actual user on capterra.com a truly excellent
all-in-one marketing automation solution I love how well it covers the bases and
fits together Kartra eliminates the need for all the usual collection of various
software solutions from an actual user on g2.com overview of the cart rope
program and research according to the general online consensus where research
is based on unbiased non-vested comments Kartra seems to provide the best
all-in-one online automation solution according to the vast majority of those
customers that used it it was difficult to find any real negative comments from
people that had used the Kartra platform the only negative comments that we
found were from a small number of users that felt there was a learning curve to
using the platform after that they were happy with it the Sure Reviews verdict
the Kartra platform works as claimed and provides an all-in-one automation
platform for online business product specifications the co-founder and CEO of
Genesis digital is Andy Jenkins he is a very experienced internet marketer who
is an expert in video marketing search engine optimization and other digital
marketing disciplines Jenkins was unhappy that there was no true
all-in-one automated online marketing platform he wanted to address this
because he believed that setting up to do business online should be as easy as
possible he created Kartra with another very experienced intern
marketer Mike Filsame and they successfully launched the platform in
2018 Kartra provides users with the ability to easily create professional
web pages using a drag-and-drop builder there are many professionally designed
templates available and everything is optimized for mobile users can create
funnels and campaigns with Kartra to convert visitors into leads and
customers there is a built-in system for email campaigns and text messaging
campaigns there is a built-in checkout feature which allows users to accept
payments from credit cards or PayPal there is also a secure membership site
feature which is all drag-and-drop Kartra users can easily add video to
their pages and enhance them with lead capture forms playlists pop-up offers
and more there is a helpdesk portal feature to provide digital ticketing and
Live Chat users can easily add a calendar function for the scheduling of
sessions with clients Kartra provides the ability to create professional lead
capture forms with tagging custom fields automation rules and more users that
want to use affiliates to promote their products and services can manage
everything within the Kartra platform there is an agency feature that enables
Kartra users to fully manage client accounts there are four main Kartra
plans which are starter silver gold and platinum the starter plan is for up to
2,500 leads a single custom domain 15 thousand emails a month and 100 pages
the price is $99 a month the silver plan is for up to 12,500 leads three custom
domains 125,000 emails a month and unlimited pages the price is $199 a
month the gold plan is for up to 25,000 leads five custom domains 250,000 emails
a month and unlimited pages the price is $299 a month the platinum plan is for up
to 50,000 leads 10 custom domains 500,000 emails a month and unlimited
pages the price is $499 a month there are
significant discounts for paying on a yearly basis there is a 30-day
money-back guarantee thank you for watching our Kartra
review video click the first link in the description below this video to go to
the official Kartra home page

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