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  1. Fake news only affects stupid people. Everyone has an acquaintance or relative that lies constantly or makes things up on the spot. You learn to ignore them in general. And their stories fall apart when the events aren't properly connected and supported, with little to no sources and citations. It's pretty obvious what to trust and what not to online, especially when the thing you're reading has the poorest grammar and spelling in the world and is filled with bombastic language and capitalized words. I really don't know how these lemmings live on a day to day basis. The ability to reason is what separates us from the animals. Some have such high self-esteem that even if they realize they've been believing the wrong things all this time, it doesn't change their opinion of their own ability to reason even the slightest and they'll just continue making one blunder after another without remorse. Others are just pathologically hell-bent on twisting all facts towards their own set beliefs, to live in their own make believe world. In either case, fake news just fans the flames that stupid people harbor of their own creation, thus It only affects stupid people. And sadly everyone else has to deal with the aftermath since we have to coexist with these stupid people.

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