Do you want to grow your email list? Everyone wants to grow their email list, but
are you stuck on what to offer for your free opt-in? Well, if that is you, stick around. I’m sharing my 10 favorite opt-ins to grow
your email list overnight, If you want to learn more about digital marketing. If that’s You subscribe below hit the little
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for your online and creative entrepreneur business. Are you paralyzed by the thought of growing
an email list like does it terrify you? Or maybe you’re just stuck like, what the
heck do I have to offer for free to get people to sign up to be subscribers? If that is you, you’re totally not alone. I understand, and so by the end of this video,
you are going to have 10 go to lead magnet ideas that you can use to grow your email
list overnight. Lead magnet idea number one. This is list or checklist. Everyone loves a good list or checklist. Like right now you’re getting 10 of my favorite
lead magnet optins, so it’s a list of 10 lead magnet ideas. People Love, Love, love lists. So think about if you’re in the traveling
niche, then 11 items, 12 items you must pack when traveling to Europe or if you’re in the
mommy niche, maybe the five things that you must have in your diaper bag. Or here’s 25 business tools I use for my online
business. People love list and they’re so easy to do. You just list stuff and on a sheet and give
it to people or do a video or audio recording. But list are hot do some list. Idea number two. So this is a video or a tutorial. People will crazy for tutorials. And of course you know, if you’ve watched,
if you’ve watched my digital marketing tips for 2019 in that I talked about how video
is going to be massive. So you want to use video and so maybe you
do a tutorial on how to set up Dubsado or you do a tutorial on how to optimize your
instagram profile. There’s so many tutorials you can do. It’s so easy. Technology, like you do not even have to know
a lot of technology. There’s some great tools that are free that
are already on your computer where you can do a tutorial and people opt in and you email
it to that video link to them and it’s a great optin people love, love, love video, and they
love tutorials. Number three is swipe files. I love a good swipe file. That’s why I have my 40 facebook ads swipe
file that you can download in the description. I’ll go ahead and put the link there so you
can go in and grab it. Check it out. This one does so well for me because people
love swipe files. I’m a sucker for an opt-in that’s a swipe
file. You could do if you have an instagram bootcamp,
you could always do like swipe files of here’s the 10 best captions on Instagram or the 50
best captions and take a picture. Or maybe you are a website designer and you
want to say, okay, here’s a swipe file of the 10 best homepages and so or sales pages. There’s so many options when it comes to swipe
files and so I highly encourage you to go on and create one. They’re really easy to put together, fast
and is a great resource for yourself, but then also you can share it with other people. Lead magnet idea number four is a coupon and
so this is really great if you have a product based business and ecommerce based business. If you have a website that you can do coupon
codes or a course, anything like that, it’s great to get their email list by giving them
a coupon. So if you have a party supply store and you
could say, hey, sign up for our emails and I’m going to give you 15 percent coupon on
your first order. You see it all the time when you go to websites. Every website I go to, I feel like soon as
I can go for the first time, it’s like sign up now to get your 30 percent coupon off your
first order and you sign up to get your email and then they send you coupon in your inbox. It’s so simple and people love coupons. Number five. Number five is perfect If you are a photographer
into Instagram, Pinterest, anything like that, product based and you take really good photos. And that is because number five, stock photos. People love stock photos. Even if you’re not great, but you’re really
good at editing. Do a 10 pack of stock photos, a 20 pack of
free stock images, especially if your niche is somewhere in the instagram field, the photography
field, anything like that, that stock photos are heavily used, I highly, highly suggest
doing stock photos because people go crazy for them. We’re on number six, which is prompts and
if you’re like what the heck’s prompts? A great example of this is 10 instagram story
prompts or you could do 20 blog post headline prompts and these are things that are going
to help people with something that they’re stuck on. It’s little, but it’s something that can help
move them forward to doing the action. So a great example of this is the instagram
story prompts because people are like, okay, I’m supposed to be on instagram stories, but
what the heck do I post? You could say, okay, here’s 10 prompts for
you. Here’s things that you can talk about on instagram
stories. This will help people move further in their
business and so because of that they’re going to be more likely to opt in because it’s helped
going to help them grow. Okay. Number seven is a calendar or a planner. You want to grow your email list overnight,
put together some type of free calendar or planner. So one of my favorite examples of this is
with Simple Pin Media, they have one that they did with Tailwind and it’s your Pinterest
calendar for the whole year and it’s amazing and they like everyone signs up for that because
it’s such a good resource. Another one is like the month of January,
here are all the holidays that you could post on social media, so like national popcorn
day, like one of those. You could do one of those calendars if you’re
really good at creating planners really quickly, like digital planners in canva or something
like that. You could easily put together like a busy
moms calendar or busy moms planner or a fitness tracking planner, something like that. People go wild for planners and for calendars. Number eight, is for all my super organized
people, and that is a spreadsheet, people want to be organized, even if they’re not,
they want to be organized, so a spreadsheet works really, really well. So what do I mean spreadsheet? You could do a spreadsheet of profit and loss,
like in Google sheets, like here’s how you calculate your profit and loss spreadsheet,
your home expense spreadsheet there you go. A spreadsheet of all the facebook groups that
are great for female entrepreneurs. One that I did that was in a spreadsheet that
people went crazy for was a Hashtag Bank. Now it doesn’t sound like a spreadsheet, but
it was in a google sheet and people went crazy for it. So think of anything you can put in a google
sheet or an excel sheet and that is a spreadsheet and people love things that are organized
even if they’re not organized. If you can help them try to get there, they’re
gonna. Love it. So go on and think of some kind of spreadsheet
if that’s your thing. Okay y’all we’re getting down to the end,
but we’re on number nine and that is Trello boards. This is something that I’ve seen so many people
just like blowing up their email list and that’s what trello boards, like I said before,
people like organization, even if they’re not organized and so trello boards are great. You could do your blog workflow. You could do how to organize my entire life
with Trello. You can do anything that’s organizational. If you are like, I don’t use Trello I use
Asana. I’ve seen Asana workflows, you just do them
in a, document, copy and paste because Asana, you can do that and it works great. Trello also makes it really easy for you to
share boards with people, so if you have a Trello board that just helps you run your
business or your life or your blog or anything like that, make it shareable and share it
with people because you will have opt-ins coming in left and right, so get those trello
boards and share, share, and share. Okay, finally, number 10. Now I left this one for last because people
think this has to be like a huge undertaking. It does not. Number 10 is an ebook. People really like ebooks too. If you’re in the food industry, just put five
of your recipes or 10 of your recipes, throw it up on and you will get opt-ins. Now, some other ebooks are you could do I
manage postpartum depression as a new mom or maybe you’re in the digital marketing space. You say you can do an ebook on how to get
started on Instagram, how to get started on facebook, how to get started, x, y, z. like
you can come up with something and an ebook and it does not have to be 20, 40, 50 pages. It can be five to 10 pages. That’s plenty. That’s an ebook and it’s free and you’re providing
value. Are you so excited? Those are my 10 lead magnet ideas for your
online business to grow your email overnight and start collecting those contacts. And so I want you to do one thing for me and
that is drop in the comments, Which of the 10 you’re going to go create, don’t put it
off. Go create it today so you get it done. None of these take a lot of time. You can do them in Canva, which is a free
tool. You can do them in google docs, Google sheets. It does not take a lot of time, completely
free to make and you can do it. So leave me in the comments which lead magnet
you’re going to go create, or if you already have a lead magnet, let me know in the comments
what’s working great for you. And this video would not be complete without
me giving you something to opt into. So I actually have two things for you. I have my facebook ads swipe file that’s always
available, but I made a special opt-in just for this video and it is all 10 opt-ins in
a checklist so you can go on and print those out. So whenever a new lead magnet you have to
list ready in front of you. So I’ll leave that in the description below
you can go on and download it and use it to create your next opt-in Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. Hit the bell. So you get notified every Tuesday when I share
my digital marketing. So have a wonderful rest of your week and
thanks for watching.


  1. Tell me in the comments which lead magnet idea are you going to use to create your next lead magnet? Or if you already have a lead magnet that is doing GREAT let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching.

  2. I totally agree!!! I will download any swipe file known to man. Thank you so much Sub #70 as the restart specialist

  3. I don't use opt-in's right now as I wasn't sure how to do this as a cooking channel as I'm not selling anything right now. But I love the idea of doing like "lists" (like top 5 gluten-free or healthy recipes). How do I do an easy e-book though?

  4. Great job Brandi! Great content, keep it up! I know how difficult it can be to get on camera but you are killing it! Love how relatable you are with us as your audience!

  5. Thank you for this!!! It's been on my to do list this week to brainstorm freebies!! This is PERFECT and an awesome inspiration!!!

  6. These are some great tips. Do you feel that people are starting to get tired of all the email incentives? I am finding it is harder to attract people to click. Thank you for all of the tips. Just subd.

  7. I'm a personal and business development expert. I got 10K subscribers with a lead magnat called Dream with a deadline, it was a 5 day challenge! Super easy and fun 🙂

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