Leaderboard Affiliate Review – Best Affiliate Marketing Program On The Market | Funnel Xpress System

Leaderboard Affiliate Review – Best Affiliate Marketing Program On The Market | Funnel Xpress System

– Hey, what’s goin’ on, guys? Nick Van Glahn here,
AKA The Honest Marketer. Coming at you today with a
Leaderboard Affiliate review. This is the first revenue stream in David Dekel’s new
system, Funnel Xpress. For those that are new to the channel, we do a ton of reviews as well as focusing on affiliate marketing, working from home, making money online. So if that kind of content
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ton of great content here that we’re gonna be pushing
out on a daily basis. That being said, let’s get
into the product review here. So Leaderboard Affiliate is basically where David Deker took
all the top affiliates from the previous system
he had, Funnel X ROI, which has now been updated and the most recent
version is Funnel Xpress. And in this, he goes and will interview all of the promoters
and all the affiliates that were at the top of the leaderboards and basically get their
story, their traffic sources, how they promote, and their daily routine. There’s also some other value here, but at a very basic level,
this just kind of gives you the nitty-gritty of what they do. So there’s a handful of
different products here. The first one is with
Kelly and Jonathan Rice, or excuse me, yeah,
Kelly and Jonathan Rice. And they are one of the
few couples out there that have been extremely successful, working together and
building their business, and they’ve been crushing leaderboards, making multiple six-figure,
which is great to see. So this gives, again, their story, their traffic sources, which for them, is primarily free YouTube and Facebook, which is something that anyone can go out there and do right now, you just need to learn specifically what to do and how to do it. And this gives about an
hour of exactly that, and how they do that, and
all the nitty-gritty details. And the daily routine, for
all the daily routines here, they’re all fantastic to have, and all the value here
is at an insane level, just to make sure that you know not only how to do everything, but what you should do on a daily basis and how you should go through that and what you should prioritize. So the first level here,
the Promoter level, is $27. All right, and the second level here is the Team Builder with Daniel Kump. So you know, again we have the
story here for Daniel Kump, and the traffic sources,
so if we’re Daniel, it is primarily Facebook ads and Bing ads. And this will give you,
again, the nitty-gritty here of what Daniel does for all that, so you know, Facebook ads and Bing ads. If that’s something that interests you, then it’s definitely
something to take a look at. And then as well as the daily routine, so the Team Builder here is $97 to buy into that. And just so everyone is aware, if you buy into the, oops,
let’s go back up there, if you were to buy into the
Team Builder, for example, you would also get the
previous level below it, so you get the Promoter. If you were to get Guru, you
would also get Team Builder, Promoter, et cetera, okay. So the Guru level here
is with Ontarian Hawkins, who has a fantastic story. If I’m not mistaken, he was
a truck driver previously, and now he’s been able to build a very, very successful online business making multiple six-figures
if not potentially, I can’t remember if he’s been able to break the seven-figure
mark, but if not, I’m sure he’s not too far off
and will do that very soon. And you know, again, so he
was a truck driver previously, and now he spends his time doing this, and making great money
and being able to spend all his time with his
family like he wanted to. So for the traffic sources here, for (fingers snapping) Ontarian there, it is YouTube and then he
does some paid as well. And this goes through the specifics on how he does what he
does, and the daily routine. All right, so now the Superstar level and then the next level as
well, the Celebrity level. You’re gonna get insane
value if you weren’t already, and you’re gonna get two affiliates in each of these levels here. So with the Superstar it starts with Paulo Barroso who
is one of my mentors, and he has been fantastic to work with, and I can’t stress enough
how brilliant this man is. He has a great story, it’s
really heart-wrenching, honestly, for what he went through and now he’s been able to come and build a multiple seven-figure business over the last 10 years or so, and this man is a master of what he does, so definitely insanely
great value to look at. The traffic sources that he uses, he’s a email marketer, he uses solo ads, and he’s been able to be
very successful with that, so definitely one of the best email marketers out there by far. Oops, forgot to exit out of that earlier. All right, and this will
give more of the specifics about how Paulo runs those solo ads, and then the daily routine. So the Superstar Part
2 is with Joshua Elder, again, one of my mentors. Joshua has a fantastic story as well. He didn’t go through college, so you know, hope that hopefully is
a little inspiration to any of you out there who haven’t been going to college, or maybe you’re in college
and you’re thinking, I don’t know if this is for me. This is someone you can definitely
connect with very easily. That’s (mumbles) words,
English, Joshua’s (chuckles) YouTube, or, Jesus, (laughs)
his traffic, his YouTube, he does it with free YouTube, primarily. He does maybe a little bit
here and there otherwise, but 99%, free YouTube. And this goes into the nitty-gritty of how Joshua does what he does, and he has some great strategies there, so I definitely highly recommend
taking a look into that. And the daily routine here as well, that was fantastic value. All right, so Celebrity, the first part of this
is with Michael Mansell. Michael has a great story,
as does everyone here, I mean, it’s very hard to meet someone and not find that they have
a great story, in my opinion. I always look to see what, you know, why people do what they do,
and what makes them tick. For me, it’s, you know,
my mom gave me everything, and I want to be able to
take what I learned from her and give back to the
world as much as possible, and change some lives and help you guys grow your own business and
create something great there, and also change lives across the world, so that’s why I do what I do. Michael’s traffic sources here, so I won’t spoil it for you guys, ’cause I think it’s best to
hear it from Michael directly, and how he promotes and all this, but he has a very unique
way of using YouTube, and it’s something that
not many people do at all, at least from what I’ve seen. And he’s been very successful with that, building multiple seven figures,
(burps quietly) excuse me. And then a daily routine as well. All right, so Celebrity Part
2 is with Nick Pratt here. Nick is from the UK and
is a great guy overall, has a great story. His traffic sources that he uses, is a good mixture of
paid and free traffic, so if you’re someone that
has some money to invest but doesn’t really know
how much you wanna go into paid traffic versus
free, I think Nick here would be a fantastic
resource for you here, to review and take a look at what he does and how he does all this. And this is about an hour and a half here of him going through how
he promotes specifically. All right, and then the
daily routine as well. All right, and then this
is at the Boss level here, and I just realized, I apologize, guys, that I didn’t go through all the levels, as far as what they call us, but we’ll go over that
here in just a minute, but for the Boss level here, it is 1,997, and again, if you buy into this level you’ll get all the other
levels here as well, so insane value if nothing
else on this level here. All right, and so this
is with Igor Kheifets, who is, I would argue, the top email marketer in the world, you know, he’s able to send out one email, and one email campaign, at least, or potentially even just one email, and make 100K in seven, 10
days, somewhere in there, which is just insanity, you know, so he can make a great salary in a week. Just wrap your head around
that (laughs) for a second. And Igor’s story is fantastic, he really went through the trials and tribulations, and did everything possible and really worked his way up in the world, and in particular for his business here. So again, for Igor’s traffic sources, he is master of email marketing. And this right here, this
gives the most value, to me at least, in my opinion, on top of adding all the
other value previously, but this actually gives you all the exact details for what he does, and it goes through actual campaigns that he’s run in the past as well, and he gives you email swipes. The pages he sent to people
for the bridge pages, all of it, so just
crazy, crazy stuff here. So there’s different campaigns, and shows the different offers
that he had put out there. And then the daily routine here for Igor. All right, so, on to the signup page here, this just goes and shows
some different results and goes into David Dekel’s story, which is fantastic as well. He’s been able to create
a fantastic business and lifestyle for himself, and traveling around the world. And this just goes through
all the details here, and showing different results, you know, so Josh here was able to get 100,000 in about a hundred days,
and easy one-up previously, before this system was out. Ontarian, about 100K in 90 days, and yeah, just crazy stuff here. Michael Mansell, about $500,000, just insanity levels of success here. It’s definitely, you know,
people to model off of, and the best way to become
successful is model what works from other people that’ve been successful. And this will give you the nitty-gritty and the in-depth details
about everything they do. So just going through the
different bonuses here, so that, as I’ve stressed
before, the routine is huge. You only have to buy this one time, so if you buy the Boss level for 1,997, that’s it, that’s the only time
you’ll have to pay for that. Always get the lifetime updates as well, you’ll get different funnels here from the Funnel Xpress system. You’ll also get access to the
Funnel Xpress Co-Op Traffic, which we’ll go into in
more detail in the future, but basically, if you buy into the traffic that they’re buying at that level, you get a piece of the action and get some of the
high-quality traffic as well. And then if you get the Boss
and Re-Seller level license, you also get a ton of high-converting lead capture pages done for you. All right, so total value of $74,000. And then if you buy into
the Re-Sell license, you will get 100%
commissions on everything, so just for example,
if someone were to buy into the Boss level for
me, I would get the 1,997, something I do wanna stress, you know, if that’s something that
you guys are interested in, you want to promote this
and not only use the content to learn from it, but also resell this, make sure you buy into
the highest level you can, and make sure and make that investment. And the reason I say that
is because if, of course, there’s a little more to
go to, like let’s just say, they bought the Superstar level but you bought the Guru level, this commission for the Superstar level would go to someone else, because you need to have
access to that level in the system to get the commissions. All right, so again, the
promoter level is $27 here, Team Builder with Daniel Kump is 97, Guru with Ontarian
Hawkins is gonna be 247, and the Superstar with Paulo Barroso and Joshua Elder is going to be 497. Celebrity level with Michael Mansell and Nick Pratt, that will be 997, and the Boss level, the
highest level possible, is gonna be 1,997. So you know, my overall review of this is, to me it’s the best product
on the market by far. There’s information here you’re
not gonna get anywhere else, and this is gonna be evergreen, it’s going to be always updated, and keep on top with the latest tactics and other things like that as well. So you know, I would highly recommend you guys buying into this, get all the value possible here, and getting this applied
to your business today, and using these tactics. So if that’s something
that interests you guys, check out the links below. I’ll have a link for both
Leaderboard Affiliate and Funnel Xpress, as well as
some other resources as well, so definitely check that out if that is something that interests you. If not, completely okay, I get it 100%. And also make sure to like, comment, subscribe, tick that bell icon. Leave a comment, let me know if this content was valuable for you, if you wanna see similar
things going forward, if there’s a particular system or topic you want me to cover, but
definitely let me know, and otherwise I hope you
guys have a great day. Thank you, and I appreciate all of you.

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