Learn Digital Marketing in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Learn Digital Marketing in Just 5 Minutes a Day

My name is Neil Patel and I help companies
generate more revenue through digital marketing. Entrepreneur Magazine said I was the number
one marketer in the world, and they also said I created one of the hundred most brilliant
companies. I started my first website at the age of 16. I took all the money that I earned from working
in an amusement park and I paid a marketing firm. The marketing firm provided no results and
I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone. Out of my frustration and from being broke
I had no choice but to learn marketing. My first client was a power supply manufacturer. I helped them generate another $25 million
in sales and from that point I realized the power of marketing. I helped everyone that I could and I built
my reputation by being honest and over-delivering. I’ve helped companies like Google, NBC, Viacom,
General Motors, eBay but nothing’s more satisfying than helping small business owners succeed. I founded four multimillion dollar companies
and I’ve learned all the mistakes that you should avoid. I’ve written about them on Forbes, Entrepreneur,
Inc, Fast Company, and even on my own blogs. It’s so awesome to know that collages from
all around the world are teaching my material in their classrooms. Over the years I’ve received awards from the
President of the United States, the House of Representatives, and the United Nations. People believe marketing is expensive and
difficult. Fortunately that’s not true. There is a formula, even if you don’t have
a technical bone in your body, you can get results. And my mission is to share this formula with


  1. Neil – it's me again. Another ad has popped up for me so I am going to comment again. WHO THOUGHT THIS VIDEO WAS A GOOD IDEA? I would fire them!

    You know how much people hate the "guy in the garage" – Tai. you just went down the same road except you just were not standing in a garage with a bookshelf of books and two Lambos. I love Tai but again, his videos are too self centered.

    Seriously Neil – pull all these videos down, do them again. One thing to remember is everything you put on line can do 1 of two things:

    1 – help your brand
    2 – hurt your brand

    Don't be the guy that annoyed all of youtube until no one wants to see you again.

    Love you bro but this has got to stop.

  2. after watched this video…………i think this is my such a video that i wil not want to see any video in futute for more motivate

  3. Hello there.You got a new subscriber.I am from Gujarat,India.I am a youtuber(gaming) and want to learn how things work in websites.I am starting affiliated marketing in jvzoo.That's why i have bought a domain.But i am noob in this field and know nothing how can i use my websites to earn money.I hope your channel will help me.Thanks

  4. Fortunately, Neil Patel is the real deal. He has more substance and real, practical tips in his blog alone than a lot of people charge money for. Plus, and it might just be me, but he really gets me inspired about marketing and its potential. I’ve always believed in it, but he can help quantify it, get you grounded in the basics and show you how to move up the rungs of the ladder for you and your clients. It is far better than any college marketing course you could possibly take.

  5. Thank you Neil Patel sir for sharing such a inspiring story actually i want to learn Digital marketing.please give me some useful advice.your advice will be more important for me.

  6. Hello sir give us some answer about seo .onces we write new post exactly how much time it take to google webmaster tool to crowl it?

  7. Neil you are an angel , thank you so much for inspiring me and giving us the gift of your knowledge. I wish you all the health and happiness . Blessings

  8. Bro iam Venkatesh i created a blog but my Adsense account is not approving its disapproving what to do now i need your help….?

  9. Thank you for your video Thank you very much about digital marketing, thanks to the videos you have done. i Can not so expensive Courses So i only You have learned a lot about watching this video but now i Want Learning something advanced ! So Help me on more topics

  10. Thank you for replying to our queries and comments and also Thank you for sharing your knowledge.The knowledge you have in the online marketing is very precious but instead you are giving away for free.Thank you so much Sir.
    Would love to know from which place do you belong in India?

  11. Olá, parabéns por seu trabalho!👏 Eu também trabalho com Empreendedorismo Digital e seria um prazer ter você em meu canal, podemos aprender um com o outro! Sempre posto vídeos com estratégias que podem agregar em seus projetos! Fique com Deus e muito Sucesso 🙏😇

  12. Ohh, I just started studying about Link Building and bumped into your channel. This video inspired to learn more about Digital Marketing. Thank you!

  13. Hey neil. Just subscribed to ur chanel . I have a question . Which is best source to learn digital marketing ?? Any course recomended or any book?

  14. Thank you so much Neil! I'm in my 60's and need to find a new career. There is so much BS on the internet, It's nice to find someone honest and is willing to give back and help people! Much appreciated!

  15. I have discovered you today, it's great what you say in this video. Today I started learning from your blog. I have a small online business that I am struggling to promote. I do not have a computer science background, I hope I can do it myself. Do you offer paid promotional services for small businesses? Thank you, Neil! 🙂

  16. Awesome that there's someone out there with more knowledge and experience in making that $money$ online who's willing to share their Secrets for free. Smart way to apply the law of reciprocity.

  17. Hello Sir, i Have Subscribed, Please Help me Sir, I Am Continue worked on My Website But Have not get traffic and ranking please Sir Help me

  18. great sir i like your efforts like you helping small business.
    i am new subscriber of your channel.
    sir i have question:- what is legal terms and Conditions for digital marketing?
    i am waiting for answer thanks.

  19. Hello sir. I am fresher engineer graduate. I don't find interest in technical fields such as IT sector. But I always wanted to have MBA in marketing. Because I love to negotiate. So what I thought I that why not to learn digital marketing. But I am being aware that from where to start. Please suggest something

  20. I have never come across such a engaging video content, being myself a trainer in the past , I would say Neil, you are really amazing.

  21. Dear Neil, i am 50yr old retailer on verge on bankruptcy. Realizing Online Business is the only way to move in this new digital World. I came across one of your videos and you sounded very pure and sincere. As a New beginner hope to listen to your videos one by one in quest to come out from this Challenge and Move forward.. Thanking you for sharing your experience which might help as many people like myself. God Bless You..

  22. That's the reason why Neil Patel is number 1 in the marketing world! My idol and the one I look up to. The man in the marketing world who stands out among the rest because He is genuine and shared so much value. I am number one fan and supporter of Neil Patel! 🙂

  23. I’ve heard of seo’s offering a pay per performance plan where they get paid per lead. Is this real and/or a viable solution. Btw great speak in Vegas yesterday

  24. Mr Nail Patel! I have been looking for a place to get training for digital marketing. I just enrolled with Simplilearn and am on it. Please what do you think I need most now… Sort of invaluable stuff.

  25. amazing.. awesome….💖Great video and thank you so much Neil..💖 I've bookmarked subscribed to your blogs, videos..well, long long ago and been reading your VERY INFORMATIVE posts every single week. ! I'M KINDA REAL DEAL.. AND You are INDEED! 💖 Regards, Tuty.

  26. Hi Neil… It was really amazing to watch this short video about your career. Also even after attaining great heights your willingness to help small companies is highly appreciable. Wish you all success in all your future endeavours.Thank you.

  27. Hi Neil, this is Charles from Hyperlinks Media. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I will be watching all of your videos and reading your blog. Thank for all the great information!

  28. I am a "RETIRED" compulsive serial entrepreneur. However, my problem is "I can't stop" I sit at my computer every day researching marketing ideas and web publishing etc. etc. I don't know why this is but >> Neil seems to be "just around the corner" – That's what I call GOOD MARKETING!!!!!!!! – "I don't have any hair either — "it's the only sure proof"

  29. Neil Patel, did you really help Google? How is that possible? I mean, I’m surprised that something like Google which in my mind “represents” the Internet, needs help. I’m subscribed to your channel.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I was almost giving up about this market but I decide to try once more and I'm glad I found you.

  31. WORLD Class Shares on How to DIRVE Traffic to Our Sites, Please do Not Miss this FREE Wisdom @neilpatel ! Thanks to Neil & his Team, Best Wishes from Linkedin Global Ambassador Of Travel.

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