1. Prof.I.Sengupta thank you so much for this video and all the other ones you have posted here on YouTube, as 1 patron has said already you are "the man". Great work.

  2. at 32:24 you are describing about primary name server and secondary name servers. that part doesn't looks write to me. can u explain me is primary is same as master and secondary is slave ?

  3. you don't understand because you don't understand english well. what is the meaning of "dawn"?

    definittion of dawn

    dawn (dôn)
    1. The time each morning at which daylight first begins.
    2. A first appearance; a beginning: the dawn of history. See Synonyms at beginning.
    intr.v. dawned, dawn·ing, dawns
    1. To begin to become light in the morning.
    2. To begin to appear or develop; emerge.
    3. To begin to be perceived or understood: Realization of the danger soon dawned on us.

  4. The presentation is very informative & well explained. I guess by mistake port 22 was used for ftp data port. Port 22 is used for SSH, the data port should be 20 (rfc959). Even in ftp over ssh we use port 21 for data connection.
    Port 20 is generally used in Active FTP, where server intiate data transfer fusing source port 20.

  5. Really good video lecturer is very clear and explains things in a very straight forward manner that is easy to understand. Helped my revision so much!

  6. Excellent explanations, excellent video, excellent professor. Very helpful small comments or examples that you don't find when you just read literature about this

  7. I got placement in campus drive because of the concept of DNS. That u taught at 35:00 in this lecture.
    Interviewer asked exact working of DNS.
    He impressed so much..

    Thank u so much sir !!!!!

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