1. That is such a good advice. Gear doesn't matter, the best camera is the one you have right now. Don't overthink shit, just do it. Thanks Gary for being such an inspiration and make me start my own youtube channel !

  2. This world is crazy man, so much opportunity and good people. It's a good time to be alive despite people and the media trying to bring micro pictures to overrule the macro painting.

  3. Dann that was great advice from logic. Collaborate with your industry leaders and have friendly competition. Thanks Logic and Gary!

  4. Am I the only one that is stunned by the fact, that a13 year old boy works since three years on his passion, views Gary since two years and is so hungry at such a young age?! Man, I would like to watch this dude grow up and go getting it!!

  5. No excuses. If you have a smartphone that came out within the last 3 years you have a camera to start on YouTube. The challenge is FINDING GREAT LIGHTING so it doesn't look like shit. Do that And you will be fine. As soon as you start having active viewers go on eBay and spend $100-150 on a Canon PowerShot Elph 300-350hs. This will do much better in low light situations. When you have 20k+ subs on YouTube go out and get a camera that has a external mic and put a mic on it. The Panasonic FZ300 does 4k and has a mic Jack on it. Best of all you can get it for around $400 used on eBay. No more camera excuses in 2017. And no need to go out and spend $1000+ on a camera until you have over 150k subs on YouTube. Than get yourself a Sony A7 Sii. That's what the big YouTubers like Gary V, & the big vloggers use.

  6. I love gary V and logic collab videos! the vibe and energy is everything and they always dropping jewls! They inspired me to become a music manager. If you guys have the time check out my artist's newest mixtape thanks! https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/j-style-x-the-process

  7. Yes!!! I like that part then Gary asked if you were a 19 year old and you are a legit basketball player and the NBA wants to sign you.. Haha so good! You know that in the NFL those players waited until they were called around the age of 21, 22 or 23 but before that some of them they were in the weight room training since they were 9 – 14, years old. Logic brought up some great points like the importance of relationships! Throwing down a challenge with other like minded individuals and yet remain best peers!

  8. I love these 14 year olds.
    I like that Gary and Logic are not age bias

    FOR me at 14 I was working on a Farm being exploited by fosterparents for free Physical labor and child care for their own offspring

    So my situation wasnt one who got oppertunity BUT instead of being Catty I am like Do IT

    And offer them support
    >>>I need to get my DIY videos up.
    I have some merch hacks They can use!

    [I DO give the young folks Cameras and Tripods… met some kids as young as 7 putting a dance troup together. I offered them some costumes and gave the leaders mom a camcorder.]

    You don't have to be Gary Vee to make a difference! You know putting Peoplr in touch with the right person is Huge

    GARY is the wrong guy for some of my artists he is to Direct go go go and they are great talients but not sales people…. yeah that would help them but its not who they are.

  9. Would have been good if you asked the 14 yr old caller to email you his first vlog that you guys made him promise to create the next day. That hold him accountable in a positive way to accomplish his first baby step. Many things can happen in a month's time to squash the drive you two just instilled in him with your call. Love your vids. 💪🏼💯

  10. Gary has helped motivate me in many aspects of my life. I’ve started making YouTube videos that I believe are hilarious, if you guys could check my channel that would be amazing!! If you laugh you have to leave a like and comment!!!❤️

  11. Sir, I am 17, driven to step into apparel business. I respect your advice of being patient and  continue schooling and education. I want to get into business because alot of concepts of Enterprenurship like making business on instagram, facebook, the sales and branding you say,are not very known, selling on Amazon and eBay are just gaining popularity in the country I live. There are very few brands that sell online. So I think I can make a good business here (online and boutique). This is the time where people are becoming aware like Hey lets try whats instagram,heard its a photo app, Oh! amazon sells good products. AND, Now is the exact period in my country where western fashion is taking over the traditional apparel fashion. Can I see these points as an advantage and start up? Or do I need to collect more data? Am I thinking correct? Do you still advice me to continue schooling?

    Even after starting up business, I would want to do my courses via distant leaning( after a yer gap). Is this possible, and easy as it sounds?

  12. I’m so in love with how much Gary wants to elevate other’s craft. Sometimes that pushes me more than what Gary is actually saying. That’s how I strive to be.

  13. I love watching your vids Gary but at the same time I don’t always enjoy to because the truth hurts and I hate getting into my feelings you know what I mean?

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  15. AUTHENTICITY through collaboration! Thanks Logic! PATIENCE my man! => Gary V! => "Intent – Authenticity – Passion – Patience – Speed – Work – Attention – CONTENT! It would be impossible to say these things too much or too often." Hone your craft – CONTENT! Great advice to this youngster!

  16. Logic I am from Aspen Hill, MD and went to Wheaton High school! Love what your doing man! I'm doing positive things with my new brand #AKM as well. When I get big we'll link and keep making the world a better place and put MD on the map!!

  17. New Gary fan, long time logic fan… this video is awesome. So much inspiration and sound advice in one video omg, love it.

  18. BOOM! LIBERTY LOVES LOGIC! I appreciate you, Logic! & ALWAYS appreciate you, G!! SENDING YOU MAD LOVE! Have fun & connect with others, collaborate and grow each other!!! HOLLA! IT'S ALL LOVE, BABY! Thanks y'all! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

  19. Love what Logic was saying that he was working 2 jobs and doing music after that. It can be done. You don't have to drop everything like Gary is saying and just do music. Most people do it Logics way. Just keep going.

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