MAIL ART – Copic Sunflowers on Yupo Paper

MAIL ART – Copic Sunflowers on Yupo Paper


  1. How beautiful. Hmm seems everyone but me has heard of Yupo paper lol…going to Google it right now!! Thanks Kristina 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL. So how does one get an envelope? Seriously you could send a blank piece of paper in an envelope and it would be just as good as getting a card. Love love love your envelopes

  3. I love your mail art so much. I’ve love to see you do the other types of flowers. Hmmm – never thought to make an envelope with Yupo. We have lots of glossy and photo paper around….trotting of to see if they will work….

  4. Kristina, your making our days brighter one project at a time. I wonder how many people pass on what they learn from you and how many lives you touch, so beautiful💌

  5. I LOVE your mail-art! It is so fun to watch a plain paper turn into a work of art!! Keep up with the Mail-art. My favorite of your videos.

  6. Hi Kristina! Imagine my surprise when I saw my name & address on You Tube’s notification of your video!! I ran to my husband and said “Look at this!”. Your envelope is beautiful and what a cool idea to use Yupo paper & alcohol markers. I look forward to receiving this and will treasure it! It’s so nice that you do this to brighten someone’s day in addition to showcasing your amazing talent! Thank you very much!!

  7. Love these videos!!! So inspiring! As a postage collector I’d really think a postage stamp collection video would be awesome to watch!

  8. Totally gorgeous and equally fascinating to see you use Copics on Yupo. Yippee, another medium to play with! Thanks for the revelation and great video Kristina!

  9. What fun this idea would be for young artists. My Blicks is almost 2 hours away but I will have to get some of this paper for my grands to do use and make something for their other "Old Granny"!

  10. It's just gorgeous Kristina. I love the flowers of course but I really am blown away that you hand drew and colored these gems. The colors cascading into eachother is so pretty and just the right color of green for the accompanying leaves. I wish I was getting this beauty in the mail.
    God bless you Kristina and that God given talent of yours ❤ XOXO

  11. In my next life, I'm coming back with your talent! This envelope is absolutely striking! Although, using Yupo sounds really expensive to use just for an envelope.

  12. I bought YUPO paper that is very thick. Thinking of trying to make stencils
    with my cricut. Jennifer McGuire actually got me started a while ago from the sunflowers/Hero arts kit.
    Thank you Kristina, really nice. Lee

  13. Gorgeous envelope, Kristina! When I saw the video of the catalogues, I didn't realize you had drawn the sunflowers on them–I thought they were printed that way, and you just got your inspiration from that. Awesome job, both on the envelope AND the catalogues! One question–how would you seal a Yupo envelope when you mail it? I would doubt that someone could use even a letter opener to open it, though on this particular one, I wouldn't want to mess up the design by doing that anyway. Just curious what you ended up doing so the recipient can still open it when she gets it. Thank you so much for sharing this, Kristina. Take care, & have a wonderful day! 🙂

  14. Thanks for using your Copics in place of alcohol inks as I have Copics and the refills and have asked many of you if they can be interchanged.

  15. Kristina, you have more creativity and talent in your little finger than I do in my whole being!! 😮. It is simply mesmerizing to watch you create these beautiful works of art!

  16. lLove your flowers, you make it look so easy. I'm anxiously waiting to see my But really, how often do I need to sign up? tfs

  17. It would be so exciting to receive this envelope. Never mind the enclosed card. It is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are just awesome.

  18. What a unique envelope. I absolutely love it. I would love it on regular paper too. But that was really cool how the colours blended. Thank you for sharing

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