MAIL ROOM – EP 2: Feminine Health Products & Candy

MAIL ROOM – EP 2: Feminine Health Products & Candy

[nice intro music] M: Ryan open up this one. R: [unsure] Okay. R: NO, it’s not a knife issue.
M: STOP. R: Oooh DAMN!
M: [happy] OH SHIT! R: What the fuck is this? M: [excited] Dude, this- I’ve talked about this before. This is one of my favorite games of all time. M: Remember I told this story, I think on a podcast. M: My neighbor crashed his car when I lent him this, so I never got the game back. R: [uneasy noise] Make sure you say ‘Thank you, Courtney.’ M: Thank you, Courtney! R: From three three on- [cuts off] M: They really taped this one on good. M: [exasperated sigh] CHRIST
R: [low] Aw, come on you got- R: [BURPS loudly] M: Can’t open this, dude! There’s so much tape on it! R: [Stop] fuckin’ pointing it at me! R: Purr Pals.
Both: For the Wii. M: Okay! We’ll play this, it looks a cat game for the Wii.
R: We’ll- [while Matt is talking] R: We’ll- We will more than likely play that. R: YAY! M: [slightly surprised] Oh, look a tampon! M: [softly] So, how do these work? Does this just- R: You have to-
M: [says something] R: Yeah, yeah.
Both: You push it out. R: Just kinda like clip, and then that..
M: [laughs] I don’t know! R: And there’s a little string hanging out of your pussy. M: Hey, that’s pretty cool. M: [enthusiastic] WHAT UP, BIG BOY? [shout from outside] R: [softly] Okay, here we go. M: [slightly louder than usual] It’s from Amanda from New York. R: [loud] FUCK! R: [happy] Dude!
M: [shocked, happy] OH SHIT! Both: [enthusiastic] YEAH! R: [excited] Tang for fuckin’ days! M: That’s some Tang! Thank you so much! R: Hey, Matt. R: [small fart] M: [sighs] That’s good. R: That is good. [gulp]
M: Awh. It’s been too long, my dear. M: This is a package. JESUS CHRIST, it’s heavy. This is from- Straight from Amazon, so.. R: Away from you, you nincompoop.
M: [tired] I don’t care. M: [in awe] WHOA. Holy shit. M: Are these just some fuckin’- M: JESUS CHRIST. M: [slightly loud] I’m gonna get diabetes, now! R: They don’t want us.. to be healthy. M: No. You’re sending us- you’re sending us Tang, you’re sending us candy. M: [curious] What is this? R: [upbeat] Ooh, a little cat food. M: [tsks humorously] It’s called pussy. M: It’s Norwegian cat food, and it’s called Pussi. R: [lightly, fades away] Ahh.. M: Squeeze a little pus- AHh! Look at that. R: [interested ooh] M: [lightly] Hey, buddy, want some of this? M: [surprised] Aw, shit!
R: [softly] You spill it on the floor? M: Yeah, it’s going on the floor.. R: [impatient] EAT IT, DUDE.
M: This smells awful. R: He’ll go after your, uh, fuckin’- Oh. M: [slightly angry] Asshole. This was a gift. M: [off screen] This really got everywhere. M: But, viewer from Norway, thank you for the Pussi.
R: [makes a sword noise] M: From Danny K. From.. Tugun- Tuhunga, Californ- To Tujunga, California. R: [softly] What. R: [gasps]
M: Holy shit. R: WHOA. M: [enthusiastic] WHOA. It’s like Christmas! R: What is this? Go! Go! Hypergrind? M: [softly, confused] What the fuck..
R: [starts laughing very loudly and happily] M: [happy, still confused] What is this?
R: [says ‘What the fuck?’ sill laughing, end with an ‘ehh’] M: [happy] It’s really well done.
R: [starts laughing again, and says ‘It is.’] [smacking sound of the paper]
R: Perfect. R: Go! Go! Hypergrind.
M: [high-pitched] What the fu- Look. R: [classic goofy Ryan laugh!] M: Hashtag fun for Louis is a tool. R: Another ga-
M: [slightly excited] Oh, hell yeah. R: [small laugh] What is that?
M: [excited] Hell yeah! R: What is it? M: It’s call Dream Club. It looks like a dating sim- It’s a dating sim! R: A dating sim for the what?
S: It’s in Japanese, though. R: Xbox 360?
M: Oh, we have Viewtiful Joe 2, a classic game. M: ‘Yo, dudes enjoy the games. Uh, I have a bunch of weeaboo games. I was gonna send, but it’s M: ‘a hundred dollars to send. I nif- I live near you guys, so I can drop it off.’ R: Thank you! R: What is this? [excited] A bunch of Nerds Rope! M: [slightly excited] What? No way.
R: [happy humph] Yeah. M: Is it really?
R: [high pitched] Yeah! R: I think you’ll have Nerds Rope for- [laughs]
M: Dude, I have a life times supply! M: [happy] Yo, dude!
R: There we go! R: H-He’s set, he’s set. Thank you.
M: [disappointed] Just spilled my Tang all over my shirt.. R: Uh-oh.. M: ‘Dear Matt and Ryan, We’re sorry that there was something wrong with your new Lego set. M: ‘The parts you need are in this letter, so you can get building and have fun.’ R: [laughs] What? Did someone put a complaint in our behave? M: Yeah.. Thank you.
R: [laughs] R: There he is… Thank you very much.
M: There he is. Thank you. [glass shattering] M: This one’s from FoolishCaptainKia. M: [in awe] Aw, shit.
R: Whoa! R: WHOA! R: SuperMega Thumbnails.
M: It’s a book! M: And she sent us some.. Canadian candy.
R: [quietly] What is this? M: This is the person that does our thumbnails, n’ our intro, n’ stuff. R: [struggling] Go follow them on Twitter, or Instagram, or Tumblr, or whatever. R: They look like little M&Ms.
M: Lemme- Let me try one. [moist mouth noises] R: She drew one for me with me and the Iron Giant because I love the Iron Giant. And, she drew.. M: Me with Animal Crossing ’cause I love Animal Crossing. M: [in awe] That is so fucking cool.
R: [in awe] That’s so fucking cool. M: A-And this is.. this is a little like art book she made with all the stuff she’s drawn for us. All of our poses.. M: Uh, different, like, art from the thumbnails she’s done for us. M: Kia, thank you so much. This is so cool. M: ‘From your Canadian artist-
R: Fuck you!’ M: [slams knife on package] Last package. M: This is from France M: Last one. M: [surprised] Shit!
R: [slightly confused] What the fuck? M: Whoa! God, I’m gonna get diabetes! R: Bunch of Frech candy.
M: [overwhelmed] Bunch of French snacks! R: Thank you very much, I recognize the name. [box pushed off the table] R: [semi-enthusiastic] So thanks to everyone who gave us some mail. We had a.. wonderful time opening it R: because we’re greedy bastards. If you would like to send us more mail, the PO box is at the end of this video. M: Stick around for the end. You’ll- [upbeat] Send us something fun! R: Or not. Byee! [nice outro song]


  1. WTF I had no idea that smarties were a Canadian candy (unless they were bullshiting…) I was so confused when they didn't know what they were

  2. PLAY ELEDEES NOW (elebits if you happen to be an incompetent American) it was like half of the games I played in my childhood.

  3. (1:13 Pause at the right moment where Ryan's flip flop is showing) Is… is that a bottle opener on a flip flop?

  4. I swear the title was "tampons and candy" not feminine health products and candy. Mandela effect or did they just change it?

  5. OMG LMAO I'm gonna show my daughter the tampon part 😂😂😂😂 How to put a tampon in. 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Am I the only one that have noticed that they started changing the titles of these videos? Perhaps because of demonization?

  7. So, does anyone else suspect that those gummy bears were the infamous haribo sugarless gummy bears? I REALLY hope they didn't just eat them without thinking

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