MailChimp Automation is now FREE

MailChimp Automation is now FREE

– Hey guys, Mike here
from Sell Your Service! Now, you have absolutely no
excuse not to sell automation and marketing automation
in your business now. So I’m gonna teach you how to sell a marketing automation funnel for free. Here’s the deal, right? Recently, a couple of days
ago, MailChimp released a free version of their
automation platform. So what you usually had to pay for, for their automation,
you can now get for free. Ultimately what it means is that if you have up to 2,000 members
within your contacts list, now I’ll admit the way they
handle contacts isn’t brilliant. They kind of do it, if
you’ve got two lists and they have identical subscribers, they have 500 each and they’re identical, they’ll consider that 1,000
subscribers, so it’s not great, and their automation platform
is a little bit clunky, to be honest, and they’re gonna be chasing the e-commerce model more than anything. Having said that, if you’ve
never tried automation before, this is a fantastic time to do it. And if you don’t want to
spend thousands on software, this is the place to start. So I’m gonna show you how to sell a marketing automation funnel using MailChimp’s free
automation platform. This has five really really easy benefits that you can now bring
out of the marketing automation platform from MailChimp. So first of all, there’s
absolutely no investment required. This means that there’s no
risk if customers don’t pay. This is often one of the biggest drawbacks that a lot of Sell Your Service members and funnel builders
feel, is they think well, if I do it and then they don’t pay, I’m gonna be out of pocket. One, that’s not true
’cause you just cancel the service and everyone’s fine. Having said that, it’s a really easy way if you do just start setting
up automation funnels for your customers and
just jumping straight in without a setup fee. You can charge a setup
fee for the customer if you want, I think
you should personally, but now you don’t have to
worry about the monthly invoice and when starting out. You can just offer this
straight out the gate as part of your automation package. Number two, they have
pre-written sequences. So, you can deploy automation
sequences faster than ever because they have a bunch
of automation sequences already pre-written
based around e-commerce, nonprofit, education,
music, software, date based, custom ones, integration based ones, they’ve got loads of them. And what it means is that
whatever you want to look for, let’s say you want to
look at cart abandonment or product follow up emails, whatever it is you want to look at, you can dive straight into that and just copy and paste them and start filling it with content. It’s a really really
fast way if you’re about to start offering those to customers. Number three, what you can start offering to customers now is
subscribe to follow up, and obviously you should be doing this for your own business. So anyone who subscribes
to your newsletters, to your lead magnets, to your
downloads, to your webinars, whatever, you should be following
up with those subscribers. But what it means now is that
you can help people do that and it doesn’t cost you anything. Again, MailChimp’s
automation is not brilliant, but it’s a fantastic place to
start and learn automation. So this means you can now follow up your customers/subscribers for free and you can say to them
look, I’m gonna help increase the trust that your subscribers have with your business. So that’s what you can
start offering people now, is increasing the trust
with their new subscribers. Here’s the biggest one. This is massive, right? If you can offer cart abandonment emails to your customers for their customers, you’re gonna look like a rockstar. Basically this requires a
little bit of API knowledge, but overall it’s pretty easy to do. You can now capture lost
sales on automation for free! That’s how insane this is, right? MailChimp has got a
cart abandonment series which means that anyone who
fills out your online cart, and they’ve got loads of integrations with a bunch of different
e-commerce platforms, and it means that if people don’t buy they will be sent emails reminding them. Now, if I was an e-commerce store I’d be jumping on this,
because it’s free, right? There’s no excuse for you to not do it, it’s literally free. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do it. Having said that, if
you’re gonna be starting up and if this is your ground level, this is a great way for you
to find some quick traction and to say look, I’m gonna help you with your cart abandonment. And last we have our sales automation. So, you can build a proven and provable sales track record for
case studies, for example. You can start making sales 24 hours a day for your customers. Again, these are pre-written sequences within MailChimp’s free
automation platform. Finally, sales automation
is your bread and butter, from new subscribers and upsales and cross-sell campaigns,
and all this kind of stuff. The power of sales on
automation is kind of like having a sales team
working 24 hours a day, and you can now offer
that to your customers all through MailChimp platforms. Now, honestly if this
had happened earlier, I probably would have
been working on automation a lot earlier in my career. I’ve been avoiding having to pay for it right from the get-go, and we’re talking like no money, it’s like 10 bucks, but even that can be a
bit of a hustle to people. Particularly if you want
to get customers on board ’cause you think well, if
they don’t pay me the $50 and I won’t have the 10 bucks, and uh, it goes a bit complicated. You’ve got a golden
opportunity to start offering and using automation within your business, you should be doing it anyway, and this is one of the
best, in my opinion, email crafting platforms on the planet. Their automation’s not great and their kind of API service
is a little bit tricky, but in terms of crafting
emails, making them look nice, I think, they’re pretty
best in class at the moment. So, are you gonna start offering automation to your customers? Do you already use automation? What tools do you use? We’ve already had Drip mentioned, from Leadpages we use ActiveCampaign, we use InfusionSoft, we’ve
got SharpSpring, Marketo. What are some of the other big ones? FollowUp, is FollowUp one? Is FollowUp one? I don’t know. So tell me about that and tell me what your kind of favourite
ways to use automation are, tell me in the comments. And yeah, I will speak to you later. Cool, keep building those funnels! (upbeat music)


  1. I'm new to the automation game, and I'm trying to figure out if I should be using a CRM with the MailChimp Automation tools. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm trying to move from Campaign Monitor to Mailchimp but now I'm not sure if is a good idea. Mailchimp stopped my account because some issue the broke their "rules". The big cons in Mailchimp is the customer service. If you have any problem and is Friday.. you need to wait until Monday! and worst… you only can do it from 9 AM to 5PM…. Frustrating.

  3. Great Video!! I found that your video are the latest. However, can you make a new video for " How to Use MailChimp for E-Commerce: Connect Your Store."There is new updated 22 August, because without knowing this , it is impossible to launch "Thank first-time customers", recover abandoned Cart and etc. I think this video will going hot if you make it because no one make it by far.

  4. Hi, Please help me!
    I want to know why when I send test emails to myself using mailchimp, I do not get the emails in my primary inbox, they go to the "All mail" box in my gmail account? Does this happen to you? Will this happen when I send to my list? I really don't want to waste time with this if my emails are not going to be seen. What do you think? Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Excuse me but in my Mailchimp account I still don't have Automation button. What shall I do to have that Automation free?

  6. Hi! Can you create two sets of automation that subscribe people to one list? For example, I have two different freebies on my website, 7 sleep tips for babies and 5 sleep tips for toddlers. I created an automated email series for each that nurture the relationship but now I have two different lists. Hope I explained that properly. Thanks for the help.

  7. Hey thank you for the great content, it will be awesome if you can make a quick Mailchimp tutorial of an abandoned cart cheers

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