MailChimp Help: How to Add an Email Address to an Audience/List and a Group/Tag

MailChimp Help: How to Add an Email Address to an Audience/List and a Group/Tag

How to add an email address to a audience/list and a specific group or tag. So you’re gonna sign in to your list using your login information it’s going to look a little
different than this because I have tons of accounts that I take care of so this
is what you should see when you get in there and the area that we’re going to
go to used to be called list now it’s called audiences so we’re going to go up
to the left hand side on the navigation area and click on audience that equals
look so now we’re going to choose the list that we want to add the email
addresses to now it looks like we can’t add them here which really can’t this is
just some reporting information so you’re going to have to go over here to
the over to the right-hand side to manage audience and if you have if
you’re adding one at a time you can add a subscriber here so you’re going to add
the email address and if you need to you can also add the first name and last
name there if you have that information and then we have the interest groups
down here you’re just going to click on the interest group that you want to add
this email address to or if you’re using tags you would click in here we don’t
have any tags made for this list so you can’t
here but if you had tag you could cook in here that would be showing here and
you could find it you do have to click this person gave me permission to email
them and I always click on if this person is already on my list update your
profile just in case they are on your list it won’t get kicked back to you you
will know that this person actually did get added or updated now click Subscribe
and mission accomplished this email address was successfully
added to your list now let’s prove view the profile to make sure that it’s
correct we added this manually as we stand down this left-hand side it’s as
we added this manually and then over on the right-hand side we have no tag but
down on the profile information we can see there is the email address and then
a little bit further down in groups we can see the group that we put it in so
if you’re going to do things one at a time that’s how you do it so go back to
the list slash now audience and now I can add things in a bulk also now that I
went back to less this looks like the old snail chip left of the old mounted
way of doing things so I’m going to click on this add contacts up here and
then import contacts now I always copy and paste from file I think it’s the
easiest to get things in I think it’s the quickest because I get to match the
the fields I’m it good to make sure everything’s right I like that a little
bit more control so I think this is the easiest one and then you’re going to
just from your edge copy your spreadsheet from the bottom up
put your cursor down at the bottom and go up and copy your name and email
address and paste it in here you need to make sure that you you click the check
box to understand that your billing plan may be automatically upgraded so I’m
going to actually add another and next we’re going to see that we’re all said
to import perfect if you have maybe you you will be importing more than one
column we are not importing tags for this one we want to make sure that
people are subscribed we want to update with existing contacts just to keep that
email address is already there and now we want to add contacts to interest
groups we want to scroll down just a little bit and this interest groups
these are just like the overall groups and here’s the specific group that we
want to add to now we’re going to import and one contact with edit or of us so
we’ve added to an email address to a group both one at a time and a
cut-and-paste so we added more than one at a time and
look we can see both of those email addresses right

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  1. But how do you create a list?? I'm a newbie to mailchimp and just found that they don't have the name "Lists" anymore but I can't find it in audiences either.

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