Mailchimp users, we’ve got a real treat
in store for you guys! You’ve been asking for it, and now we finally delivered! You can now add MailChimp tags in your Thrive Themes products! So let’s talk about that… Hi! My name is David, from Thrive Themes. And, yes, you’ve heard me say this
correctly! You can now add tags from MailChimp in Thrive Themes. Now, in this
video I’m going to show you, first of all how these tags work on a Thrive Leads
Opt-in Form. Then second of all, I’m going to show you how they work on a quiz. So basically, how you can assign these tags on the answers that the visitor will
give you on a quiz in Thrive Quiz Builder. And last, but not least, I’m going
to show you how they are assigned to your subscribers, on your actual mailing
list in MailChimp. Now before I go on, Remember that you need to set up an API
connection with MailChimp on your website, in order for this to work. So, on this page you can set up the API Connection, if you’re not really familiar with the process, I made a tutorial about this and you can find the link for that tutorial in the description of this video. But, you know, after you’ve set that up the connection will be available and it will show up on
this page in the Thrive Dashboard. Now, here we are in Thrive Leads and this is one of our newest templates, as you can see, a gorgeous looking opt-in form… And, I’ve only tweaked it a bit in order for it to be something about fishing. Now… I’m not really sure why I chose this theme for this video, the fishing theme, but…
We’re just gonna go along with it πŸ™‚ Now, in order to add tags on this particular
opt-in form here’s what you need to do you need to select the actual Lead
Generation element, then go to “Connect Form to Service”. Now the MailChimp connection is done so we can simply select MailChimp from here. On the
second step which is called “Set Connection Details”, you can determine
where on your MailChimp platform you want to send the visitor that signs up
on this opt-in form. So first of all, choose the mailing list. We only have this one… Choose the grouping, in this case we’ll choose this particular grouping. Choose the group, we’ll choose “Beginner”.
Say that this is targeted towards beginning
fishermen (I don’t know the term) And last, but not least, you can add tags.
So, say that we have multiple opt-in forms and we want to keep track from which opt-in form the visitor has signed up and has arrived on our
MailChimp mailing list. So, we’re going to add “fishing beginner opt-in form 3”, say this is opt-in form number three. Who keeps track like that? I don’t know πŸ˜€ This is basically one single tag. In order to add more tags you need to add commas. So, another tag would be something like “10 tips”, because this is what we wrote on the opt-in form. For now, we’ll click on “Continue” And, on this step
you can determine what fields you want to display on the opt-in form, so for now
we’re just gonna leave the email field And on this last step
you can determine what happens after the visitor has subscribed, what
happens to the form and, in Thrive Leads you have this cool feature which is
called “Switch States”. So basically, on the same opt-in form, without reloading the page, you can display some sort of a “Thank You” message or maybe a promotional message after the visitor has signed up on the Opt-in Form. So, a really cool feature that we have in Thrive Leads. Now for the moment we don’t have multiple states on this opt-in form because this is just an
example and we’re going to click on “Reload Page”. And there you go, the opt-in form is set up and every visitor that will sign up on this one
will be sent to those locations that we have just set up and they will
be listed in your mailing list in MailChimp. All right, now we’re in
Thrive Quiz Builder and we are actually inside a quiz and we’re gonna go straight
to “Questions” to see how we can tag the answers so click on “Manage”. Now, as
you can see I’ve set up a very simple quiz with a couple of questions and to
see how I assigned these tags I’m going and edit the first question. So, this this
question basically says how often do you go fishing. So, by this I want to
determine how advanced is the visitor in terms of fishing. So, the first answer
here says “more than two times a week” this tells me that this guy
is pretty much into fishing, right? He goes he goes fishing really often,
so I assigned these tags: “often” and “fishing”, and on the MailChimp
platform I will see this visitor there and he will have these tags assigned, so I will be able to send him personalized stuff based on how
advanced he is in terms of fishing. Now, you’re probably confused a little bit
you’re saying that “Wait a minute… How will the visitor that will take the quiz
get to my MailChimp mailing list?” Well, he will have the option to sign up for a
free course on the results page and if he signs up there then he will also be
added to the mailing list of MailChimp. Now, this is all GDPR compliant,
let me show you how that works. So, this is basically the Results Page, this is
the page that the visitor will see after he has finished the quiz. And, first of
all, he is gonna see the result, and the result is one of two categories:
Either he is a “Fishing Amateur” or he is a “True Fisherman”, so he’s gonna see
this here and down below here we have a Dynamic Content, so if the visitor is a
fishing amateur then I’m gonna offer him this free course about ten fishing tips
that basically appeal to the fisherman that is sort of a beginner, an amateur. And, on this on this Lead Generation form,
if he signs up, he will be sent to MailChimp and he will have the the tags
assigned, letting me know that he is a beginner so on this Lead Generation form,
if we click and edit real quick here, as you can see I’ve set up the grouping and
everything and also set up tags here and there are basically these two tags and
additionally these tags will be added with the tags that were assigned to the
answers that the visitor has given. Does that make sense? So, I will have a
bunch of tags assigned for this visitor in MailChimp and he if he is a “True
Fisherman”, he will see this particular content, something more
advanced that will appeal to the “Advanced Fisherman”, and again if he signs
up on on this particular Lead Generation form that will only be shown to the
advanced users he will be sent to a different group and he will have
different tags. I really hope this makes sense because this is a really cool
feature that we have in Quiz Builder and you can display personalized content
based on their result. Now, I’m gonna take the quiz real quick and I’m gonna show you how this will then be shown in MailChimp with tags and groups and
everything and I’m gonna choose the answers that I would normally choose,
I’m not really experienced in terms of fishing so, “rarely”, “don’t really pay attention”,
“I didn’t use any techniques”. So now, this is the Results Page and, as
you can see, I am shown the beginner’s, the amateur fisherman (I think it was)
Dynamic Content so I’m gonna enter my email address and name so it can be
something, you know, Joe Doe instead of John Doe (I don’t know) Something dummy we don’t really care about that and we’re gonna subscribe, we’re gonna sign up on this
Opt-in Form, Now, here we are on the MailChimp platform and we’re currently
looking at our mailing list so this is basically the Fhishing Course Mailing
List and here we see all of the people that have signed up and, you know, they
have been placed in various groupings and various groups so as you can see
here we have all of these subscribers and here are the two
groupings, if you remember 10 Tips Fishing Course and Fishing Quiz so
here we have the beginner group and here is what we’re interested in, this
is our quiz and this in particular is the the participant of the quiz that was
me actually just a few seconds ago. So, we’re gonna click on this entry
and as you can see, we have a couple of details here and we have all of the tags
that were assigned to the answers that I have given. So, this is how
you can basically use tags in Quiz Builder and determine how advanced or
how much of a beginner a visitor really is and what exactly can you send him in
order to make perfect sense, in order to send him something that he
really needs. And, remember that this everything was GDPR compliant,
above the signup form on the results page we wrote a little text that says
“Okay, if you sign up you’re gonna get free access to our course but also, you
know, we’re gonna send you some personalized emails”. So, that’s very
important, don’t forget about that aspect. And also, in MailChimp you can set
up very easy email automations especially now that you have tags so, for
example we can create a campaign and we can select “Email Your Tagged Contacts”, so we’re going to select the mailing list
and then basically you can add a trigger, you can determine what
tags you want to use, so I have all of these tags that were entered with the answers with the quiz participants and
all that and you can basically set this up in MailChimp really easy. Now, that’s
pretty much it for this video, I really hope you enjoyed it and you didn’t find
it too technical and too complicated and if you’re not a MailChimp user
you can go ahead and create a free account and test this tags feature with
Thrive Themes as well, and then if you’re not a Thrive Themes user, you
can go ahead and check out both Thrive Leads and Thrive Quiz Builder in the
description of this video because we’ve got some amazing features that you
definitely need to check out. As I said, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you have
any other questions or suggestions of what you would like to see in these
videos, let us know by leaving a comment below. So, I’ll see you guys in the next video!


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    BTW, Great videos as always. πŸ‘

  4. Hello, When I wanna used tags on my forms always I receive this message: "An error occurred while submitting your data. Please try again". Without tags the form is sent correctly. I tried with two diferent CMS and in both I get the same result. What can I do?
    Thank you.

  5. Big question please, how do you test your API connection to ensure they work properly? I'm having the problem that I can't seem to use the same email twice to test a connection. I input a new email address into the API form.. Then I delete the email address from my MailChimp mailing list. Then I make some tweaks to the form. But when I try to input the same email to retest the form MailChimp ignores it. It won't re-add that email address to the mailing list How do you use the same address test your forms multiple times? Or do you use a different email address for each test? Thanks for the help

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