1. My Friend , Does the Webmaster Account Give you more Commission than The standart account

    Example: in a standart account Epn Gives 5% for Banggood
    How much does it Give in a Webmaster Account ? More or the Same?

  2. Hi! can you tell me what this means?

    *Contextual advertising in the partner program AliExpress is allowed with the following restriction: in keywords, text and title of the ad it is forbidden to use the words aliexpress / aliexpress and the like (including spelling with errors and in other languages). Brand inquiries (alibaba, aliexpress, alibaba, aliexpress, as well as similar spellings or spelling with errors) should be added to the list of negative keywords.

    So if I upload a video on youtube, I can't use the word AliExpress?

  3. Thank you for this guide, sounds very interesting I will definitely try it. And one question, if I want to promote products from Aliexpress and GearBest, do I need to sign first on their affiliate program and then to EPN, or only directly to EPN?

  4. Hi there my friend, do you also recommend on a certain Aliexpress plugin that will show organized products results in my WordPress? Like this one for example: https://alipartnership.com/aliplugin/
    I am looking for a nice way to show few products (from the same category) but not separately, I want to show them in a single page – all together. What do you suggest please? Thanks!

  5. I think we are missing here the most important question: What is ePN earning with all of this thing? Why are they paying me for using their links? Where do they get the benefit? This business model is a bit strange and suspicious to me. If Aliexpress or whatever are selling products at one price, why ePN can make money from it and give it to me? I don't get it

  6. Admitad Affiliate Program – If you dont like ePN – you can try this program (almost the same as ePN but with hundreds another programs like Aliexpress(dhgate etc)) – https://goo.gl/tSSbXY

  7. I only created my account on portal.aliexpress.com but I want to continue with ePN Affiliate Program. What should I do now? Can I promote a product on Linkedin?

  8. In the 2018 ePN changed registration page. So just register as webmaster and see my further instructions.
    💰 ePN Aliexpress Affiliate – http://got.by/3cvx9w
    0:01 – Introduction (what is affiliate program and how to earn money)

    2:56 – Example how to earn on youtube reviews

    3:32 – Why you dont receive money for some orders

    4:45 – ePN aliexpress rates (on summer 2017)

    5:43 – My statistics (I dont have stable source of traffic)

    6:45 – History of my payments

    7:21 – Statistics and payments of youtube channel with 70k subscribers

    8:48 – Registration in ePN as webmaster

    9:25 – Adding traffic sources

    10:09 – Creating affiliate link and deeplink

    11:07 – Why deeplink is better

    12:01 – When money will be available for withdroval

    12:52 – Browser's extantion

    13:17 – Example of others sources of traffic

    14:04 – How to withdroval money

    14:52 – FAQ and ePN rules

  9. Good job. Great video!!! I worked with russian ad1 affiliate programm but I don't want to sell bad goods for my customers. The better idea is to make friendship with your costomers. To make this you need better quality goods with good price and nice service. For example look at Xiaomi ….

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