Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Instagram In 2019

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Instagram In 2019

Hey, what’s going on my friend? Ramon Cadiz here. Coming to you with this new video. Today what we’re gonna be touching on is how to start affiliate marketing in 2019 on Instagram. And mind you, that this video is based on affiliate marketing but I want you to know, if you’re looking to
make money on Instagram you don’t have to be super
business oriented right, to be making money on Instagram. You don’t need to, you know, don’t over complicate it. You know, if you’re in hip hop, right, and you’re growing a following. And you wanna make more money or you’re into, you know, selling candles. Whatever it is, I want you to know, that this is gonna be
a step by step tutorial on how to start monetizing your Instagram, your Instagram following
and your account, right. And building a business, a cash heavy, profitable business leveraging internet, Instagram, right. And being able to you know, learn how to start generating traffic and learn how to start
converting that traffic into you know, paying customers. And not, when I say, right make money on Instagram and convert people into buyers, right, on the other side of the spectrum you can leverage this and learn how to turn people onto you, right. Because if your product is free then you are the product. And sometimes in different niches, different industries, you
wanna sell someone on you. Right? Right now, so later on in the game you can sell them on something whether, you know, it’s a product, it’s a course, it’s a system, it’s an album, whatever it is. This is the step by
step process to do that. So, before we hop into
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value out of this video I also invite you to click the like button ’cause it helps the video out. And I appreciate that too. So, let’s hop into this guys. You wanna start making money as affiliate on Instagram, right? You wanna start, you know, crushing it and making money. You know, leveraging
the Instagram platform. Quick little side note,
Instagram was how I first got my foot in the door to making money online. Really when I was in college, you know, three years ago. You know, I was, you know,
dabbling with my friend, right. My friend came to me one day. Hey was like, yo, bro, I
got this Instagram account. It has like 20,000 followers. Do you think you could figure out how to make money with it? And at the time, right, I thought 20,000 followers was super crazy. ‘Cause I wasn’t really ever
super into social media. And he came to me with that. And I was like, wow! That’s awesome. Yeah! Heck yeah! Shoot. I’ll figure it out. So I’m Googling and YouTubing how to make money on Instagram. You know, one thing led to another, right? And I figured out, in this whole process, that’s kind of, what put me on the path of entrepreneurship as
a internet entrepreneur. So, Instagram is cool and you’re definitely talking to, you know, not like the ultimate
Instagram guru, right. Or a guru at all, honestly. But I’m someone that’s
gotten in the trenches and has you know, a good understanding of Instagram platform and
I’ve made, you know, money on Instagram, right. So, guys first off, when you look into affiliate marketing
on Instagram, right. And quickly what affiliate marketing is, right, for those of you who
don’t really understand it. Affiliate marketing is
selling other people’s (clears throat) products for a commission for a portion of the sale, for a percentage of the sale. And that’s really what you can do. But you can also leverage this to sell your own stuff for you know, 100% of the profit. You could you know, do whatever the heck you want with the traffic that you’re gonna be monetizing. But this, like I said, it’s geared towards affiliate marketing. But first off you wanna build your influence. You wanna build your following, right. ‘Cause that’s where it all starts. You wanna build your tribe. Right, you wanna (clears throat) leverage. Let me get a sip of
water real quick because Ahh. You wanna leverage social media, right, to attract, you know, a tribe of fans, followers, supporters, right. Your vibe will attract your tribe. You are a unique person. You are a unique brand. You are a unique business. But you have to take social media, AKA Instagram, right. Take that and use that to be able to attract on a mass scale, the people that wanna work with you. The people that wanna buy from you. The people that are like you. Right, that you want following you, you want supporting you that’s really what you wanna do. So also, with market Instagram, with internet entrepreneurship in general, right, a lot of people, and this is something I that I, you know, hold so dearly to me because
this is just how I think. Right, I think of, right
now, what do I have to do right now, to make money? What do I have to do right now to grow my influence to, you know, to impact more people, right? But I also, and when I look at anything I do online, when I look at anything
I do in my business, I always think long term. What’s your end goal? What do you want? And it’s okay if you don’t know specifically your end goal
which you wanna create. But you wanna have an idea of what you wanna do. Right, so you wanna identify
what is your end goal? And work backwards from that right. If you wanna make $10,000 a month, if you wanna have a brand
new Maserati , right or maybe you just wanna
pay off your bills, or just spend time with
your family, right. You wanna identify what your end goal is and work backwards from that. Right, identify what your perfect business looks like, right. What you can picture it
and imagine it, right. You can then manifest
that into physical reality but first you have to
identify where you wanna go and move backwards from that. That’s gonna work in tangent with building your Instagram profile and your influence. Because essentially your Instagram profile is gonna be, you know, the forefront of your social media presence and that’s what’s really gonna attract the quality, the caliber of person that you’re trying to attract. And, you know, that’s gonna eventually, hopefully buy from you or move into giving you money somehow,
someway, some form through your monetization. So I just want you guys
to keep that in mind. So what is your end goal? When building on Instagram, I’m gonna give you guys a
quick little run through. And really everything you need to know about building and Instagram, right. This is my personal Instagram account. But I want you to know, when you’re building an Instagram, there’s really a couple
avenues you can go. I’m gonna be real with you. I’m gonna be transparent with you. I’m gonna let you know what’s up. Alright? So, you’re gonna know what’s up. You can either do it yourself and there’s a few ways
you can do it yourself. You could manually go in. You can, you know, go through the hashtags. Right, so let’s say for instance I’m in internet entrepreneurship. Let’s just say for instance I want you know, I looked up entrepreneur, right, as a hashtag. Let me put a little hashtag
in there real quick. Right, I look up hashtag entrepreneur. You know, this is a broad hashtag so maybe the broad ones aren’t always the best ones to go into. But let’s just say entrepreneur life. And it was seven million people. Right, this is a pool
of seven million people that are into the entrepreneur life. So, us as entrepreneurs, whatever niche that you fall into, whether is affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales. You know, you’re a
rapper, you’re a singer, you’re someone that, you know, jumps through hula hoops
that are on fire, right, or you just dance. Whatever your niche is. Whatever your avenue is you wanna identify what hashtags your target audience is using. And this is all falling to the first step which is building your account. And to build your account you obviously have to know where to go to network. So let’s say if you were
in high school or whatever, and you wanna, you know,
build your friend base, right, you wanna go to where
your potential, you know, friends, are hanging out. So if you’re into, like, football, right. Then you go hang out with the people that are into football. If you’re into basketball you go hang out in the basketball court. You know what I mean? So hashtags is basically pools of people that are into a specific topic. So, entrepreneur life obviously anyone that, you know, has used
this hashtag more or less would be into what I’m about, right. Elon Musk, for instance, right. This Elon Musk post, right. Elon Musk is awesome. That dude is, you know, is a boss. I personally follow him as
a business entrepreneur. But, you know, these are, everyone
that posts here, right. Everyone that uses, right, the hashtag, internet entrepreneur life, right. These are like I said, people that are into
the entrepreneur life. So, usually the top couple posts here are the ones that are the most popular. So if I click this one right here, right, this has 7,000 people potentially that are all into the entrepreneur life. So you can go, start following people. Start going on their profile, liking some photos, leaving a meaningful comment. And this is a day by day thing, guys. This particular way of building
your Instagram account. I’m gonna touch on, you know, a couple quickly, right. But this is, you know, you just go out you know, to build. You know, lay a brick
every single day, right. Turn people onto you. Start connecting. And then I know, you know, one month may pass and you might not see a lot of traction, but 12 months passes, 24 months passes, you’re gonna build your following. You’re gonna build people that are gonna follow you, you know, to the end. And that’s really what it’s all about. So, guys. That’s the hashtag strategy, right. You can go on them. You know, influencers in your space. Let’s say, you know, one that just comes to the top of my mind, quickly right, Russell Brunson. Let’s say Russell Brunson, right. This dude is an internet
entrepreneur, man. I’m sure a bunch of
you guys know who he is and if you don’t, you know, then you will eventually. But, right, this dude, you can go on his profile, right. This is just, you know, my
particular niche for instance. But, you know, this is a
bunch of people, right, that are commenting,
liking, all on his posts. This is traffic that I want coming to me. So I can go in here and you know, kind of how I like to say it, you can go in here and eat his traffic. Right, you know, which
kind of sounds weird. But that’s just one way to go about it. So you know, you can manually
build your Instagram profile or you can automate it, right. There’s different automation softwares. I’m not gonna go into that
super in depth in this video. But I’m just planting the seed and I’m giving you an idea to take, right. And go do your own research, implement it. Right, you know, email me if you ever have any questions
or anything like that. Right, but I’m sure with Google, YouTube, and the World Wide Web, you know, shouldn’t, it’s not that hard, you know. There’s automating but you can also pay an agency to build your Instagram account for you, but whatever it is you wanna be building your following of people
that are interested in what you got going on. So that’s the first step. So let’s, let’s revert
back to the word doc here. So build, what’s your end goal? What business do you wanna build? Build that. Quickly now, engage. What is the content needed to engage that audience, to
keep them interested in you, and to turn them from a follower to a loyal and raving fan. And guys, this is all
leading up to selling them and making money,
leveraging Instagram. But you have to get the
core fundamentals down first before you move, right. You gotta woo the girl before you try to hop into bed with her. If you try to hop into bed
with her the first night it may or may not work, but chances are, 60% of the time it won’t work. Or 70. Or 80. Depending on, you know,
results aren’t typical. So, don’t be typical. But, you know, depending on you. But you know, you want, engage, right. So, let me give you a little
gist of engaging, right. Like I said, internet
entrepreneurship, right. I’m gonna start posting
more videos and me, right but what you wanna do
is you wanna post posts, that will, you know, that are attractive to your target audience. Like I post some quotes here, different things. You know, whenever I
post something, right, this is going into the
engaging part, right, because now, you know, you understand you have to build your profile. You have to build your following but you also have to engage
with your new followers. And also engaging with
your new followers, right. It’s like when your thinking about it like you’re in college, you’re in high school, and you’re engaging with certain people that’s gonna attract other people to you. And that’s kind of, you know it’s just a big snowball effect. So, alright let’s take this
post for instance, right. When I post it … Like okay, let me show you guys real quick and give you guys an idea. What I do personally when I post, okay let’s just scroll up. I, you know, I have my
little caption right, you know, start, stop being a consumer start being a creator. Let 2019 be the year you flip the switch. Alright, this is a copy and paste thing I have in my notepad, or whatever. I go to post a new post I just
copy it and paste it on here. Give it a couple of call to actions. Like, comment, tag a friend. You can copy this is
you want to, feel free. You know, follow at
itsramoncadiz for more. Turn on post notifications. Basically you’re giving them a couple call to actions. That’s gonna help me build my page. Every time I post something I throw, you know, some, some hashtags. Put hashtags, like I said, the hashtags that you post here are the hashtags where your target audience is hanging out. So, you wanna post, you know, let’s say hashtag laptop lifestyle. If I click that hashtag, right, my goal is with my post I want it to reach the top, you know, the top posts, right. So when it reaches the top posts the people that are, you know, the one million people that are into this are gonna be able to see that and therefore attract more people to me. But you know, like I said, you know, when you’re posting something when you’re building your
wall of content, right, you want to, like I said, post things that serve your target audience, that your target audience
is gonna be attracted to and start engaging them because this is what’s gonna, you know, get them emotionally ready
to make a sale with you or move forward in business with you. So, remember when you’re
building you wanna engage, right. Let’s say you’re in hip hop, right if you’re in music, right. You’re building your audience, you wanna engage your
audience with content and if you don’t then you
know, what are you doing? We’re in a digital age where you have to be content creating. You know, content creation, you know, staying in the face of
your customer, right. Even 30 years ago with
traditional advertising, billboard advertising, you
know, commercials, right, always stay in the face of your customer. ‘Cause some people say, you know, takes like five to seven, five to seven touches
before someone buys, right. You know, you can kind of put that into you know, internet terms, right. So, now that you’re building your, you’re building your Instagram profile, you’re building your followers, you’re engaging your following with the content needed that
they’re gonna like, right. You wanna move to selling, right. Build, engage, sell. Now that you’re ready to sell what is your USP? And what USP stands for is what is your unique selling position. What puts you aside from everyone in the marketplace? What puts your offer aside from everyone in the marketplace? So let me show you an example of mine. Like, I put here. Right, I try not to make income claims but this is a legitimate. You start making 500 to $3,000 per day. Right, leveraging social
media and the internet, being an internet entrepreneur. Right, living the laptop lifestyle. That’s my unique selling position. Right, you click my link and it’s how to start
earning $500 to $3,000 per day starting today. FYI, anyone here looking to start actually making money leveraging
social media and internet, I’m gonna leave, you know, a link in the description below this video of my number one
recommendation which is this to make money online go click that. Go check that if you’re really serious about making money online. But, you know, you just wanna come up with your unique selling position. Whatever your niche is you want to become different. You don’t wanna be the same old, you know, drop shipper selling the same thing as everyone else. You don’t wanna be that,
just that, you know, just fizzle away into the marketplace. You wanna be someone unique. You wanna bring something that’s completely and totally different that no one has seen. Right, or even if it is something that everyone has seen before, you wanna, you know, mold it in a way that, that, that that is attractive to your target customer in a way that, you know, that’s gonna make them wanna buy. So like I’m into affiliate marketing, internet entrepreneurship
and stuff like that. But I talk about personal development, spirituality, stuff that you know, I’m personally into ’cause my vibe is gonna attract my tribe. And when I attract my tribe, right, they wanna move on with
what I’m offering them whatever it is. But you wanna have that
unique selling position. Right, instead of being the same old you know, with me for instance, it’s all the same old laptop
lifestyle person, right. There isn’t a million of those, right? You know, make money online. You wanna be different, right. If you’re, you know, let’s say if you’re like hip hop, rap, right. You don’t wanna be the same
old rapper as everyone else you wanna be actually having a message. And when you have a message that’s real right, people are gonna follow you. And that’s really what it’s about and that’s really what
you wanna be looking for when you’re affiliate
marketing on Facebook, I mean on Instagram, right, in 2019. Also, cool little thing you wanna be leveraging
a sales funnel, right. This is gonna bring people through, through ’cause when you
wanna make money online it’s not, you know, an
affiliate marketing, for instance. It’s not bringing someone
quickly to your check out page and then hoping that they buy, you know. It’s the process that
you take them through. And that’s with anything, right? Even going back to the girl instance. It’s the process you take her through that can potentially get
you where you wanna go. And you know, it works for anything. You know, quickly with affiliate marketing and a sales funnel, you wanna have your
landing page right here. You wanna collect their e-mail, right. Then you bring them over
to a thank you page. Right, and where you
know, I introduce myself. I warm them up to where
they’re going on the next page. Right, and then they can watch the video and to see what I got to offer them. But, guys, build, engage, sell. Start leveraging this three step process to start becoming a
successful internet, you know, Instagram influencer, you know, affiliate marketer here in 2019. Guys, start leveraging the internet to build a widely successful business. Start creating a following, creating a you know, creating an impact while making that income that you desire. It’s possible. You don’t need a million people following you to make money. You just need 100 people that are, that are crazy about you. That will buy from you
again, again, and again. People, you know, that love you. That know, like, and trust you. And you can do that by
building day by day, taking it a step at a time. Connecting with people. People that comment on
your Instagram stuff, reply to them. People that DM you, reply to them. And don’t just like shove
them away, you know. Don’t be all bougie. Be real with them. Have connections. That’s a human being you’re speaking to. A lot of people get caught up, right. They think you know,
internet is just, you know, people, you know, numbers, and all that. It’s people. These are real people and you can create a real movement if you do it the right way. So, guys, this is basically it. If you guys got some
value out of this video, like I said, leave a thumbs up. I highly appreciate it. If you wanna start making money online and partner with me, you know, making money on the internet, living that laptop lifestyle, I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below. If you have any questions,
comments, concerns leave them below in the comment box. I read all the comments. I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say about this. And really, at this point, all you have to do is go out, and take massive action. ‘Cause once you do go out
and take massive action, you’re gonna see that the lifestyle that you’re after, that the business that you’re after, that, you know, the Instagram
account that you’re after, the following that you want, is there, you just have to go and grab it. You just have to go out there and do what you need to do. Right, go out there and grind. And when you see that you
go out there and grind the universe will repay
you for your actions and for your efforts. So guys, go out there, crush it. Start making money as an
affiliate marketer in 2019. And this call is a wrap, so I will catch you
guys in the next video. Bye for now. (upbeat music)


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