Marketing Minute 90: Strategy – Marketing Action Plan

So you’ve got the business idea, you’ve done
the research, worked out your mission and value proposition — now how do you take it
to market? Larry Huston of Procter & Gamble in the ’80s: “A true measure of a positioning is its simplicity.
When presenting the concept to the consumer, we must provide a clean, easily defensible,
clearly articulated, emotionally satisfying, thoroughly convincing, superior answer to
the deceptively simple question, “Why should I purchase from you?” If you’ve completed the first few steps correctly
you’ll already know the ‘buyer persona’ of your ideal customer, the problem you’ll solving
for them and why they should buy from you. Now you just need to communicate it! A marketing action plan should be prospect
focused, content driven, measurable, ROI driven and — in this new world of inbound marketing,
automated. After all, why set-up an effective marketing strategy that only performs once
— create great content your customers want to see, deliver it through a systemized process
that drives analytics and then set it on ‘auto pilot’. I’m Tony Eades from the BrandManager and I’ll
be back soon with another Marketing Minute.

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