MO Wants To Stop… Fan Mail Special

MO Wants To Stop…  Fan Mail Special

Romas, I don’t want to make videos
anymore. Nobody supports us… Not at all… You don’t want to make anymore… I don’t want to… I am tired after summer. We’ve made so many videos. Yes. No one is interested. That’s it, I’m stopping my career That’s it. Stay there… Oh come… I’ll give your glasses. Here they are. Where did you get it from? Read it. You can say who sent you this
box. I have covered the address. Read
the name. I don’t know. By the sticker papper. No, no. Not there.
Look… Some kind of Elena. Yes. Who’s Elena? Your fan. Who? Your fan. My fan? She has sent you this. Don’t take the
sticker out. It covers the address. So? Open it up. I have helped you. What do I open? I haven’t seen what’s inside. You take it
out. Oh! A box of sweets. Yes. Look inside, maybe there’s more inside. What can… Let me help you. Open it up. Here you are. A postcard? I don’t know. I can’t see through… A letter. I don’t know if you get many letters, but
I have noticed that there’s a possibilty
to write you, so I decided to do it. As you might have already noticed,
I’m writing to you from Germany. I’m currently working in a coffee shop. I
used to work in the kitchen more than I
do now. I had to change my job. I had a dream to
make food since I was a child, that’s why
I’m watching your recipes. I haven’t seen all of them, but I haven’t
had a chance to make any of them. It’s summer season and I work a lot. From
11 to 21. Sometimes even longer. I don’t remember the last time I have
made anything at home. … to visit… I don’t know about MO’s
health, but it would be incredible if she
responded to me. Where did MO learn beauty and wellness
about food? Was she interested in food since she was
a child? How’s the health? MO looks like
a nice and warm woman. How old is MO, if I may ask. I saw a dog
in some of the videos. Whose is she? How
many children does MO have? I hope I had made your day. I wish you
all the best. Sincerely, Elena from
Germany. Look at it, grandmother. Your real fan
has sent you [a parcel] from Germany! Okay. Look how people like what you are
doing. Yes, yes. Isn’t it nice to get something? Yes, it’s very nice. So… Thank, Elena for this letter. It’s
incredible to get something like this. Yes. If someone else would like to sent us
somoething, I’ll leave our address Thank you again. It’s incredibly awesome
to get the first package. Yes. Here it is. We have earned it, right? Of course we have earned it. Look at it,
MO, our first package. Yes. Thank you, Elena, for your presents. So, Elena, we might answer the rest of
your questions some other time, but we’ll
answer probably the main question. Where did you learn to make this food, MO? I finished Šiauliai Trade School there
they had chef studies. I have been
studying for 2 years. But in your village you also liked to…
You know… Make food. Yes, I liked it since I was a child. My
older sister would go clean the garden and
I would make the food. Mh-hm. This is how it was in the family. It wasn’t usual, Romas, I simply liked it. No, no I mean you devided the work. This
is there all of this… … Came from, yes… And you still showing it [how to make
food] to people. Yes, I’m still showing it… Try it. How is it? It’s tasty!


  1. Parašykite mums klausimą. Į kai kuriuos atsakysime 🙂
    Give us a question. We'll answer some of them 🙂

    Send us a fan letter 🙂
    Romas Gaucas and MO
    Kauno 21-asis pastas
    184 Raudondvario st.
    Kaunas, 47149

  2. Tikrai nesustokit,labai stebinat,net jūsų video pazystamiems rodau .Padesiu kiek galėsiu.Stebinkit ir toliau visus.💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🎈🎈🎈🎈🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍

  3. Nooo, she must continue. I have learn so much and now can i make lithuanian food.( my husband from there) so for me močiutes videos mean a lot…

  4. Visai atsitiktinai pamaciau jusu video, jus tokie faini abu! 🙂 Romai tavo mociute man taip primine mano baba kuria as meiliai vadindavau BA.🙂 O uz vis nuostabiausias man jusu bendravimas.😍 Na tikrai, taip ir nukelet mane i tuos grazius laikus kai galejau dziaugtis savo BA draugija.🙂

  5. Why MO wants to stop?это печально.I took so many recipe from your grandma and always watched your videos😔😔😔😟

  6. Sveiki…labai neseniai pamaciau jusu video ir pirma karta buvo pries pora sau galvoju ooo geras idomu…praita savaite vel tam paciam kita jusu video ziurejau…ir pamaciau kad jus turite youtube kanala…ka as noriu pasakyt…tik jus nesustokit, o jau mociute kokia nereali ji tikras energijos uztaisas yra…vakar daug jusu video ziurejau,nu ka sarasiu pirkiniu deliojuos nes visi MO patiekaliukai atrodo be galo be galo gardziai…daug patiekalu noriu pabandyt…dideles jums kantrybes ir sekmes.jusu MO didziausi linkejimai ir perduokit kad karjeros uzbaigti tikrai nereikia…ji dar tik isivaziuoja…:)






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