Music Producers – Are Email Lists Still Relevant For Selling Beats in 2017?

Music Producers – Are Email Lists Still Relevant For Selling Beats in 2017?

Producers, it’s Curtis king of,
here to answer a question is an e-mail list still relevant for a producer in 2017? Wait
what? Producers I get asked this question very often
because I think that producers get so confused and overwhelmed when they think about an email
list. They think about like man is that another website I have to maintain? Is it something
where I gotta send out newsletters? I don’t feel like typing, I’m not a copyrighter,
I don’t like to type man, I just like to sell beats and go on about my life. I understand
that but if you’re willing to invest just a little bit more energy into your email list
I’m guaranteeing you that not only will it increase your sales but it will make sure
that you have supporters for the rest of your production career. Now an e-mail list, what is an e-mail list?
An e-mail list is basically a compilation of people who have either shown interest into
buying your beats maybe they’ve already bought beats but it basically it’s a compilation
of people who you are basically in charge of providing value for, now value can be the
beats that you provide or value can be information that you provide. We’re gonna talk about
that very briefly also when I first got an e-mail list I was doing it the wrong way.
I thought man, I’m a get an e-mail list full of all the people that kinda wanna buy
beats and then I’m a just spam them every single week and say yo got some new beats
for you man. And when I did that I found that not only
was it not making it to these customers, these customers didn’t care about it because it
was just way too sales-ey, it was way too direct, it was way to, yo, come but my beats
I need money. It looked way too desperate. And what I’ve learned is that you’ve gotta
finesse the email list, you gotta finesse it. Now what kind of email providers can you go
to? I love MailChimp and I also love GetResponse. I’ve used both of them over the years and
I found that they both have their own benefits I love GetResponse because it tells me whenever
an e-mail I put together you know, it gives you a spam score to tell you if that e-mail
is gonna make it to people’s inboxes or if it’s going to actually fall off the face
of the earth into the spam folder. MailChimp is great because I’ve created e-mail funnels
and that’s a whole other subject probably a whole ‘nother video. E-mail funnels are
basically automated emails that go out over a span of a certain amount of days after somebody
signs up for your email list so imagine somebody getting a bunch of e-mails that point them
in directions of other products that you provide for artists. It’s really helpful, mail chimp has a great
funnel system and I feel like because I have made myself so informed about these platforms,
I have been able to establish relationships and really just friendships, these are not
just customers of mine. Same way you could be a fan of a song but not necessarily a supporter
of the artist, it’s the same thing about my customers, they’re not customers, they’re
supporters of mines. They became customers once they bought one beat, but they became
a supporter once they saw my heart, once they saw that I was sending out emails that weren’t
just hey man I got ten new beats come check them out. I send out e-mails that said hey,
SoundCloud might be shutting down, here’s some helpful advice to you and within the
actual email I said here’s some interesting points that you may want to check out, here’s
an article that I cited and at the bottom of that I say hey by the way I have two free
new beats while I got your attention. That email had almost a forty five percent open
rate which is very high with an e-mail list especially if you have you know more than
a thousand e-mails, is very high. So, with that said yes e-mails are super relevant,
they’re even more relevant when your favorite websites decide to shut down, we just mentioned
SoundCloud a couple videos ago if Sound Cloud shuts down, you’re gonna be relying on your
e-mail hopefully you’ve been compiling e-mails but you gonna have to rely on that. Any website
can basically shut down for a temporary time, maybe it gets hacked, maybe the server goes
down, it could happen to any website, it could happen to YouTube, I’ve seen it happen to
YouTube. That being said what are you going to do? You better make sure that you have
an e-mail list full of supporters, full of people that you’ve invested so much value
into, that now they say man I love opening up your emails cause I either get some motivation
from you Curtis, or I get some information I didn’t know or I get to see the two newest
beats that you’ve done or I get to have a heads up before everybody else in your particular
network knows about your beats, there’s so many benefits to being on an e-mail list
but you’ve gotta figure out what benefits you want to offer that’s something else
so to. If you’re going to start an email list and
you want to get emails you’re gonna have to have some kind of a reason why people need
to sign up. Some producers say hey, 10 free beats if you sign up for my e-mail list today.
Now that’s kind of excessive I wouldn’t necessarily do that but I understand why it
works because e-mails are the most important thing that you can get from somebody. So,
I’ll go into more detail in other videos about some email strategies and things to
look out for but for the most part – yes, you need an e-mail list. You need to be compiling
that thing like yesterday, you can go through all your old PayPal transactions and scoop
up some emails and actually send them out a very welcoming and very nice and kind e-mail
that says hey would you mind if I added you to my e-mail list and then you’ll find that
a lot of people will actually respond to you. You gotta have an e-mail list, an e-mail list
saved my business in 2015, I was going down a path where I was in a mood to make trap
beats, all I wanted to do is make a trap beats. What I found in my actual e-mail though when
I sent out a survey, was that over eighty percent of my audience wanted hip hop beats.
I almost derailed my business not knowing what my customers wanted and the way that
you know what they want is by having conversations within those emails, you’re speaking to
one person, don’t hey ya’ll I got, no, no, no, no. No hey y’all I got new beats.
Hey you, I want to have a conversation with you, I got some value that I think I can offer
you and if you need new beats, I got new beats. Once again this is Curtis King of
I hope you found value in this information, you have a good one, peace


  1. It's hit or miss. Email lists are a waste of time and money if you're ONLY selling beats. You'll see everyone who opened your email and that's it. If you sell merch, do graphic design, have a recording studio anf do networking events then yea people will sign up.

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