My Website Traffic From Social Media Sites-My Surprising Discovery

My Website Traffic From Social Media Sites-My Surprising Discovery

in this video I want to share with you a
surprising lesson that I picked up or learnt fairly recently only in the last few
weeks and it has to do with social media sites and
marketing or digital marketing and the value of the various social media sites
to a small business owner a guy like me or perhaps a guy like you or a girl like
you who is trying to develop a business grow a business grow a brand or whatever and
they try and use social sites which is perfectly understandable to grow the
brand grow the business grow a client base generate leads and so on in
December 2019 today is the 1st of January 2020 but last month just over
the Christmas period I decided to have a look at my Google Analytics to see
exactly where my site traffic website traffic was coming from what sites were
delivering the most traffic before I go into that and before I explain or give
you the breakdown we all have our favorite sites we all have a particular
view perhaps of for example Facebook and you might think that Mark Zuckerberg
for example and Facebook generally have a fairly loose lax attitude to privacy
for example and you may have seen him being questioned by the various
committees in the United Kingdom and in the United States about privacy rights
of users of Facebook and so on you might also have a view about Twitter and the
use of Twitter to spread hate speech and discrimination and incitement to hatred
and so on you may have a particular view about Instagram or YouTube or indeed any
other site but the surprising thing that I found was not so much that but what I
found was when I looked at the data and I looked at the evidence of the traffic
coming to my websites from the various social sites when I broke it down what I
discovered that I needed to put aside my particular
favorites or my particular prejudice about sites and look at the evidence and
it is kind of frightening because I don’t have any huge love for Facebook I don’t
have any great love for Mark Zuckerberg we’re gonna look at the evidence when I
looked at the data and the traffic that has been driven to my websites from
Facebook it was eye-opening and it varies between depending on my
particular site I’ve a number of sites business and legal dot i e employment rights ireland dot com but the employment rights ireland dot com site that’s a site of mine
which deals with employment law in Ireland and ninety-one percent of my
social site social traffic comes from Facebook
ninety-one percent the next best is LinkedIn at six percent that is absolute
massive difference business and legal dot ie that’s my general solicitors website
which contains all sorts of information and so on about Irish law and business
and so on again facebook gives me 72 percent of my social traffic whereas the
next best is YouTube fourteen percent seventy two percent fourteen percent go
on down then to the next one and it’s 58 percent Facebook 30 percent LinkedIn and
the next one Facebook 50 percent YouTube forty percent the bottom line is the
surprising lesson that I learned was that you need to look at the evidence
look at the data set aside your prejudices your biases your favorites
when it comes to making a good sound rational analysis of where you want to
spend your time and your effort because social media marketing digital marketing
generally is time consuming and you can spend money or you can spend time
but you’re gonna spend something in order to market on these platforms which
they appear to be free and they are to a great extent but there is a certain element of selling your soul to the devil when you do business with them
but having said that Facebook is an absolute behemoth in terms of delivering
traffic to me and to my business and getting people to ring and making
enqueries generate leads make appointments and basically generate business generate
clients for me you mightn’t think it but Facebook is an absolute Colossus and
that’s the surprising conclusion I came to when I looked at the various sites
that deliver me traffic as I say you might have your own favorite you might
like Instagram you might like YouTube you might like you know on this like Facebook but you would be ignoring Facebook at your peril and
between the organic reach that you might get and you might complain about but
the opportunity with Facebook and advertising is enormous anyway the lesson
from this video from me from my perspective is that whatever your
favorites may be look at the data look at the evidence then decide what’s best
for your business on a personal level clearly you can spend as much time as
you like and on each site you like it’s up to yourself but if you are making a
business based decision or decision around your business you make sure to
have a look at where the traffic to your site is coming from and your Google
Analytics to tell you this and you’d be surprised perhaps as to the volume
that’s coming from Facebook hope you find this video useful if you do give it
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  1. Hi Gerry…Thank you for this analysis. I have heard this before and you are so kind to share this personal information with us and confirm what I have heard. I don't have a small business but I will need to promote a cause I am working voluntarily for shortly and this information is so useful for me. Keep up the great work.
    I personally love YouTube as the moving visual of a video draws me right in and I learn best this way. What I find difficult with Facebook is the amount of 'daft' and pointless messages and comments I have to scroll through to get to a message or query that is of some interest or value. Facebook's homepage can get very clogged up. But of course, that's just my personal account. It will probably be different with a business or charity account.

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