My Youtube GEAR: Cameras, Microphones, lighting, stands, studio/travel set up

My Youtube GEAR: Cameras, Microphones, lighting, stands, studio/travel set up

it was up guys in this video I will
share with you all my audio and video equipment that I used to make YouTube
and Facebook videos because a lot of you have asked me what I recommend as far as
equipment and gear to make videos I’m gonna show you guys both portable and
studio setup that I have you’ll be surprised how easy and not expensive
portable is and I’ll show you also the difference the first thing first idea is
absolutely must audio beats equipment bits cameras everything I use rodelink
setup so it’s a wireless mic mic lav mic that’s on me right now that’s what you
hear I’m gonna also show you the difference with the idea that I use when
I feel on my phone so I have little geek here it’s actually not expensive I’m
gonna post all the links to all the equipment I review in comments in
comments in the description below check it out you can buy a majority of it 95%
on Amazon so this one here is very easy to setup so you can buy case like this
for like 20 30 bucks it’s very nice you can hold your microphone
your camera your phone and that you already probably have this is iPhone 11
so absolutely gorgeous videos and pictures obviously have you
know three cameras on the back one camera at the front light is super super
amazing so very easy setup what’s important here it’s this light in this
microphone sold separately links below but lighting is important but not as
important is idea you just want your face to be bright you will look better
in a shot see it’s gonna like you so better but the rule of thumb is aadi is
bad usually people scroll down they keep
moving forward but if idea is good and you can listen and understand what
content is about and lighting is bad it’s usually not a big deal for example
you can be an airplane whispering to the camera but if it’s important video and
the content is there you’re delivering good message people not even carry you
on a plane they will understand the narrative why are you speaking quietly
but as long as they can hear you they’re still going to tune in so I’m gonna show
you really quick the difference between this set up and this set up so you can
see me pretty good my face is lit up because this light is here and here’s
the difference between microphone I’ve been talking to my lav mic now you can
hear me switching to this mic so this mic is the same mic that case and I
start using it in all of his videos or majority of his videos he has like 12
million subscribers actually I’ve seen a lot of reviews between this mic and a
lot of other mics and this mic beats them all it’s very good for indoor and
outdoor you have to stay pretty close but if you are vlogging or take another
jobsite I highly recommend you to invest in a boom mic something portable
something light you have two batteries in it this one cost about $300 to it but
it’s the same mic you can buy four hundred and fifty dollars comments below
we buy we bought three hundred dollar version because we want to plug in
headphones so camera guy when he is using this mic can hear actually the
sound and not risking not recording or if we have problem with the mic it’s
important to us because you know obviously I’m a talent I don’t have time
to redo my videos and when you hire a videographer you want to make sure you
bulletproof when you create a content you don’t have time to retake the video
later but for you maybe cheaper version hundred fifty bucks will be just fine so
I’m gonna turn this off real quick next what I want to cover and show you guys
it’s my stance my favorite stone of all times is this little guy right here I
love it because it’s a perfect for travel size you can get an airplane with
it actually rarely check my back so I just go right through it it’ll never be
in tagged or anything you can put it almost in a any backpack any back it’s
very small when you extend it it looks like this so it’s the same identical
stand and look how big it is so it takes minutes to set up you have a little bowl
here you can use it for big camera or you can use it
for for that phone so I can actually set up exactly the same set here so it’s
just a regular three lag you know stand love this one but I also like monopod
smaller parts are they’re a little bit taller because it’s telescoping system
you can actually you know fold it and make it pretty small but this one
actually will not fit in my bag so I rarely travel with it for that reason
but it’s pretty portable – I usually load in my car and when I go home this
how I go home so if I have to do you know Facebook live video tonight this is
going to be my setup just extend it you know right to my next to my chair it’s
not as bulky as a three leg so that one is you know you’re gonna have a little
bit hard time to walk around this one you can take to the job site you can
actually hold it in your hand just like this but if yours
you know extend it and this is my review as I’m not a videographer by any means
this is me doing videos you know do-it-yourself type of stuff as a as a
business owner if you guys recently have watched our interview with the rosa
family father and son DOS and Richard actually shot it exactly on this setup I
used my camera for the wider shot and this is exactly how we were looking at
the camera it was right next to me so I like how you know how flexible it is
phone camera usually have real good stabilization in it so it’s not shaky
and you can do really good content if you have you know how-to videos you’re
shooting something you can take it on the roof that one will be a little bit
trickier in the roof this one you know obviously it’s just one spot and you’re
not going to be tired and you may can steady video either of yourself or you
filming something in front of you perfect setup let’s go to our studio
real quick so in the studio obviously you have way
more lights you have a backdrop light you have front light in front of you we
use different cameras guys like cannon some guys like lumix
and we have guy who likes Sony so it doesn’t really matter it’s a preference
on all of our videos in description we usually put what camera we used to make
that video so if you guys ever curious or you’re shopping for a new camera and
you want to advise we’ll give you one I know I like Sony the guy who’s shooting
behind me right now he’s shooting on Canon
that’s his favorite camera I also know a lot of guys who use Panasonic’s and some
others and they’re professional videographers so really you know your
choice you can make videos with the iPhone so you can make sure it’s with a
you know wrapped Hollywood cameras it doesn’t really matter you can it’s all
about content for me what camera I’m using it’s almost irrelevant you can
make amazing videos with any cameras this day all cameras are pretty decent
lighting you can spend anywhere from I would say for decent studio setup
anywhere from $500 to I don’t know five thousand dollars like we have some
lights here that cost you know that light is one thousand dollars my
videographer brought it in but you don’t have to have a fancy setup you have to
have basic soft light just you know brighten your face up if you’re doing
setup like ours with a backdrop you want to make sure you have some light on that
I mean honestly if you’re in the budget go to youtube and you can YouTube the
cheap lighting you can have lighting for like 300 bucks if you want to feel
professionally if money is not an object go and you know spend five grand
aligning again it’s all about content it’s all about idea it’s all about what
kind of content you putting out all of this is a second secondary to none I’ve
seen a lot of guys spending so much money on cameras and lighting on
microphones and everything else but their content never picks up because if
you’re not brainstorming what kind of videos to make and to make good content
for your audience you will never be successful so content comes first then
make sure you have decent audio pick up a camera that you’re comfortable with
and easy to work with don’t over complicate things and you’ll be very
successful YouTube or video creation and overall that’s all I have for you
for today everything I’ve mentioned in this video going to be in comments and
links below if you guys ever curious what we used to make certain video we’re
also going to be publishing posting in description links to the products or to
the gear we use for for that video because a lot of my students a lot of
our followers also started their YouTube channels and we’re helping you to become
better business owners and that also includes to create content for your
business online hope it helps let me know if you have any questions in
comments below on this particular video I promise you me and my team will answer
on all the questions no matter how complicated they are if you need the
tutorial if you need a tip if you don’t know how to start the word to start with
the video creation we would love to help you I’ll see you guys next video don’t
forget to Like and subscribe


  1. Dmitry’s favorite gear and recommendation for studio and travel from this video:
    Smartphone Video Rig:
    Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light Lighting:
    Practilite 602 Bi-Color Smartphone Controlled LED:
    Aputure Light Dome mini II:

    Top quality Microphones;

    Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder:
    Shure Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone:
    Rode Link Filmmaker:

    Portable tripods;
    Manfrotto Compact Tripod:
    Manfrotto Monopod:
    DJI Ronin-S:

    Panasonic LUMIX GH5S:
    Canon EOS RP Full-Frame Mirrorless:
    Sony a5100:
    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max:
    DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo:

  2. I shot mine with an osmo pocket, that I already owned. It shoots 4K, the hardest thing was finding the audio plug in. I was able to get lighting for I think 60.00 on Amazon, two towers, bulbs soft light screen. So far so good. The people will be the judge, my first one premiers today.

  3. I love that you prioritize content over equipment, so many contractors struggle to shoot video because they think they need to be professional videographers. JUST SHOOT CONTENT!

  4. 👍🏽 I need a quick tip! What editing software should we use thats affordable and easy enough to get our videos clear as day on Facebook?
    Most of our videos end up being very low quality once we’ve posted it on Facebook

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