Nobody Cares About Your Channel – How To Grow On YouTube (RANT)

Nobody Cares About Your Channel – How To Grow On YouTube (RANT)

– Nobody gives a fuck about your channel unless you give them a reason. (techno music) Hello, welcome back. I’m Alan Spicer, your
YouTube-certified expert, and I’m here to give
you a touch of reality. A snippet of advice that you should really drill into your head. Are you a new youtuber? Are you a youtuber that’s
been on the platform for five, 10 years? Are you growing? Are you giving value? This is gonna be a very direct video, and hopefully it lands
exactly where it needs to be. It needs to get inside your head. So many times I’ve been asked,
“Alan, why are I growing? “Alan, I’ve put out 400 videos, “why am I not getting the views? “Alan, I’m getting views but
I’m not getting subscribers. “Why aren’t I growing? “Why can that person start
a channel two years ago “and they’re huge, “and I’ve started a channel
five years ago and nothing?” Nobody owes you anything. Nobody gives a fuck about you because you haven’t given
a fuck about your audience. When I started this YouTube channel, I had to start from zero
just like anybody else. And I’m barrelling down the sight of 10,000 subscribers in
about two and a half years. I’m not entertainment, I’m
not doing prank videos, I’m not making you laugh, I’m
not eating shit sandwiches. What I’m doing is giving you value. I’m making you, hopefully,
care about me and my videos. I’m giving you a reason to watch me. Is that my lifestyle? Is that me swanning around in Africa? Is that me skydiving? No. I’m actually answering your questions. The most popular searched questions that you and many other people have searched for in your situation. You are sat down at your computer asking how do I add in cards,
how do I delete a channel, how do I report a channel,
how do I get more views, how do I get more subscribers,
how do I improve retention? You didn’t care who’s at the
end of the search results as long as they gave you an answer. You didn’t give a fuck if it was me. But now, hopefully, you’ve arrived and hopefully you found me helpful, and hopefully you find me entertaining. So now you know who I am
’cause I’ve given you a reason. Me existing on YouTube is now
helpful and useful to you. Because if I wasn’t useful, and I didn’t give you a reason to care, you wouldn’t be around. Now this works for any channel. It doesn’t have to be
an educational channel. You just have to give them a reason for people to care about you. Do you create comedy content
on a Tuesday and Friday that will lift people’s
spirits and make them chuckle and forget that they’ve had a bad day? Are you a teenager that’s
sharing their school life and teaching other
people in your situation that’s what life’s about? Maybe your talking to
the younger audience. Maybe you’re a teenager, right, and you’re like Emma Blackery
or Carrie Hope Fletcher and you’ve got a younger audience that you’re now educating in. Don’t worry, give it time, this is what life will be in time, and you’re carrying them through, you’re helping them through
with your experience. Are you Nick Nimmin,
are you Roberto Blake, or are you me? Are you teaching someone
something very specific about their niche? How to set up a camera,
how to clean a camera, how to eliminate shake, how
to start passive income. They won’t care about you unless
you’ve given them a reason. You can’t necessarily turn on a camera and vlog around like Logan
Paul on shot video number one because they’re not invested in you. Hopefully, I feel that
I’ve earned the right to start putting clips of my personality, clips of my weird life
and my sense of humor into the Community tab and onto Tik Tok and on to Instagram and on to Twitter. Because after two and a half years, I’ve built up an audience
that is eight, nine, 10,000 subscribers at this point. And hopefully, you’re intrigued by me, because I’ve finally taught you something. You’ve stuck around, you’ve listened to my
Start Creating podcast. But from day one, you
need to lead with value. ‘Cause otherwise, they won’t care. If you want to learn
how to lead with value, I’ve done a video right here. Go out there, start creating,
and make people care.


  1. This was aimed at small YouTubers big time Alan and I can understand the reason why you ranted because they always moan why they not getting subscribers, views and they complain their channel are struggling, I'll give you a reason why their channels are struggling, it because they are not trying out different things on their interests, you gotta think what the audience wants from you, it's like have you got an interesting childhood you want to discuss about, what are you hobbies, have you got an interest in trading card collection…

    Thanx for the solid info Alan Spicer, some of us are gaining a few subscribers through views because we worked hard to trigger the snowball effect, they could have 400 videos and still not grow fast and again they are not experimenting enough, but anyways congratulations on comming up to your 10k milestone..

    There is so much topics you can cover but most don't realised, also you got to make sacrifices aswell, Alan you deserve where you are now, you been such a help.

  2. Very true but could have said it a bit more delicately . Yes we all do love you and your content because of the way you are as a person . Is this a rant video ??

  3. It would have been even better without the f works even bleeps instead. I know only two in the video and used for effect but it can detract from the message. Making people care is difficult especially when they don't feel they want to. I have been a secondary school teacher for 35 years and .. shouting and swearing even for effect doesn't work.
    What does work is all your other videos – kindly advising, persuading, even when frustratingly saying the same thing over and over again, but it does go in and the examples do change minds. What many users would like ( and no one does this) is to take a poor channel and make changes to it and to see week by week how making those changes does work. Each time you come up with another pearl of wisdom then I add it to my channel and I change this and that to get it better and slowly but surely your advice pays off.
    So what would help me is for you to either make a new channel on something else and show how to grow it ( very difficult since two channels are as you say very very difficult ( ok impossible) or maybe to take a clients channel ( and you get paid) or best get 20, 30 40 or 50 of your followers and hack their channels to bits to show them what to do and show the improvement over a few weeks ( Magazines do this – work with a pro) – I bet you would get a lot of business as well, I know I certainly would.

  4. Great advice, my friend. I have been a faithful fan since you were at 4k subscribers and you are killin it! πŸ‘

  5. Just like in life off social media, nobody cares unless you give them a reason to. . You are right that you need to care about the viewers, give value. I work very hard to keep that idea in my head when I’m working on producing a video for viewers.

  6. … I was going to watch this video, but I didn't give a fuck (so I did anyway lol). This may come as an enormous shock; but after 13 years on YouTube, some of what you teach on your videos, I already know! πŸ˜† BUT : I watch ANYWAY, for the very reason that I do find them entertaining and I like your personality and feel (as others probably do also); we do have a form of friendship…& THAT'S why, out of the thousands of channels I've subscribed to over the years; YOURS are the ones I make sure I watch without fail, above everyone else's!πŸ‘

  7. Thanks Alan, I just reached the threshold to apply for monetisation thanks to you and several other YouTube strategists I regularly watch. ☺️

  8. I didn’t even realize you were almost at 10k 😳😳 I subscribed at 2k πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸΎ

  9. Congrats Alan for the 10k subs:)) please can you explain to us everything about the copyright subject on your next video, (like if you got to use a background liscenced music on any of your public videos) and how it could affect the channel in general and for the video being demonetized in specific!
    Big thanks to you

  10. Good channel!! About to check out some more of your videos! You should look into using smzeus!!! Really think that it could help you grow your channel quicker!!!

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